About FinanceBuzz

We help you make moves in life.

At FinanceBuzz, our mission is to help you get ahead with your finances. We know that money isn’t everything and some people have more than others. We believe it’s not what you have, but what you do with it.

With an ethos of financial empowerment and a strong sense of community, we share information in a way that’s easy to understand and gives you the knowledge to make smart financial decisions with confidence.

Our ultimate goal? Democratize financial independence. Not just for the select few, but for all.

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The FBZ Community

Our name is FinanceBuzz, but friends call us FBZ.

The FBZ community is a big part of who we are and what we stand for. By connecting with people who share many of the same values, the world of personal finance doesn’t have to feel as overwhelming—or taboo—to talk about.

Our Values

  • Be curious
  • Always look for opportunities to learn
  • Pay it forward and share knowledge with others
  • Respect other people and our earth
  • Dream big and believe hard work pays off
  • Strive for a better life (financially and in all ways)

Sound like you? Join us!

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Prefer meeting up in-person? We’ve been known to do that, too! By joining our community, you’ll be able to watch for announcements about upcoming meetups.

Meet the Team

Greg Van Horn

Founder & CEO
What I do

I'm building FinanceBuzz into a brand that helps millions of readers make smart financial moves.

Talk to me about

Entrepreneurship, business credit, credit cards

Christine Yaged

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
What I do

I bring to life our vision for FinanceBuzz: to democratize financial independence.

Talk to me about

Fintech, business, investing, travel

Ryan Van Horn

Founder & Chief Technology Officer
What I do

I ensure we have the best technology to support the vision for FinanceBuzz.

Talk to me about

Investing, real estate

Apurva Shah

Chief Financial Officer
What I do

I make sure FinanceBuzz has its own finances in order!

Talk to me about

The stock market, securities, business

Tracy Odell

SVP, Content
What I do

I lead the talented team that creates all FinanceBuzz content.

Talk to me about

Reward travel (with kids!), investing, student loans

Rich Fatigate

SVP, Sales
What I do

I ensure FinanceBuzz partners have the best support and experience while scaling their business.

Talk to me about

Partnering with FinanceBuzz to grow your media yield

Edton Mock

SVP, Credit Cards
What I do

I help readers find the best credit cards and banking products for them.

Talk to me about

Accessing our media network to find new customers for your products

Cortney Goldman

Associate Director, Client Success
What I do

I help FinanceBuzz brand partners find their ideal customers and scale their business.

Talk to me about

How FinanceBuzz can fuel your business growth

Randy Bourgeois

Director, Sales
What I do

I help advertisers leverage FinanceBuzz to create efficient and scalable channels for customer acquisition.

Talk to me about

How we partner to grow your brand

Jessica Lee

Account Manager, Client Success
What I do

I manage and grow FinanceBuzz partner relationships to help connect them to the perfect customer.

Talk to me about

Enabling your brand to grow

Becca Borawski Jenkins

Managing Editor
What I do

I work with subject matter experts to bring their financial expertise to you.

Talk to me about

Debt reduction, cashback credit cards, geographic arbitrage, retirement planning

Melinda Sineriz

What I do

I work with our writing team to develop informative, engaging content.

Talk to me about

Mortgages, retirement planning, student loans, investing, taxes, insurance

Michael Kurko

What I do

I help our financial experts create content that improves the lives of our readers.

Talk to me about

Entrepreneurship, business, side hustles

Yehia Barakah

What I do

I break down information to make digestible even when you're half asleep.

Talk to me about

Investing, diving, travel

Ben Walker

Credit Cards and Travel Writer
What I do

I create helpful personal finance and travel content for you to read.

Talk to me about

Credit cards, travel

Josh Koebert

Senior Content Marketer
What I do

Use data and research to explore how personal finance intersects with all aspects of daily life, including pop culture, current events, and more.

Talk to me about

Sports, theme parks, fast food

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