10 Legit Game Apps to Win Real Money

These legit game apps pay real money and can be played on the go. See which one might make the most sense for you.
Last updated Nov. 2, 2022 | By Ben Walker, CEPF | Edited By Melinda Sineriz
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If you want a simple way to earn extra cash on the side from your phone, look no further than the best game apps that pay real money. These are typically apps that offer opportunities, but no guarantees, to win actual cash by playing different types of fun games, including bingo, Solitaire, and virtual pool.

Playing games on your phone is often fun, but it could be one of the best side hustles as well.

Here are legit money-making game apps that are typically available on iOS or Android devices on the App Store or Google Play Store. Browse the selection to find the ones most suited to your preferences.

Blackout Bingo: Best bingo game on Skillz platform

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App Store ratings: Over 80,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Bingo enthusiasts who want to put their bingo skills to the test against other players on the Skillz platform

After all, who would’ve thought playing bingo in your spare time might end up padding your bank account?

With Blackout Bingo, you could get exactly that opportunity. This app pairs beautiful graphics and fun boosts with the Skillz platform to offer competitive ways to earn real money — all while playing a classic and familiar bingo game.

Skillz is a leader in social competition in mobile games that distributes loads of prizes each month to its millions of players worldwide. You only need one Skillz account to play a variety of games on the Skillz platform, making it easy to earn in-app rewards across different games that could help you earn prizes quicker.

Read our Blackout Bingo review to learn more about this game.

Solitaire Cube: Best Solitaire game from Tether Studios

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App Store ratings: Over 88,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Solitaire enthusiasts who might also enjoy other games from Tether Studios, including 21 Blitz and Bubble Cube 2

Solitaire Cube is an app that uses the Skillz platform to offer cash tournaments (where available) to its players. If you’re familiar with Klondike Solitaire and other classic Solitaire games, you’ll likely be able to pick up how to play this game quickly.

Each round typically only takes a few minutes to play, but the intuitive controls and familiarity of the game could keep you coming back for more.

Check out our Solitaire Cube game review to see more about how it works.

21 Blitz: Best Solitaire and 21 game

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App Store ratings: Over 27,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Card game enthusiasts who find the mix of 21 and Solitaire fun and interesting

21 Blitz is another game from Tether Studios that uses the Skillz platform to offer multiplayer tournaments between users from different states and countries. This app takes elements from two classic card games — Solitaire and 21 (or blackjack) — to offer players a new game that ups the excitement levels.

Your goal is to get the highest score possible by using a deck of cards to create different stacks that add up to 21. You get four spaces for making stacks and a time limit for each game. Beat your opponent and you could win cash depending on the game mode.

Read our 21 Blitz review for more information about this app.

Dominoes Gold: Best dominoes game

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App Store ratings: Over 23,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Dominoes enthusiasts looking for some competitive fun

Dominoes Gold is a game app from Grey Square Games that offers multiplayer competition through the Skillz platform. This app puts a twist on the classic dominoes board game by pitting you against players from different parts of the world. But winning could mean you earn real cash prizes.

Rounds consist of playing against a computer and trying to achieve the highest score possible. Your score is then compared to another real player and the highest score wins. Each round is timed, so the quicker you make the right moves the better.

Check out our Dominoes Gold review to learn more about this game app.

Pool Payday: Best pool game

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App Store ratings: Over 76,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Pool enthusiasts who want to compete virtually

Fancy yourself a pool shark in real life? Consider playing Pool Payday and bring your pool skills to a virtual billiards hall. You get to avoid blue chalk stains but still get the excitement of pulling off an amazing trick shot.

Pool Payday pits you against real players in a competition to see who can score the most points. You could be a cash winner if you come out on top in cash games provided by the Skillz platform.

No pool knowledge is needed, but it doesn’t hurt. You can put existing knowledge to work when deciding how to make a shot and maximize your points.

Read our Pool Payday game review to learn more about this game.

Bingo Clash: Best bingo game on non-Skillz platform

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App Store ratings: Over 73,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Bingo enthusiasts who prefer the Pocket7Games platform over Skillz

Bingo Clash is a popular app from AviaGames that can be played on the Pocket7Games platform. This platform has loads of different games available, including Fruit Frenzy, Solitaire Clash, and Bubble Shot. Having access to more games on the same platform could make it easier to combine in-game rewards and virtual currency to exchange for prizes.

You’re likely to be familiar with how Bingo Clash works if you’ve ever played bingo. Get matched up against other players of a similar skill level and see who has the better bingo skills in a competitive game.

Check out our Bingo Clash review for more information about this game app.

Fruit Frenzy: Best fruit matching game

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App Store ratings: Over 66,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Mobile gamers who love playing games where you match fruit

Fruit Frenzy is a game available from AviaGames through their Pocket7Games app (it doesn’t have its own app like Bingo Clash does). This means you would have to download the Pocket7Games app and play Fruit Frenzy there.

This game is popular because it’s easy to understand and play. Your goal is to match different pieces of fruit together as quickly as possible to clear your board. The quicker you clear your board, the more points you get — and the higher your chances of winning prizes, potentially including cash.

Read our Fruit Frenzy game review to learn more about how it works.

Bubble Cash: Best bubble shooter game

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App Store ratings: Over 62,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Bubble shooter enthusiasts who want to compete for prizes

Bubble Cash is a bubble shooter game, which is a type of game where you shoot bubbles at other bubbles in an attempt to pop them and clear your board. Bubbles are typically popped when you connect at least three of the same color.

This game has you compete against other players to see who can get the highest score when using the same board layout. The winner could be up for valuable prizes, including cash.

Bubble Cash is brought to you by game developers Papaya Gaming, which has also released 21 Cash, Bingo Cash, and Solitaire Cash.

Check out our Bubble Cash review to learn more about this bubble shooter game.

Solitaire Cash: Best Solitaire game from Papaya Gaming

App Store ratings: Over 146,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Solitaire enthusiasts who enjoy apps from Papaya Gaming

Is Solitaire one of your preferred ways to have some fun and pass the time? If so, Solitaire Cash might be an ideal way to do the same thing with the added bonus of possibly earning real money at the same time.

Gameplay includes Klondike Solitaire elements and is likely familiar to any Solitaire players, including if you’ve played Spider, Freecell, Pyramid, or others.

If you have the skills and knowledge to quickly form card stacks and clear your board, you could be well rewarded.

Read our Solitaire Cash review for more information about this game.

Big Buck Hunter: Best hunting game

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App Store ratings: Over 10,000 ratings and an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5

Who it’s best for: Big Buck Hunter enthusiasts who want to play a mobile version

Big Buck Hunter games can be found all over, from grocery stores to restaurants and beyond. But no matter how many arcade game consoles there are, it likely can’t beat the accessibility of an iPhone or other device in your pocket.

With Big Buck Hunter: Marksman, you get this arcade classic as a mobile version. Compete against other players in real time with the Skillz platform to see who can land their shots and nab the most bucks. The better marksman takes home the bigger payout.

Check out our Big Buck Hunter review to learn more about how this game works.


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What are the best money making apps?

The best money-making apps depend on your lifestyle and personal finance goals, but could include cashback apps, savings apps, and more. Here are some top recommendations:

What game apps pay you the most?

The game apps that pay you the most depend on multiple factors, including how much you bet and how much you play. Game apps that pay real money include:

What apps pay you real money to play games?

Many apps pay you real money to play games, including apps that use the Skillz competitive gaming platform. If you’re wondering how to make money on the side, games that use the Skillz platform could be a good place to get started. Skillz hosts billions of tournaments for millions of worldwide players, providing millions of prizes each month.

Other side hustles to consider

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Video games aren’t the only way to potentially make money from your phone. For other mobile money-making opportunities, consider Jackpocket, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars.


Jackpocket is a lottery app that allows residents in certain locations the opportunity to play their state lottery games from a phone. This helps remove the inconvenience of purchasing tickets in person at a local convenience store or other authorized retailer.

Jackpocket is available on the App Store and Google Play. It has over 80,000 ratings on the App Store with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. The app is free to download and Jackpocket doesn’t take any cut of winnings. Though, there’s a service fee to help cover app costs.

Users have won over $100 million on Jackpocket.

Read our Jackpocket review to learn more about how it works.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a survey site that offers rewards for completing surveys. Earn enough points and you can cash out for deposits into a PayPal account or redeem them for digital gift cards. Potential redemptions could include Apple iTunes, Walmart, Visa, and Amazon gift cards.

The Survey Junkie app is available on the App Store and Google Play. It has over 50,000 ratings on the App Store with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It’s also free to download and use.

Check out our Survey Junkie review to learn more about this app and join a community of over a million members.


InboxDollars is similar to Survey Junkie in that it also offers users the opportunity to make money by completing online surveys. But it also offers ways to make money by watching videos and TV, playing games, using online scratch cards, making referrals, going on online shopping trips, and more. It also may offer a sign-up bonus.

You can redeem the funds you earn for free gift cards or withdraw them with a PayPal cash-out or by asking for a check.

The InboxDollars is a free app from the App Store and Google Play. It has over 150,000 ratings on the App Store with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.

To date, InboxDollars has paid its users over $80 million in cash rewards.

Read our InboxDollars review to see if it might be worth signing up for.

Bottom line

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Gaming apps could provide a fun way to make extra money online, but it’s important to vet these types of apps before using them. Read reviews to see how the experience has been for other users so you can avoid scams, and keep in mind that you typically need to deposit money and place bets to win cash in these games. In other words, they’re not free money.

Also, consider trying the free versions of games (many legit game apps offer free game modes) before investing any real money. This could help you see if you enjoy a game before using any money on it in paid game modes.

Keep in mind that cash tournaments aren’t available in all locations and playing these games for money typically requires you to be at least 18.

Check out our list of other legit ways to make money for more opportunities to pad your income on the side.

Our methodology

We looked at a variety of gaming apps that offered legitimate opportunities to win real money. We selected the above games based on their unique features and playability. We did not evaluate all available gaming apps in the market.

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