How FinanceBuzz Rates Products

At FinanceBuzz, we’re on a mission to democratize personal finance, and that includes giving our readers access to information about how we rate and review products. This kind of transparency is an important part of our goal to educate and empower our audience on personal finance topics.

The FinanceBuzz team evaluates financial products using a star-based scoring system.

Our star ratings are determined by our expert writers and editors and take into account several data points that affect consumers who are researching these products. These data points include product features, fees, customer service, and more.

These rating subscores are then combined to come up with our overall star rating. All of our star ratings range from one to five stars, with five being the highest.

Star ratings by category

How FinanceBuzz rates credit cards

FinanceBuzz rates credit cards on a variety of criteria, including potential value to our readers as well as other features and benefits related to the card's category. These scores come from our estimated annual value for cardholders, as well as other factors that influence the average person’s experience with the card.

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How FinanceBuzz rates deposit accounts

FinanceBuzz rates bank and credit union accounts on various criteria based on the account type. We rank accounts on their product offerings, customer service, the quality of the bank’s mobile app, and whether there are any ethical issues with the bank. We also consider features specific to each type of bank account.

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How FinanceBuzz rates investment accounts

FinanceBuzz evaluates investment accounts according to several factors that vary by type of investment service. These factors include account features, investment options, fees, customer service, and more. Additionally, all our ratings incorporate an editor’s assessment of each account.

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How FinanceBuzz rates gaming apps

FinanceBuzz rates gaming apps on various criteria related to their value, reputation, and user experience, including app quality and popularity, purchase/payout options, entry fee thresholds, and more. We also consider aspects such as gameplay and entertainment for an assessment of the overall gaming experience.

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