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6 Incredible Budgeting Apps: Take Control of Your Money and Supercharge Your Savings

Last updated Sept. 7, 2023 | By FinanceBuzz Editors
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Budgeting just sounds so un-fun. It conjures up images of penny pinching and math. (So much math!)

But, budgeting doesn't have to be like that. Not now, not with all the great new apps that make budgeting a breeze. With just a few clicks, you'll be on your way to taking control of your finances and building your savings. 

Let's take a look...

Get the one budgeting app that truly does it all

Ever look at your bank account and wonder where your paycheck went? *Poof,* it's gone … and you have NO idea how you spent it all so quickly.

A budgeting app like Rocket Money could end this problem for you.

Now, some insider info: They *do* have a free version of the app ... but the real money-saving power is found in their premium subscription.

Select a premium subscription when you sign up, and you’ll unlock features that actually save you the most money possible. Like their “Cancellation Concierge,” which automatically cancels subscriptions for you. (It’s pay-what-you-want for premium, too — as little as $3 a month!)

With your premium subscription, you’ll also be able to create unlimited budgets, see your full credit report, and get automatic “smart savings” that help you grow your savings on autopilot.

Download Rocket Money

Get out of $15,000+ in debt

JG Wentworth (yes, the one with the jingle from years ago) wants to help you pay off your debt potentially faster than you thought possible … and for possibly less than you owe.

Answer 3 simple questions at the link here to get started — how much debt you have, the state you reside in, and some contact info.

JG Wentworth will work with you to assess your overall debt and determine if you qualify for their program. You then make just one monthly program payment to start the process.

After you enroll, their negotiators work with your creditors to lower each enrolled debt. And because they have vast experience working with the top consumer lenders and credit card companies, they could potentially reduce your debt substantially1 .

Knock thousands off your debt

Cancel your car insurance

We've got bad news. You could be wasting $500 every year on overpriced, second-rate car insurance. And you should probably cancel your existing insurance right now, because there's something much better.

This new tool from FinanceBuzz can tell you if you're overpaying for your car insurance in just a few clicks. We match drivers with companies that report saving drivers up to $500 or more per year when they save! Each driver’s savings will vary by driving history and how many discounts you’re eligible for. And once you try it out, you'll never have to look for affordable insurance again because we find you the lowest rates that other companies can't match.

Oh, and it's also free. And come on — you can't tell us you don't want to save up to $500. To find out if you're losing up to $500 or more a year, just enter your zip code here, answer a few questions and see if you're overpaying. It takes less than 2 minutes.

See if you're overpaying

Budget & start investing in Apple, Tesla, and other companies for just $5

Even if you don't have a lot of money to invest, you don't have to let that stop you — you can start investing with $5 or less. With Stash, you can buy fractional shares (partial shares) in companies that are household names like Apple, Google, Amazon, and more.2 Normally a single share of these companies could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, but you only need as little as $5 to get started with Stash.

Stash was not only built to help beginner investors get started, it's also an app that can help you take control of all your finances. You can use their advanced technology to build healthy spending, saving, and investing habits. Set your savings goals and let Stash automatically round up your purchases to effortlessly save. It's amazing how fast that spare change can add up!

As a bonus, Stash will give you $20 to invest after you deposit $5 or more into your personal portfolio.5

Want even more tools and guidance? If you choose the Stash+ plan3 when signing up, you can earn 2x stock rewards when you spend on eligible purchases!4

Sign up for Stash now

Beat “Bill Swell” and save up to $335 per year

Have you heard of something called “Bill Swell”? Sounds strange, but knowing what it is could help you save a lot more money this year.

“Bill Swell” is when you pay for subscriptions you don’t use, or when the price of bills like insurance or utilities go up … without you noticing. Experts suggest thousands of Americans waste up to $348 per year on subscriptions they don’t even use!

Hiatus is an all-in-one finance and bill management app that could help fix this.

Our tip: Go for the “Premium” version. It’s only $9.99/month or $48/year, and gives you instant access to their most effective money-saving tools.

Join Hiatus Premium and link your bank account here.

The app will tell you if you’re paying more than other people for similar bills, or if you’re still paying for unused subscriptions. Their experts can then help cancel those subscriptions and negotiate lower rates for your bills.

Download Hiatus here and save up to $335 per year

Rocket Money Benefits

  • Automatically find and cancel subscriptions
  • Slash your monthly phone, cable, and internet bills
  • Save an average of up to $720 a year