16 Hot New Trader Joe's Deals to Fill Your Pantry Right Now

Trader Joe’s has summertime bargains on the top pantry products.

parking outside Trader Joe's Retail location
Updated July 18, 2024
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Are you looking for an easy way to save on groceries? Shopping for staples shouldn’t send you into debt. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the top values you’ll find at Trader Joe’s right now.

TJ’s has pantry picks at low prices this summer. From baking basics to snacks, the retailer has can’t-miss deals — and you won’t need coupons to score these bargains.

Editor’s note: Prices are subject to change and may vary by location.

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Soft and Juicy Dried Mandarins

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Soft and Juicy Dried Mandarins

Price: $2.99

Eat these dried mandarins as-is or mix them into your favorite recipe. The sweet citrus fruit pairs perfectly with salads, adds something special to chicken and tofu, or gives an extra-flavorful boost to homemade trail mix.

Sparkling Black Tea with Peach Juice

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Sparkling Black Tea with Peach Juice

Price: $3.99

Fill your pantry with this shelf-stable black tea beverage. While you might want to pop the fruity sparkling drink into the fridge before you serve it, you can store the four-packs of 8.45-ounce cans in the pantry until you’re ready to use them.

Calamari Pieces in Olive Oil

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Calamari Pieces in Olive Oil

Price: $3.99

Artsy packaging and high-quality seafood are the hallmarks of popular viral products. But the brand-name cans can cost well over $20 for a three-pack.

This Trader Joe’s dupe is just as pretty to look at — and just as tasty. You can make a Mediterranean meal or a summertime seafood squid salad with this canned calamari.

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Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour

Price: $3.99

At less than $4 for a one-pound bag, this gluten-free all-purpose flour is a deal you can’t pass up.

Whether you’re an avid baker or you might make a cake, muffins, or sweet cinnamon rolls sometime in the future, this pantry staple is a must-have buy for anyone who can’t tolerate gluten.

Strawberries and Creme Pancake and Waffle Mix

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Strawberries Creme Pancake and Waffle Mix

Price: $3.99

Summer is strawberry season at Trader Joe’s. The retailer has strawberries almost everywhere in the store — including the baked goods aisle.

White chocolate chips and dried strawberries give this box mix a subtle sweetness that makes breakfast better. Use the 16-ounce box for pancakes or waffles.

Organic Tomato Paste

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Organic Tomato Paste

Price: $0.99

Organic tomato paste is an everyday essential that makes everything from homemade sauces to barbecued pizzas better.

The vine-ripened tomatoes are recipe-ready. And bonus, at less than $1, this is a budget-friendly pantry pick.

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Price: $7.99

You don’t have to break the bank for a gourmet taste. This Red Island Australian EVOO is smooth, flavorful, and subtly fruity. The under-$8 price tag is a bargain compared to what you might pay for a similar olive oil at a specialty store.

Organic Toasted Sesame Dressing

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Organic Toasted Sesame Dressing

Price: $3.99

Dress your summer salads or make stir fry with this savory selection. A rich umami and almost sweet flavor gives the popular dressing a taste you’ll crave. At $3.99 per 12-ounce bottle, you can stock up on the staple right now.

Medium Roast Coffee Cups

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Medium Roast Coffee Cups

Price: $5.29

K Cups can get pricey. But you can save on the store’s private-label pods at Trader Joe's. The medium roast brew is made from 100% Arabica beans. You’ll get 12 single-serve cups in each bargain-priced pack.

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Cold Brew Coffee

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Cold Brew Coffee

Price: $5.49

Cold brew is a summer staple. Chill out with this pantry product from TJ’s. The Colombian 100% Arabica bean coffee doesn’t require special measuring or mixing. Simply take it out of the pantry, pop it into the fridge for a while, and pour it over ice.

This Strawberry Walks Into A Bar Cereal Bars

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Trader Joe's Strawberry Cereal Bars

Price: $2.49

Grab a quick on-the-go breakfast straight from your pantry.

This box of six cereal bars has a sweet strawberry flavor. The ingredients include high-quality fruit filling and whole grains, but this travel-ready morning meal doesn’t contain trans fat or hydrogenated oils.

Passion Fruit Granola

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Passion Fruit Granola

Price: $3.99

Nab a bag — or a few. This limited-time seasonal cereal is a soon-to-be summertime favorite. Passion fruit puree and freeze-dried raspberry pieces give this granola a sweet — but tart — flavor.

Eat the rolled oats straight from the bag, add milk, or mix in your favorite yogurt to make a creamy fruit parfait.

Raw California Walnut Baking Pieces

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Raw California Walnut Baking Pieces

Price: $5.99

With this pantry staple, you can whip up a batch of chocolate chip walnut cookies anytime. But

these nuts aren’t just for bakers. Toss the tasty treats into a salad, add them to homemade pesto, or sprinkle them over vanilla ice cream. The baking pieces come in a convenient resealable one-pound bag.

Freeze Dried Raspberries

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Freeze Dried Raspberries

Price: $3.99

Fresh raspberries spoil quickly. But the freeze-fried version can last for months or years in your pantry.

Add the tart taste of this freeze-fried fruit to cereal, cookies, muffins, and salads, or eat the raspberries whole as a summertime snack.

Organic Naan Crackers

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Organic Naan Crackers

Price: $3.49

You never know when you’ll need an appetizer for an impromptu summer get-together. Stash a few boxes of these organic naan crackers in the pantry, just in case. The budget-friendly buy pairs perfectly with hummus, guac, or Trader Joe’s famous refrigerated dips.

Key Lime Tea Cookies

Courtesy of FinanceBuzz Key Lime Tea Cookies

Price: $4.49

Tea time just got sweeter. The summer-ready fresh flavor of key lime and powdered sugar topping make these bite-sized cookies a dessert you’ll crave all season long.

Serve these treats with fresh fruit-flavored iced tea, or cool things down with a homemade lime and vanilla cookie ice cream sandwich.

Bottom line

milanmarkovic78/Adobe women asking for jar at store

Stock your pantry and save money at Trader Joe’s. The retailer has bargains this summer that competitor stores just can’t beat.

Along with the top pantry picks, find low prices on everyday essentials, prepared food, and frozen meals with a global flare. Stack your savings and use a cash-back credit card for extra shopping rewards.

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