Cash Giraffe Review [2023]: How to Make Money Playing Games

Cash Giraffe is an Android app that provides you with rewards for installing and playing games.
Updated Nov. 29, 2023
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Cash Giraffe is an Android app that rewards you for trying out new games and apps. The Cash Giraffe app is free to download and use, with no hidden fees or costs.

You can earn points for each minute you spend using a featured app, which Cash Giraffe tracks automatically in the background. Then redeem these points for cash or gift cards once you reach the $5 payout threshold.

We tested it out and found that Cash Giraffe is a legit app that enables you to earn some pocket change while playing around on your phone. However, if you want to earn a lot of money or have a specific game or app in mind, Cash Giraffe may not be a good fit for you. Let’s explore how much you can earn in this Cash Giraffe review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cash Giraffe is a legit app that enables you to earn some extra money.
  • The Cash Giraffe app can be a good fit for Android game enthusiasts willing to try new apps.
  • The app rewards you with gems for playing games, which you can redeem for cash or gift cards.
  • The amount of money you earn from Cash Giraffe lets you benefit from your free time, but it isn’t going to make you rich.

Quick Summary

Play new games and try new apps and get paid for the time spend on them.

  • Redeem your gems for gift cards or cash via PayPal
  • Use the automatic tracking without worrying about keeping time
  • Sign up in a few minutes
In this Cash Giraffe review

Cash Giraffe: Is it worth it?

Pros Cons
  • Make money playing games or scrolling apps such as TikTok
  • Redeem points for a variety of gift cards or for cash via PayPal
  • Use automatic tracking of app usage and gameplay
  • Low hourly pay rate in dollar terms
  • Limited selection of games and apps
  • Only available on Android
Our verdict: Cash Giraffe is a simple way to make a little bit of money if you enjoy playing games or using apps on your Android smartphone. It can also be a good way to find a few fun new games and apps to use. However, the amount of money is low when compared with the time it takes. Additionally, the app isn’t available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads.

What is Cash Giraffe?

Cash Giraffe is an Android app that allows you to earn money by playing games and using apps. It was developed by justDice, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

Because Cash Giraffe was released in July 2022, more than 1 million people have downloaded it. It’s a legitimate way to earn a little extra cash, and user reviews are positive overall.

Using the Cash Giraffe app is straightforward; you simply download it and then find opportunities to earn gems by downloading and using games and apps. Once you earn enough gems, you can redeem them for a gift card or cash via PayPal.

Cash Giraffe tracks your app usage activity in the background, so you’re always earning when you’re on eligible games or apps.

Cash Giraffe user ratings

The Cash Giraffe app has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Google Play. The app isn’t available on Apple’s App Store.

Most users had positive experiences with the app. However, a few common complaints are that:

  • There isn’t a good way of getting in touch with customer service to resolve issues
  • The app’s usage tracking functionality sometimes doesn’t work properly

Additionally, some users report that the app appears to change the earning form from a per-minute to a per-level structure, which may lead to reduced earnings. This change happened for these users after cashing out for the first time.

How much can you earn with Cash Giraffe?

Cash Giraffe’s earning structure is simple: browse the library of featured games and apps, earn gems for each minute you play, and redeem these gems for a gift card or PayPal deposit.

After redeeming your gems, a gift card code will be sent to your email within seven business days or a PayPal deposit within five business days. Be careful with your redemptions. Once you request a payout, you can’t cancel it.

All PayPal payouts are in euros but correspond to the redemption value you’ve selected in the app.

Cash Giraffe’s payout structure

In order to get a payment from Cash Giraffe, you need to earn a certain number of gems to redeem for gift cards or cash. Cash Giraffe offers numerous redemption options, such as cash via PayPal and gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks, and more.

For example, here are the gem numbers you’ll need to cash out $5 to $20.

$5 $10 $20
PayPal 47,065 93,188 182,667
T.G.I. Friday’s 47,065 93,188 -
Google Play - 93,188 -
Xbox Digital - - -
Walmart 47,056 94,130 -
Starbucks 47,065 93,188 -
Nike Digital - 92,256 182,667
Amazon 46,594 92,256 182,667
BJ’s eGift Card 47,065 93,188 -
PlayStation Store - 93,188 -

Most redemption options offer a small discount on the number of gems required to redeem for higher denominations. For example, two $5 Starbucks gift cards would be 94,130 gems, whereas a $10 Starbucks gift card is only 93,188 gems — a savings of 942 gems.

This benefit increases at higher denominations, such as $20 and $50. Four $5 PayPal redemptions would cost 188,260 gems, whereas a $20 PayPal redemption only costs 182,667 gems, a savings of 5,593 gems. However, earning that number of gems may take a lot of time.

Cash Giraffe’s real-life earnings

The amount of money you can earn depends on the games you prefer to play or the apps you choose to use. Each game or app offers a different rate for acquiring gems.

For example, I was initially offered 1,716 gems per minute for playing Coin Master, 334 gems per minute for playing Phase 10, 1,036 gems per minute for playing Family Island, and 338 gems per minute for playing Bingo Blitz.

These offers often change, so if you see an app you want to use, be sure to download it right away. Other apps I saw featured included TikTok, Scatter Slots, and Love & Pies.

Keep in mind
Besides changing offers, the gem-earning rates can change after downloading or using an app or a game for a while.

For example, the first time I got an offer for Family Island, it was at a rate of 242 gems per minute. The next time, it was at 518 gems per minute, then 537 gems per minute.

When I downloaded Family Island, I earned 1,074 gems per minute during a limited-time 2x earning special event. After playing for approximately 25 minutes cumulatively, the rate reduced, and I was earning 672 gems in 557 seconds, or about 72 gems per minute.

Cash Giraffe states that earning more will become more difficult as you continue using the app. The developers suggest frequently trying new apps instead of playing apps you’ve already tried for a long time. The company structures earnings this way because it gets paid by the apps advertised, and so it earns more when you try more apps.

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Cash Giraffe’s hourly earning rate

I played Family Island for 0.58 hours, Phase 10 for 1.2 hours, and Coin Master for 1.7 hours. I played Phase 10 nearly as much as Coin Master but earned the least because Phase 10’s earning rate was low.

Additionally, I received a 4,499 coin welcome gift when I first registered for the Cash Giraffe app. With this combination, I earned 49,047 gems, which I could redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card.

Effectively, my hourly rate was $1.44. I could have earned more if I had focused only on high-earning games. For example, even after playing for a while, Coin Master had a gem earning rate five times higher than Phase 10.

So if the rate ratios remained the same and I focused only on playing Coin Master, I could have earned enough gems for a $5 Amazon gift card in about 42 minutes. This would increase my hourly rate to $7 per hour.

That’s why playing games or using apps through Cash Giraffe can’t replace a full-time job. For more options to earn extra cash, learn how to make money with these ideas.

How to get paid by Cash Giraffe

You can simply redeem your gems to receive a payout from Cash Giraffe. There are no fees to redeem your gems, so all you need is to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the bottom of the app, click “Payouts,” and select the redemption option by clicking on the number of gems it costs.

  1. Verify your email address by clicking the link in the email.

  1. Log in to your PayPal account if you are getting paid in cash; or

  1. Select the gift card you want, and confirm it’s the method you’d like to be paid out in.

  1. You should receive your payment within five to seven business days.

I received an email containing a link to a virtual gift card from a service called Tango Card within 24 hours of requesting the Amazon gift card payout.

To prevent fraud, Cash Giraffe may require you to verify your identity with a selfie when you first request a payout. It’s not clear if regular payouts are affected by this rule. The app makes a disclaimer that you won’t be able to get payouts if you continue using your account without providing a selfie.

What is it like using Cash Giraffe?

Although Cash Giraffe itself isn’t a game, it connects you with games and apps and rewards you for spending time playing or using them.

Some game types it recommends are slot machine games such as Coin Master, bingo games such as Bingo Blitz, simulation games such as Family Island, and virtual card games such as Phase 10.

There is a lot of variety among the games you can play via Cash Giraffe, which means you may find a game you enjoy and then earn some money while having fun. You may also find apps you may enjoy using, such as TikTok.

How to make more money with Cash Giraffe

There are a few ways to increase the amount of money you make with Cash Giraffe. These include:

  • Spend time using the recommended apps. The more time you spend using the apps and playing the games that appear on Cash Giraffe, the more gems you can earn.
  • Check in frequently for new app suggestions. New apps can offer higher earning rates, especially right after you download and start to use them.
  • Play games and use apps during bonus rounds. Your earnings are multiplied during bonus rounds, which are limited-time events.
  • Invite your friends. If your friends join Cash Giraffe through your link, you’ll earn 250 coins for each friend you invite, and you’ll each receive 25% of the coins the other subscriber earns.

How to get started with Cash Giraffe

Getting started with Cash Giraffe is simple. Follow these steps to get the app on your Android phone:

  1. Download Cash Giraffe from the Google Play store, run the app, and accept the terms of service.

  1. Register using Facebook, Google, or an email address.

  1. Grant the app permission to access your app usage data.

You can then browse featured apps, download the apps you’re interested in, and spend time using them to earn gems.

Alternatives to Cash Giraffe

If you’ve checked out the apps and games that Cash Giraffe will pay you for and nothing feels like the right fit for you, here are a few alternatives that can pay you to play games.

Game types Pay to play Cash-out options
Cash Giraffe Slots, cards, bingo, and more Depends on the app, many are free to play PayPal or gift cards
Bingo Clash Bingo Free, but games with money prizes typically require real cash PayPal
Solitaire Cash Solitaire Free, but games with money prizes typically require real cash PayPal

Bingo Clash

Bingo isn’t just an in-person game anymore. You can play on your phone with no card or highlighter needed. This game gives you the opportunity to earn cash prizes when you enter and win cash games. It also has a competitive edge, and lets you compete against players at the same experience level.

Read our full Bingo Clash review for more details.

Solitaire Cash

If you’re a solitaire lover, Solitaire Cash could be the perfect app for you to earn money while playing your favorite card game. You can join tournaments against others with the same deck, seeing who can complete the game first. The app also offers the opportunity to join raffles to win money.

Read our full Solitaire Cash review for full details.

If playing games for money doesn’t interest you, check out the best side hustles to earn cash in your free time.

FAQs about Cash Giraffe

Is the Cash Giraffe app real or fake?

The Cash Giraffe app is a real app (not a scam) that enables you to make money online by playing games or using apps on your Android phone. You can be paid in gift cards or via PayPal for the time you spend playing featured games.

Are there real games that pay cash?

Yes, there are real games that pay you cash if you play them. Games such as Solitaire Cash, Bingo Clash, and more enable you to win real money in their cash prize games. Additionally, money-making apps such as Cash Giraffe allow you to earn money by playing various games on your phone, earning gems for each minute you spend playing them, and redeeming these gems for cash.

Is it easy to make money with Cash Giraffe?

Making money with Cash Giraffe is relatively easy because it only requires downloading a featured game or app and spending time playing it. Once you collect enough gems, you can redeem them for a gift card or cash via PayPal. However, keep in mind that the amount of money you can earn isn’t going to make you rich.

Cash Giraffe app review: Bottom line

The Cash Giraffe app offers a legitimate opportunity to make money by playing games and using apps on your Android phone.

Cash Giraffe has an easy-to-understand system of earning gems for every minute you spend playing featured games and then redeeming them for cash or gift cards. Although the app is unlikely to replace your full-time income, it provides a fun way to make money from home with minimal effort. For more similar opportunities, check out our legit game apps list.

Cash Giraffe Benefits

  • Super fun games with hardly any ads
  • The more time you spend playing, the more you can potentially earn
  • Cash out via PayPal or with gift cards to Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and more

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