7 Awesome Ways to Maximize Your Southwest Companion Pass

As a guy who travels regularly, I think I have a pretty good grasp on most of the frequent flyer programs out there, and sadly, most of them aren’t so great. Okay, no sugar-coating - most of them are downright awful (in my opinion).

Airlines will hand out miles for all sorts of activities like flying, using their credit card, and making purchases from their corporate partners. But when it comes time to actually redeem the miles for a trip, you may be faced with blackout dates, no award seats left for anywhere you want to go, or the prices may have even doubled between the time you started earning points to when you try to redeem them. Definitely not cool.

Luckily, there’s at least one frequent flyer program that’s still full of awesomeness and it’s the Rapid Rewards® program from Southwest Airlines. Through this program, I’ve been able to earn something called a Companion Pass for about five years now and it’s definitely one of my “hacks” for booking a lot of free trips each year. 

Think of the Companion Pass as an unlimited 2-for-1 coupon for flights. 

So basically, you can get two tickets for the price of one for anywhere Southwest will take you. Here's how to earn one.

I’ve written about my experience before, but if you already have one and are looking for ways to maximize it, here are 7 ways I recommend.

1. Earn it as early as possible in the year

The Companion Pass is valid up until the end of the following year, so if you earn your pass in January, you will be able to use it for almost two full years! 

To do this, I like to earn one or more sign-up bonuses from the Rapid Rewards® Cards from Chase and then be extra careful not to actually receive the sign-up bonus until after New Year's Day. That way, it's valid after the first of the year (and for the entire second year!).

2. Change your companion when you want

Once you have your Companion Pass, you will have to designate one person to be your travel companion. But don’t worry, you can change your companion up to three times every calendar year.

For me, I normally designate my daughter as my companion, but when I wanted to bring a friend of mine with me on a trip, I added him as my companion, and then changed it back to my daughter after our trip. 

One thing to note though, when you swap out your companion for someone else, you remove all future companion tickets for the person you removed (even if it’s just temporary), so I had to re-add my daughter to my future reservations after I made her my designated companion again. Still totally worth it, though.

3. Call Southwest to change flights with a companion

When you want to change a flight online, you have to cancel your companion ticket, rebook your flight, and then re-add your companion.

To save time and maybe a small headache, just call Southwest and they will change your flights in just a few seconds (with no change fees on Southwest!). Their customer service reps are unbelievably friendly and helpful, and I’ve had such a great overall experience interacting with them.

4. Add your companion to any ticket

A lot of people assume that there are special rules for which tickets you can add your companion to, but there really aren't.

That means you can add your companion to a ticket you paid for or that someone else paid for without any hassle. Still with me? Good (because there’s more). You can also add your companion to an award ticket booked with your points or booked with someone else’s points. It can take a little while to fully understand all the perks, but when you do, it’s so great.

5. Get creative in finding eligible points

The most common way to earn a Companion Pass is to get points from flying Southwest or from the Rapid Rewards® Premier Card from Chase.

But if you get creative, there are other ways to get there. For example, you can transfer points from the Hyatt Gold Passport program to Southwest to earn points. You can also shop in the Rapid Rewards shopping portal to earn points that count towards your Companion Pass.

One thing that’s not eligible for point transfers? Transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards to your Southwest account. The points are transferable, but won’t count towards earning your Companion Pass.

6. Get multiple Companion Passes

What's better than getting two tickets for the price of one? How about four tickets for the price of two?

See, my wife and I both have Companion Passes that overlap each other. So I’ll get one every other year and she gets hers on the alternate years. This allows each of us to add one of our kids as a companion and makes it possible for all four of us to fly for the price of two!

7. Save BIG money

Southwest flights are usually pretty reasonable, but with the Companion Pass, you’ll save BIG money – especially on last minute flights. 

For example, I looked up a flight from Atlanta to New York, leaving the next day, and found Delta was charging $884 for two people, and that is just for one way! 

But for a Southwest flight leaving within minutes of the Delta flight, a seat cost $223.98, and adding your companion costs only another $5.60 in taxes. 

So with your Southwest Companion Pass, you save $654 over Delta! I’m seriously so amazed every time I see another example of how much the Companion Pass can save on flights. It makes me feel like my Southwest Companion Pass is truly a golden ticket.

Do you have your own Companion Pass from Southwest? And, if so, how do you maximize it?? Tell me in the comments!

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