15 Costco Essentials for a Delicious (And Affordable) Grilling Season

Fire up your grill with these great deals from Costco.

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Updated July 18, 2024
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Warmer weather means it’s time to get out the grill and turn up the heat when making dinner or hosting a barbecue for family and friends.

But you need more than just a grill to have a good time — there are plenty of items you need to pick up so you’re prepared to make food for a small group or a large gathering.

Savvy shoppers know the first place to go for your grilling needs is Costco if you want to keep more cash in your wallet. Here are a few items to add to your list so you’re ready for some outdoor cooking.

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Kirkland Signature Premium Blend BBQ Hardwood Pellets

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Kirkland Signature Premium BBQ Hardwood Pellets

Give your food some extra flavor with the Kirkland Signature Premium Blend BBQ Hardwood Pellets.

The pellets, which cost $20.99 for a 40-pound bag, are made from a mix of oak, hickory, cherry, and maple wood, and they are suitable for use in pellet grills.

TrueFire Cedar Grilling Planks

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz TrueFire Cedar Grilling Planks

Another wood option when you’re grilling is cedar planks, which are great for meats, especially seafood like salmon.

Grab the TrueFire Cedar Grilling Planks for grilling needs, which come in two 12-plank packs for a total of 24 planks for $46.99.

Weber Spirit EX-315 Grill

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Weber Spirit EX-315 Grill

Costco has plenty of grills to choose from so you won’t have too many issues finding the one that’s right for you.

Take the Weber Spirit EX-315 Grill, for example, which has plenty of space to grill up a variety of options depending on what you like to make the most.

Get the grill delivered to you with either a natural gas or liquid propane option for $599.99.

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Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef

Nothing can really beat a hamburger cooked on a grill, and you can find different options at Costco to make the best burgers.

Check out the Kirkland Signature Organic Ground Beef that comes in a 3-pack for a total of more than three pounds of meat. The organic ground beef is $23.27 and is perfect for a basic burger or mix with your favorite seasoning.

Allspace Acacia Wood Extendable Serving Cart

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Allspace Acacia Wood Extendable Serving Cart

Sometimes, you need some extra space to serve your guests your delicious barbecued food, prepare your food, or hold tools for the grills.

The Allspace Acacia Wood Extendable Serving Cart features plenty of work or serving space on top, as well as a drawer and room for wine glasses, so you have all your needs covered when you’re outside.

Get a serving cart from Costco for $189.99.

Kamado Joe Big Block XL Lump Charcoal & Firestarter Bundle

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Kamado Joe Charcoal & Firestarter Bundle

Get the fire going in your charcoal grill with Kamado Joe Big Block XL Lump Charcoal & Firestarter Bundle.

The extra-large lumps of coal are great for longer burn times when you’re cooking something low and slow on your grill.

Grab a 40-pound bag with 24 firestarters for $59.99.

Kirkland Signature Farmed Atlantic Salmon

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Kirkland Signature Farmed Atlantic Salmon

Try something a little different from the usual hot dogs and hamburgers with Kirkland Signature Farmed Atlantic Salmon.

The salmon comes individually wrapped, so you can use only as much as you need. A 3-pound bag costs $40.94.

Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Grill, Smoker & Griddle

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Smoker Griddle

Sometimes you don’t have the space or the need for a huge grill, but you can still find a way to barbecue.

The Ninja Woodfire Electric Outdoor Grill, Smoker & Griddle is the perfect size for smaller spaces and can be adjusted to be a grill, air fryer, flat griddle, and more for $299.99.

Super Sweet Corn

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Super Sweet Corn

Corn can be a delicious veggie option on your grill, and you can get 8 ears of Super Sweet Corn for $5.84 on your next Costco trip.

Remember to factor in fresh produce's ripeness, as you can more easily get stuck with spoiled produce when you buy in bulk at Costco.

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Winco Cutting Board

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Winco Cutting Board

You’ll need to slice and dice vegetables, cut up pieces of meat, and maybe even need an extra tray to hold all the food you’re grilling.

Pick up a Winco Cutting Board for $7.49 and consider getting more than one at that affordable price, depending on what you’re cutting and where you need to save items.

WestEnd Cuisine Grilled Chicken Skewers

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz WestEnd Cuisine Grilled Chicken Skewers

Chicken can be a great option to serve your guests or heat up for yourself on your grill.

Costco has you covered with its WestEnd Cuisine Grilled Chicken Skewers, which come in a 14-count pack, so you’ll have plenty to throw on your grill with other options for guests.

Get the chicken skewers on your next trip to Costco for $18.71.

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce

There’s nothing better than adding some barbecue sauce to anything you’re grilling — chicken, beef, pork, you name it.

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce provides plenty of sauce. Two 40-ounce bottles cost $7.99.

Eco-Foil Half-Size Deep Steam Table Pans

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Eco-Foil Deep Steam Table Pans

You may need foil pans to help you keep things warm on the grill or to hold your burgers and hot dogs prior to serving.

Check out the Eco-Foil Half-Size Deep Steam Table Pans, which come in a pack of 30 foil pans, so you’ll never run out for $12.49.

Outdoor Barbecue Grill Cover

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Outdoor Barbecue Grill Cover

Every good grilling session must come to an end, so it’s good to clean your grill and cover it to protect it when it’s outside.

For $49.99, you can get an Outdoor Barbecue Grill Cover that features bungee drawstrings and air vents to help it stay in place and vent during hot summer days or bad weather.

Snapware Plastic Food Storage Set

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Snapware Plastic Food Storage Set

You may be surprised by how much food you have left after a grilling session, but there are ways to store extra food so you can enjoy the leftovers later.

The Snapware 38-piece Plastic Food Storage Set features air-tight plastic containers with snap-tight lids for $27.99. The collection includes 19 containers of different sizes, so you’re sure to find the one you need.

Bottom line

Monkey Business/Adobe Sports Fans Tailgating In Stadium Parking

Costco is a great option if you’re trying to save more on everyday essentials for grilling season.

It’s a good idea to check your wallet for the best rewards credit cards when you go to Costco so you can earn perks and points on your big purchases for your grilling needs.

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