Chase Slate: Your Best Bet For Paying Off Debt?

5 minute read | 1/9/18Jan. 9, 2018

Carrying a balance on one or more of your credit cards and paying high-interest fees each month is no way to live! 

Just imagine how it would feel to pay zero interest for 15 months – wouldn’t it be incredible?

15 months to:

  • pay down your existing debt
  • make new purchases without worrying about interest
  • balance your accounts once and for all

With an offer as good as this, there’s seriously no better time to consider a balance transfer credit card than right now.

The question is, which one?

There are plenty of balance transfer credit cards out there but it can be challenging to review so many choices and determine which one is right for you. 

Nearly every card issuer offers a balance transfer credit card, but not all are created equal. 

Chase Slate

The Chase Slate® Card is a common favorite since it has a lengthy 0% APR introductory period and a long list of other benefits as well.

If you are tired of feeling like you can never catch up on your payments or make a plan to conquer all the interest that has accumulated on your cards, here are some reasons why the Chase Slate could be the perfect fit for you.

First, the question we get asked the most –

"Is Chase Slate really worth it?"

The short answer: Yes! Overall, it can be a great choice.

The long answer: Still yes, but there are pros and cons to every credit card and you will want to consider which perks are the most important to you.

One thing is for sure though, it's the only card we have found that offers a lengthy 0% intro APR and no balance transfer fees.

The Highlights

1. No fees on balance transfers for the first 60 days (this is huge!)

With no interest for the first 15-months on balance transfers and no balance transfer fee for 60 days, you get a jumpstart on making interest-free payments for 15-months. This major benefit certainly sets the Chase Slate apart from other balance transfer cards. 

Like most balance transfer cards, it offers an introductory 0% APR period, but unlike other similar cards, there are no fees to transfer your balance to the card. 

So while others are paying a 3% transfer fee (which is standard), you could spend $0 on fees in the first 60 days, which could save you a sizable chunk of money.

Example scenario:

 Let’s say you transfer $10,000 to your card to get some relief from paying interest. 

Other cards would likely charge you $300 (that’s 3% of $10,000) to make the initial transfer, but with Chase Slate, you won’t pay a thing to transfer your money and you will receive 15 months to make interest-free payments against the balance.

Translation: If you were paying $700 each month to pay down that initial $10,000 balance and had a 20% interest rate, it could take 17 months to pay it off and you would have to pay over $1,500 in interest! That’s definitely not what you want. 

Instead, by transferring the balance to your Chase Slate, you could pay it off in 15 months with zero interest and save the $1,500 in fees. Just be sure to transfer the balance within the first 60 days of opening your account.

2. No interest for 15 months on purchases 

Paying zero interest on balance transfers is one thing, but zero interest on new purchases as well – that’s seriously amazing. This is a great way to make purchases (small or big) and spreading out the payments for over a year while avoiding interest fees.

3. No annual fee or penalty fees

The Chase Slate has no annual fee, so it’s a thrifty choice with excellent benefits you can keep in your wallet for years to come. 

You will also be protected from any penalty fees if you make a late payment or two since this card won’t penalize you for paying late. We don’t recommend regularly making late payments, but it’s nice to know that if it happens, you won’t be charged a fee for it.

4. Available to those with good credit

 If we are being honest, cards like this are rare and usually only available to those with excellent credit, so this a big benefit.

Chase does, however, consider other factors when reviewing a card application such as your annual salary and wages and existing debt, but if you have good credit, you have a good shot of being approved.

5. Chip and PIN technology

Still confused as to why this is so important? In a nutshell, your Chase Slate comes chip-enabled and is secured in a way that swiped credit cards are not. That way, when you are traveling – especially outside the U.S. – you will be able to use your card without any problems in different parts of the world.

How Other Cards Measure Up

If you need more time

If the 15 months 0% intro APR sounds great, but isn’t quite long enough, you could also consider Citi Simplicity®. It’s incredible 21-month intro APR gives you nearly two full years of no interest on balance transfers and purchases. The catch? It does have a 3% balance transfer fee, but having an additional 6 months of the intro APR could make it completely worth it.

If you want rewards

 The Chase Slate excels in many areas, but rewards aren't one of them. If you are more interested in getting a balance transfer card that also offers rewards, consider the Citi® Double Cash Card. It offers 18-months of 0% intro APR on balance transfers, an effective 2% cash back on every single purchase, and has no annual fee. While it does have a 3% balance transfer fee, the cash back rewards still make this a compelling choice.

Bottom Line: Is Chase Slate Right For You?

The Chase Slate is a strong contender among balance transfer cards due to its unique combination of 15-months 0% APR period and 60-day no-fee transfer period. It can be a powerful mix of benefits for anyone who is serious about paying off their debt.

Plus, the secondary benefits – no penalty APR for late payments, free monthly FICO® score, price and purchase protection – make it even easier to see how you may be able to work your own out of debt once and for all, while also improving your credit.

It gets two-thumbs up from us for its incredibly generous intro APR, ease of use, and accessibility to people with good credit.

Ready to get started? Learn more and apply for the Chase Slate® here.

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