5 Must-Have Apps That Will Completely Change How We Invest

Last updated May 12, 2022 | By FinanceBuzz Editors

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As technology advances, so do day to day processes. With everything moving online, shouldn’t your investing follow? It’s 2022 and you can handle all your financial needs from your phone.

We’ve put together a list of five apps that are completely changing the way we think about investing.

Get a free stock valued at up to $225

Robinhood is a great option for both new traders and seasoned investors.

With Robinhood it’s completely free to buy and trade stocks, options, and more. All trading is commission-free with no account minimums or maintenance fees. They’ll even give you a free stock in a company like Apple, Sprint, or Ford.

Sign up using the link below and Robinhood will add 1 free share of stock (valued at $2.50 to $225) to your account when your brokerage application is approved.

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Get $10 to start investing in Amazon, Tesla, and other companies

Stock shares in companies you may trust, such as Amazon or other companies can be very expensive for beginning investors to buy.

The good news is that Stash allows you to start investing with just $5 or less and you can buy fractional shares so you can afford to get a piece of companies that are household names5. You can also find useful tools and guides to help build you a portfolio.

As a bonus, Stash will give you $10 to invest after you deposit $5 or more into your personal portfolio.1

Want even more tools and guidance? If you choose the Stash+ plan2 when signing up, you can earn 2x stock rewards when you spend on eligible purchases!6

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Invest in the beverage with a historical 10.6% annual return

Wine, to be exact. Wine has had a 10.6% historical annual return over the last 15 years. Pretty good for an alternative asset, especially if you’re diversifying.

Vinovest makes wine investing simple, even if you’re not a wine expert. They combine master sommelier knowledge with AI-driven algorithms to choose potentially appreciating wines to invest in. Basically, they have a good idea of what wines could perform well over time, with data to back it up.

To keep your wine safe, Vinovest is insured with an FDIC equivalent for wine, protecting each bottle against breakage and loss. Their state-of-the-art, climate-controlled storage facilities help keep your wines safe. And if you ever want to drink the bottles you invested in, you can. You can always buy more, sell for a potential profit, or enjoy them whenever you want.

Build your wine portfolio

Get up to $8 million for your family

It’s hard to think about not being there for your family, but it does happen. You need to ask yourself if they could survive financially without you if you’re gone. If the answer is no, life insurance could help protect them.

Once you have kids and sizable debt like a mortgage, term life insurance from Ladder can be life-changing. Proceeds from a term life insurance policy could help your family take time to grieve your loss. It could help them financially for years. It could help pay for your kids’ college. And it could help ease the worry about any debt you may leave behind.

With Ladder, your family could get up to $8,000,000 in benefits if you die. It could transform their lives and provide stability for years. Apply with Ladder today. It takes less than 5 minutes and costs as little as $4.953 per month.

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Get $10 to invest with this all-in-one money app

Secret: you don't need a thousand dollars to buy thousand dollar stocks. With eToro, you can start investing in companies and brands you love like Apple, Amazon, Tesla, Nike, and Google with just $10.7

WThat’s because eToro offers a new method of investing with something called “fractional shares”… a fancy term that just means you can buy pieces of those thousand dollar stocks with as little as ten bucks.

Plus, they’re one of the only platforms that lets you invest stocks, ETFs, and crypto in one place.

This method lets you build wealth without leaving your house or needing a ton of money or forking over your entire paycheck. It also means you can diversify your portfolio.

BONUS: You can get $10 when you sign up and invest $100 in on eToro.

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Get smarter about money in just 5 minutes a day

"Wealthy" is all about numbers. "Worthy" is a mindset. If you’re the type of person who’s passionate about growing your net worth and becoming financially independent, then you belong in Worthy — our brand-new personal finance community.

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Stash Benefits

  • Get $10 to make your first investment
  • Invest in stocks, bonds, and ETFs
  • Fractional shares available
  • Start investing with just $1