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15 Legit Ways to Make Extra Cash

Wondering how to make extra money with a side hustle? Read on.

Updated May 13, 2024
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If your goal is to make some extra cash, you've come to the right place. Whether you want to make money online, make money offline, or make some extra income from home, we've got you covered with this mega list of easy money-making ideas. They range from part-time jobs to passive income, but most are side gigs you could easily do in your spare time without risking your full-time job.

Here is a long list of our favorite ways to earn extra cash and make money online during otherwise free time – scroll through and find the ones that are best for you.

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How to make extra money online

1. Play games on your phone

The average American spends over four hours daily scrolling on their cell phone. Why not maximize that time by playing mobile games that will actually pay you real money? 

  • Bingo Clash: Bingo Clash is a mobile bingo game that is free to download on both Android and iOS Apple devices. The app matches similar skill level players in 1-on-1 and multiplayer games. Users are able to win real cash by playing from the comfort of their couch.
  • Solitaire Cash: Solitaire Cash is also a free mobile game available on Android and iOS devices. Users can play Solitaire games with free gems or by depositing cash. The app offers multiplayer games against users of similar skill levels with varying prize pools. As you play, the app will regularly reward you with more gems and cash. Real cash winning can be withdrawn via PayPal and Apple Pay.
  • Bubble Cash: Bubble Cash is an easy mobile game to play while you’re hanging out on the couch. It simply involves shooting and matching bubbles to reach the highest score. You can play free games or test your skills in multiplayer real cash tournaments. Once you’ve won, you can easily cash out via PayPal.

2. Take surveys online

Many companies will pay you real money for simply sharing your thoughts or experiences on online surveys.

  • Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie allows you to sign up for free, complete a profile questionnaire, and begin making money by taking market research surveys. The survey site has paid consumers over $76 million to date, so jump on board and start earning today.
  • Kashkick: Kashkick is another way to make some quick cash while playing on your phone or computer. Kashkick works with businesses trying to get their products or services more visibility in the market or looking for feedback. It pays you, the consumer, in exchange for taking surveys, signing up for new services, and downloading and playing games.

3. Become a freelance virtual assistant

Companies often post freelancer jobs online to complete basic tasks like data entry, transcribing, bookkeeping, and social media marketing. Sites like Fiverr and Upwork make it easy for you to showcase your side job skills and accept paying gigs. Simply create a profile, select your areas of expertise, and start promoting yourself to businesses with relevant professional links.

Bookkeepers Benefits

  • Free 3-class intro teaches you how to launch a bookkeeping business
  • #1 most profitable business as described by Entrepreneur Magazine
  • Supplement your existing income or even replace your current job
  • You don’t need to be a math savant or have an accounting degree

4. Earn cash back on your regular purchases

Ibotta is an app that allows you to earn cash back for your purchases at hundreds of supported retailers. The app is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

There are a few ways to earn cash back with Ibotta. You can link a loyalty card, complete in-app purchases, or add offers on the app before you shop and then upload a photo of your receipt afterward. There are also bonus offers on the app, and you can even earn extra money for referring your friends.

As soon as you earn $20 with Ibotta, you can cash out via PayPal. You can also convert your cash back into gift cards for popular stores. The more you shop, the more you’ll earn!

5. Become an influencer

Social media has made it possible for anyone to connect with a worldwide audience. The key to becoming an influencer is presenting yourself as an authentic, relatable (and entertaining!) persona in a specific niche. 

Once you’ve garnered a following on Instagram or TikTok, brands may reach out to have you promote their products to your audience through affiliate marketing. It’s a super easy way to receive free products, make affiliate dollars, or get paid flat money working with relevant brands.

6. Become a content creator

Similar to becoming a social media influencer, you can also get paid for creating content as a blogger or on online platforms like YouTube and Twitch. You’ll need to focus on an area in which you have extra knowledge to share and make your content engaging and entertaining.

Once you meet a certain threshold of followers, these platforms will pay you based on ad views within your content. They handle the advertising for you, so it’s a fairly passive way to make extra cash.

How to make extra money offline

7. Deliver food and groceries

You’ve probably had food or groceries delivered to your home at some point during the past few years. Have you considered working on the other side? With the explosion of delivery apps, it is so simple to join as a driver and start making money by running other people’s errands. Below is a list of the most popular delivery apps you can join now:

  • Earn money with your car, bike, or even a scooter in some cities!
  • Make your own schedule and be your own boss
  • You can access your earnings up to 5X per day with Instant Pay
  • (Additional terms and conditions apply)

8. Walk dogs or be a pet sitter

Maybe you prefer animals over people? Websites like Rover and Care.com are money-making services for you to connect with pet owners in need. With these platforms, you make money by dog walking for owners who aren't able to provide enough daily exercise. You can also offer cat- or dog-sitting services in your own home or drop-in visits at their house. It’s the perfect way to get your animal fix and make some extra cash. 

How to make extra money from home

9. Open a new bank account

Opening a new bank account from home is a super easy way to make passive income on your money by simply making a deposit. In order to maximize your earnings, look for a high-yield savings account or a checking account that offers a cash bonus when you complete qualifying activities.

U.S. Bank Smartly®️ Checking and Standard Savings Benefits

  • Earn up to $700 when you open a new U.S. Bank Smartly® Checking account and a Standard Savings account and complete qualifying activities
  • Subject to certain terms and limitations
  • Offer valid through June 27, 2024
  • Member FDIC
  • Offer may not be available if you live outside of the U.S. Bank footprint or are not an existing client of U.S. Bank or State Farm

10. Sign up for a new credit card

Many credit cards offer customers a lucrative welcome offer when they get approved for a new card and meet a spending threshold. Make sure to apply for a card that fits your individual needs and spending profile.

For example, if you’re someone who wants to be rewarded for everyday purchases, like gas and groceries, look into a cash back card. If you’re a wanderlust and constantly searching for your next adventure, or happen to travel often for work, look into a travel credit card.

Easy-to-Earn Unlimited Rewards


Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Annual Fee


Benefits and Drawbacks
Card Details

11. Use a budgeting app

Although this won’t exactly make extra money, using a budgeting app is one of the surest ways to stabilize your financial future. Setting a budget to track your spending and saving may seem like a daunting task to many, but luckily there are many mobile apps, so you’re not starting from scratch.

One of the top budgeting apps available is Rocket Money because, aside from the budgeting basics, it also finds unused subscriptions, and the concierge offers to cancel them on your behalf. Plus, it can help negotiate your recurring bills and request refunds for certain fees.

Rocket Money Benefits

  • Helps to find and cancel subscriptions
  • Slash your monthly phone, cable, and internet bills
  • Save an average of up to $720 a year

12. Rent out your home

Do you have an unused bedroom in your home? Or, do you travel often and leave your entire house empty? If so, you can make easy money by renting your space on Airbnb or Vrbo. These peer-to-peer home rental platforms have exploded in popularity, especially since the pandemic, and enable any homeowner to instantly connect with travelers in need. Some Airbnb hosts even boast an extra $30,000 per year!

13. Start your own store

If you enjoy crafting or purchased a Cricut during COVID-19 like I did, it’s time to turn your hobbies into hustles. And no, we’re not talking about setting up a tent at your local craft fair. Online retailers like Etsy, Poshmark, and Amazon provide straightforward platforms to create your own worldwide marketplace and connect with your target audience. You can start simple with printed clothing, jewelry, or even digital templates, and grow from there.

Maybe you’re not crafty, but your house seems to be a bit overrun with “stuff.” Skip the garage sale! eBay and Facebook Marketplace are easy-to-use options to resell your goods to the world. It’s time to clean out the basement and start earning money on your clutter.

14. Host a yard sale

If starting your own online store seems a bit daunting, that’s okay too. Declutter your home — and make money — by hosting a good, old-fashioned yard sale. A yard sale requires a little bit of prep to gather the goods, price them fairly, and promote the date to the public. If you live in a neighborhood, talk to the neighbors to see if you can all join forces and host sales on the same date to lure even more buyers.

15. Start investing with as little as $5

Stash* is an investment app where users can buy and sell stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with no trading fees. Stash offers fractional shares, so you can invest in the stocks you want with as little as $5.

Stash also has a checking account that’s FDIC-insured, has no fees, and offers some neat features. Account holders can get paid up to two days early, round up purchases and invest the change, and earn stock rewards when they spend with the Stash debit card.

The bottom line on how to make extra money

  1. Play games on your phone
  2. Take surveys online
  3. Become a freelance virtual assistant
  4. Earn cash back on your regular purchases
  5. Become an influencer
  6. Become a content creator
  7. Deliver food and groceries
  8. Walk dogs or be a pet sitter
  9. Open a new bank account
  10. Sign up for a new credit card
  11. Use a budgeting app
  12. Rent out your home
  13. Start your own store
  14. Host a yard sale
  15. Start investing with as little as $5

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