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FinanceBuzz is a personal finance brand on a mission to democratize financial independence. We believe that nobody should feel limited in their lifestyle or happiness because of the burden or absence of money. Whether you're planning for retirement, saving to buy a house, working to reduce your debt, wanting to travel more, or working towards any other financial goals, we believe anyone, regardless of current income, can achieve financial independence if they take the right steps. 

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Brandon Neth

Credit Card and Reward Travel Expert
Areas of expertise

Credit cards, points and miles, FIRE

Greg Van Horn

Founder & CEO
Areas of expertise

Entrepreneurship, business credit, credit cards

Becca Borawski Jenkins

FinanceBuzz Editor
Areas of expertise

Debt, retirement planning, cashback credit cards

Tracy Odell

VP, Content
Areas of expertise

Reward travel with kids, credit cards, student loans

Brett Holzhauer

Credit Cards Writer
Areas of expertise

Credit cards, digital nomads, side hustles

Matt Miczulski

Personal Finance Writer
Areas of expertise

Debt, loans, credit cards

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