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13 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

Wondering how to make extra money with a side hustle? Read on.
Last updated Sept. 26, 2023 | By Team FBZ

If your goal is to make some extra cash, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to make money from home, make money online, or get out of the house to earn your extra cash, we've got you covered with this mega list of easy money-making ideas. They range from part-time work to passive income, but most are side gigs you could easily do in your spare time without risking your full-time job.

Here is a long list of our favorite ways to earn extra cash and make money online – scroll through and find the ones that are best for you.

Join this community that is getting paid over $55,000 daily

Did you know you can earn money by taking online surveys? It's true!

You can help brands improve their products and services AND get paid for sharing your opinion. Join the Survey Junkie community, and you can earn your share of over $55,000 paid out to happy members daily.

“I am saving my full time job earnings and using my Survey Junkie earnings to pay off debt!” gushed Survey Junkie member Brooke S, who joined in June 2022. “Almost at $600!! It has been a savior!”4

You can cash out starting at just $5 through PayPal or bank transfer, or choose from dozens of gift card options like Amazon, Target, and Walmart. 20 million+ lifetime members and accreditation by the BBB can’t be wrong – join the crowd and start earning money today.

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Join the website that has paid out over $17,000,000 for taking surveys

Your opinion matters — but did you know it could also earn you a nice chunk of cash?

Branded Surveys lets you get paid for answering simple surveys for Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Apple, FedEx, and more! But here’s the thing: honest opinions are key. These companies depend on your feedback to innovate and produce new products and services.

When you complete their surveys, you can get paid a nice chunk of cash. Over 2,000,000 people are doing it, and Branded Surveys has paid out over $17,000,000 to date! The best part? It’s free to sign up and you’ll earn 100 bonus points as a new member!

Getting started takes less than 30 seconds and you can start earning money as early as today.

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Ask this company to pay off your credit card debt

Credit card debt is suffocating. It constantly weighs on your mind and controls every choice you make. You can end up emotionally and even physically drained from it. And even though you make regular payments, it feels like you can never make any progress because of the interest.

National Debt Relief is designed specifically to help you get out of credit card debt faster, without having to make drastic life changes. With National Debt Relief, you could pay off your credit card debt (with potentially way less interest) in one simple monthly payment.

How to get National Debt Relief to pay off your debt: Sign up for a free debt assessment here. (Do not skip this step!) By signing up for a free assessment, National Debt Relief can immediately assist you in paying off your debt, but only if you schedule the assessment.

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Get the one budgeting app that truly does it all

Ever look at your bank account and wonder where your paycheck went? *Poof,* it's gone … and you have NO idea how you spent it all so quickly.

A budgeting app like Rocket Money could end this problem for you.

Now, some insider info: They *do* have a free version of the app ... but the real money-saving power is found in their premium subscription.

Select a premium subscription when you sign up, and you’ll unlock features that actually save you the most money possible. Like their “Cancellation Concierge,” which automatically cancels subscriptions for you. (It’s pay-what-you-want for premium, too — as little as $3 a month!)

With your premium subscription, you’ll also be able to create unlimited budgets, see your full credit report, and get automatic “smart savings” that help you grow your savings on autopilot.

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Get paid up to $225 a month while watching viral videos

It sounds crazy. And maybe you’re not even sure if it’s worth your time. But come on … you’re at least a little curious. Getting paid while watching viral videos is a real way to earn cash, and you can do it with a company called Inbox Dollars

No … it’s not going to get you rich. Yes ... it’s probably one of the lowest-effort side hustles. But it’s totally worth it if you’re just sitting on the couch scrolling anyway. Instead of just watching viral videos on YouTube, you could be getting paid actual cash watching those videos and taking surveys instead. Every little bit of extra money counts.

It's simple. You sign up here and confirm your email. Then you watch videos and take surveys. Then you earn cash (yes, actual cash… not "points"). Whenever you’re just chilling on the couch login and see how you can earn up to an extra $225 every month. 

BONUS: Free $5 when you sign up, confirm your email and phone.

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Cancel your car insurance

We've got bad news. You could be wasting $500 every year on overpriced, second-rate car insurance. And you should probably cancel your existing insurance right now, because there's something much better.

This new tool from FinanceBuzz can tell you if you're overpaying for your car insurance in just a few clicks. We match drivers with companies that report saving drivers up to $500 or more per year when they save! Each driver’s savings will vary by driving history and how many discounts you’re eligible for. And once you try it out, you'll never have to look for affordable insurance again because we find you the lowest rates that other companies can't match.

Oh, and it's also free. And come on — you can't tell us you don't want to save up to $500. To find out if you're losing up to $500 or more a year, just enter your zip code here, answer a few questions and see if you're overpaying. It takes less than 2 minutes.

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Get personalized loan results (up to $100k) in under 2 minutes

If you have thousands in debt and you’re barely making it paycheck to paycheck, you know how suffocating it is. Debt is always on your mind. It controls your life. And even if you make on-time payments, they’re so expensive that you have nothing left over.

A personal loan could help you get out of this situation and lift your monthly debt burden significantly. You could finally pay off all of your debt at once, get rid of the sky-high interest rates, and slash your debt load to one manageable monthly payment.

NerdWallet is a marketplace where you can find personal loans of up to $100,000 with rates as low as 5.99%6 . That’s better than most credit cards. And easier than draining your bank account every month. Seeing what you qualify for doesn’t affect your credit score, and if you’re approved, you could get money the next day.

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Get paid up to 5 times a day delivering with Uber Eats

Have a car, bike, or scooter and want to make some extra cash this month?

Look no further than Uber Eats.

With Uber Eats, you can deliver food across town whenever and wherever it works for you and get paid. Just download the app and upload your documents — once you’re notified that you’re “active,” you can start earning!

The best part? You get to be your own boss. There are no supervisors or minimum time you have to deliver, and you can cash out your earnings up to 5 times a day with Instant Pay.5 Plus, you get to keep 100% of your tips, and you could even earn extra with promotional incentives when delivering during peak hours.

With contactless deliveries and the car to yourself, you can roll down the windows, crank up the jams and start earning whenever you want.

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Buy and sell stocks 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

You’ve heard of Robinhood. But have you heard of Robinhood Gold? If not … listen up. Robinhood Gold is a suite of powerful tools, data, and features designed to take your investing to the next level.

One of the most interesting features? The ability to buy and sell stocks 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

With Robinhood Gold’s “24 Hour Market” feature, you can access a stock’s page from a search bar, review a feed that aggregates stories from news and investing sites, and decide to trade at any time thanks to Robinhood’s 24 hour markets.

A Gold membership also gives you access to 4.90% APY14 on your idle cash, up to $50k in instant deposits12 , and margin investing at 8%13 .

If you’re serious about investing, join Robinhood Gold here. You can try Gold for free for the first 30 days (the $5 monthly fee will be waived) and see if it’s right for you.

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Enter to Win $10,000

Would $10,000 cash help pay some bills?

PrizeGrab is an online sweepstakes website whose mission it is to make sweepstakes simple, easy and fun to enter.

PrizeGrab has awarded more than $2,000,000 in prizes to thousands of winners over the last several years! PrizeGrab's huge $10,000 cash sweepstakes ends soon — just imagine what you could do with that amount of money.

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Earn extra cash without getting an extra job

Hard truth: The average American spends roughly 7 hours looking at a screen … per day.11 And the sad part is most of them probably aren’t earning any money doing it.

Not anymore!

Sign up for Kashkick and you could earn cash doing simple and fun things on your computer, like taking easy surveys or trying new products! Kashkick has paid out over $2 million dollars to users to date, and the money you earn is deposited quickly and securely via PayPal.

How to maximize your earnings: Kashkick has upfront info on each offer telling you how much you can earn and what steps you need to take to complete a task. Take note and complete as many “featured” offers as you can — they usually pay more and can often be simple!

Sign up via PayPal, Facebook, Google, or email

Beat “Bill Swell” and save up to $335 per year

Have you heard of something called “Bill Swell”? Sounds strange, but knowing what it is could help you save a lot more money this year.

“Bill Swell” is when you pay for subscriptions you don’t use, or when the price of bills like insurance or utilities go up … without you noticing. Experts suggest thousands of Americans waste up to $348 per year on subscriptions they don’t even use!

Hiatus is an all-in-one finance and bill management app that could help fix this.

Our tip: Go for the “Premium” version. It’s only $9.99/month or $48/year, and gives you instant access to their most effective money-saving tools.

Join Hiatus Premium and link your bank account here.

The app will tell you if you’re paying more than other people for similar bills, or if you’re still paying for unused subscriptions. Their experts can then help cancel those subscriptions and negotiate lower rates for your bills.

Download Hiatus here and save up to $335 per year

SurveyJunkie Benefits

  • Over $55,000 paid to members daily
  • Earn up to $130 a month taking 4 or more surveys daily
  • $76 million paid out to date
  • 20M+ lifetime members and BBB accreditation

Bottom line

There are lots of articles out there full of endless ideas on how to make money. But it really doesn't have to be hard, and you don't have to do the typical things like sell your stuff on Craigslist or Etsy, drive for Uber or Lyft, or sort through low-paying jobs on Fiverr or Mechanical Turk. If you have an internet connection, you can do just about anything we've recommended.

If you're spending time on social media, consider switching to one of the ways to make money listed above. You could also commit some of that spare time to taking an online course so you can learn a high-demand freelancing skill. Over time your commitment to making money and improving yourself will pay off!