5 Ways Credit Cards Are Cooler Than Kanye

11/4/16 | By Jason Steele

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Yeezy may be one of the biggest things in the entertainment industry, but even with his booming business empire and $25 million Yeezus Tour, he's small peanuts when compared to credit cards - an industry worth over four trillion dollars.

4 TRILLION. As in '4' with 12 zeros or $4,000,000,000,000!

Here's why:

1. Kanye's money is no match for credit cards

According to statistics, credit cards are a $4 trillion industry. So while Kanye's net worth was once reported to be over $100 million dollars, that's just a shadow of what the credit card industry is valued at.

That means credit cards and their celebrity spokespeople are a much bigger deal than Kanye (although I'm sure he doesn't want to hear that).

2. Kanye's in a world of debt

I guess Kanye somehow lost or spent all of his money though, because reports now show that he's $53 million dollars in debt. I know that maintaining a big-time celeb lifestyle isn't cheap, but dang(!) where did all that money go?

He even asked Mark Zuckerberg for financial support through Twitter and urged his followers to get Mark to support him.

Personally, I make sure to always pay my credit card statement balances in full to avoid debt and interest charges, but even if I didn't, I'm pretty sure I couldn't get into $53 million in debt if I tried!  

Then again, no one I know owns a single pair of Yeezy sneakers like these (going for a cool $4,500 on eBay right now).

Would you pay $4,500 for a pair of shoes? | image: Get Futuristic

3. His wife once put her name on the worst card ever!

Now I know this one isn't specifically about Kanye, but since he and his wife, Kim, do a lot of business together, I think it still counts. Back in 2010, the Kardashians announced that they were launching a prepaid debit card called - wait for it - The Kardashian Kard.

Wonder why you've never heard of it? It was an epic financial, legal, and pop culture fail the likes of which the world has never seen before or since. Okay, I'm exaggerating here, but still, it was pretty bad.

The card's (Kard's?) outrageous fees united the personal finance world against it, and the product was quickly nixed. Reportedly, only 250 consumers actually paid for this stinker, compared to about 250 gazillion current credit card users (actually 421 million in 2014).

4. Credit cards make it possible for YOU to travel in style JUST LIKE KANYE

I can barely come up with a rhyme if I think about it all day, and I wouldn't subject my singing to my worst enemies (even my wife says it's awful), BUT I manage to travel in style just fine using a few credit cards that offer insanely amazing benefits and rewards.

I don't have millions of dollars like Kanye, but I do enjoy first-class travel. My rewards credit cards allow me to bypass the lines at the airport for check-in and security, hop on my flight before anyone else, sit up front in a first-class seat, drinking champagne, enjoy caviar, and get treated like a milion bucks (without spending anywhere close to that!).

So until Kanye asks me to join his entourage, I'm cool.

5. Credit cards give me free money

When he's not being a jerk to Taylor Swift, Kanye seems like he's a pretty cool guy. 

Still, it's not like he goes around town giving away money all day to random strangers on the street (that's more Taylor's style, if I know my pop culture). But when you use a cash back credit card for your purchases, you actually do get free money all day! I'm a big fan of maximizing credit card rewards, so if you're like me, this is where you drop the mic because you KNOW credit cards just make life better all around.

And for effect - 

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