United Airlines Gives $10,000 Travel Voucher To Bumped Flier

2 minute read | 4/9/18April 9, 2018

“I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty pumped,” Allison Preiss said of the voucher.

No one wanted to give up their seat on this Texax-bound United Flight  |  NBC W

If an airline gave you $10,000 in travel vouchers for bumping you off a flight, would you be okay with it?

That’s exactly what happened to Allison Preiss, who recently tweeted about her experience with United Airlines, shared with USA Today.

While waiting to board her flight to her friend’s bachelorette weekend in Texas, Preiss told NBC Washington, United Airlines announced that the flight had been oversold and a volunteer was needed to give up his or her seat.

She tweeted:

"United is offering $1K in travel credit for an oversold flight. If nobody bites, they will kick off the lowest fare passenger by pulling them out of the boarding line. For a flight that THEY oversold. Unreal.”

The issue, it turns out, was a broken seat onboard the airplane which had been taken out of service, thus labeling the flight as being oversold.

When no one volunteered to be bumped, Preiss says she was singled out since she had paid the lowest fare.

Preiss was initially only offered a $2,000 travel voucher, and she pressed for $650 in cash.

Just when she thought she was being issued a check by the gate agent, another agent offered a $10,000 travel voucher and a spot on the next plane.

She accepted, tweeting:

Preiss went on in the article to voice her satisfaction with the outcome and can likely fly for free for the rest of the year using her travel voucher.

“Well, I can say it was the best flight delay ever,” she told ABC News.

Read on to find out why and when United raised its payment cap to $10,000, and plans for their new 10-point plan for customer service policy changes (and when they will be implemented).

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