How to Get Car Insurance Discounts for Teachers

Car insurance discounts for teachers aren’t necessarily rare, but not every company offers them.
Updated May 23, 2023
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Some of the main companies that provide car insurance discounts for teachers include Liberty Mutual Insurance, GEICO, and Horace Mann. Whether you qualify for one of these discounts depends on where you live and how the insurance company determines eligibility.

For example, Liberty Mutual provides a general discount for teachers. But GEICO provides an affinity discount, which means you might qualify only if you’re a member of a specific educational organization, such as the Association of Teacher Educators.

Let’s further explore how car insurance discounts for teachers work so you can see whether you can save some money on your auto insurance policy.

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Common car insurance discounts for teachers

Car insurance discounts for teachers are typically labeled as a “teacher” or “educator” discount. In some cases, they could be under what’s called an “affinity” discount.

Teacher or educator discounts generally apply to most educator types. But an affinity discount is associated with you being a member of a specific organization.

Teacher and affinity discounts are common enough that you’ll see them with a few major providers, but you won’t find them with every well-known insurance company out there.

How to qualify for a car insurance discount for teachers

We’ve gone through many online car insurance quote processes, and we know it’s not always clear exactly how much money you’re saving with different types of discounts. Sometimes, you expect to qualify for a discount but find out later you don’t.

To see how the teacher and affinity discounts work with Liberty Mutual and GEICO, we went through its online quotes.

With Liberty Mutual, we started at its page that talks about teachers’ auto insurance.

A screenshot of Liberty Mutual

We then went through the quote process all the way to receiving our estimated costs and couldn’t find anything about a teacher discount. We ended up speaking with a chat representative (there’s a chat option during the quote process) and asked about this discount.

The rep didn’t initially know about a teacher discount, but after some research, they were able to quote us a small discount of 3% or less in Utah. They said the online quote discount was closer to 11% to 19% and didn’t stack with the teacher discount.

We’re not sure if choosing to move forward with the teacher discount would mean showing some sort of school affiliation. But, in this case, the teacher discount wasn’t even worth it.

With GEICO, we found its list of educational organizations and selected one to start the quote


A screenshot of GEICO's website showing information on their ATE member insurance program.

After going through the quote process, we were able to access the discounts page and could see a “Partnership Organization” discount attached. We didn’t have to provide any proof of affiliation during the online quote process, but you could have to follow up on that later on.

A screenshot from GEICO's website showing discount amounts in an example quote.

Based on our experience using online quotes, it seems like the easiest way to see whether you qualify for a car insurance discount for teachers is talking to an insurance agent in your area.

Companies that offer teacher discounts on car insurance

These auto insurance companies offer discounts for teachers and provide car insurance in multiple states. Keep in mind that teacher or educator discounts might not be available in every state where a company operates.

Also, some companies provide teacher-specific coverage that might only apply in certain situations. For example, coverage for an accident that happens on school property or at a school-sponsored event.

Insurance company Teacher discount on insurance Teacher-specific coverage options
Liberty Mutual Yes
  • Vandalism loss protection
  • Personal property coverage
  • Collision coverage
Horace Mann Yes
  • Total loss coverage
  • Up to $35 transportation reimbursement
  • No deductible for covered vandalism losses and collision claims
  • Liability coverage when transporting students in covered vehicles
  • Personal property coverage for work items
  • Pet coverage
GEICO Yes, for certain educational organization affiliations N/A
Country Financial Yes N/A
Farmers Insurance Yes, for certain business and organization affiliations N/A
California Casualty Yes N/A

There are also some other providers available in around 10 or fewer states that offer educator discounts. If you live in one of the covered states, you might want to check out these insurance companies:

  • Plymouth Rock Assurance: Operates in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • Meemic: Operates in Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, and Washington.
  • Alfa: Operates mainly in Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Educator discounts are available in Alabama and Mississippi.
  • Educators Insurance Agency: Operates in Massachusetts.

How to find teacher discounts on car insurance

Doing online searches is an easy way to see whether a specific provider offers auto insurance discounts for teachers. For example, you could search “liberty mutual teacher discount” to find applicable Liberty Mutual pages.

But this method could take some time if you plan to check every car insurance website out there. In addition to manual searches, consider using websites that can act as resources for teachers looking for discounts.

My Education Discount

The My Education Discount website has a specific Auto section that lists different types of auto-related discounts for teachers, including discounts for car insurance. This could be a good starting point for quickly finding out which car insurance companies provide teacher discounts.

The shop area of ( has a Teacher section where you can find teacher discounts on all sorts of things. There’s no specific insurance section, but you can type “insurance” into the search bar to find insurance-related offers.

We didn’t see car insurance discounts when we checked, but it’s possible you might find some in the future. And, if not, you can also use the website to find other helpful discounts. has a page for best teacher discounts separated into different sections, including an area for insurance. The information here for car insurance isn’t necessarily different from what you can find on My Education Discount, but you might still want to take a look for other types of teacher discounts.

Other common car insurance discounts

For other ways to save on your car insurance, consider these common discounts available to policyholders:

  • Driver’s education: Take specific courses, such as a defensive driving or driver’s educational course, to help improve your overall driving education and abilities.
  • Accident-free or safe driver: Have a clean driving record (avoid tickets and accidents) usually for three years or more.
  • Bundling: Have two or more insurance policies with the same insurance company. For example, a home insurance policy and a car insurance policy.
  • Automatic payment: Set up automatic payments to cover your insurance premiums. In some cases, this could be an alternative to a pay-in-full discount.
  • Monitoring device: Drive safely and track your behaviors using a telematic device that you install in your vehicle or through an app on your phone.

Note that specific discount names can vary by car insurance company. For example, one provider might have a “bundling” discount, whereas another has a “multi-policy” discount, but they’re essentially the same thing.

3 easy ways to save money on car insurance

Discounts are an excellent way to help get cheap car insurance, but you might also want to consider these three strategies:

1. Shopping around

You can shop around between different car insurance companies as much as you want, so there’s nothing stopping you from comparing car insurance rates between multiple providers. Checking comparison sites online is a simple way to see whether another company provides lower rates than your current insurer.

Using a rate comparison website is much faster than individually checking each insurance website.

Keep in mind that you want to compare like products when checking out other insurance companies. This means you should look for auto insurance rates on policies that have the same coverage limits you currently have.

2. Adjusting your coverage

In general, the more car insurance coverage you have, the higher your car insurance cost. If you’re feeling the pinch of car insurance premiums, you might want to decrease your coverage limits or increase your deductibles to save money on your premium.

But think carefully about this decision. After all, it might end up costing you a lot more money if you lower your limits and then don’t have sufficient insurance to cover related expenses if there’s an accident.

3. Improving your credit score

Many insurance providers use credit-based insurance scores to provide insurance quotes. This means you might be able to lower the cost of your premiums by improving your credit score.

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What are the eligibility requirements for teachers to get a discount?

It depends on the offer, but you typically need to provide proof that you’re a teacher. This could mean uploading your current teacher ID or another type of document that shows your name and title. In some cases, a company might be able to verify your teacher status through public records if you’re licensed in your state.

What types of insurance do teachers get?

Teachers commonly receive dental, health, and vision insurance as part of their benefits, but this could depend on their title, employer, and how many hours they work. Teacher car insurance isn’t a commonly provided benefit, but people with education associations might be able to qualify for special discounts on car insurance.

What's the number for Liberty Mutual customer service?

The Liberty Mutual customer service phone number is 1-800-290-8711. You can also contact Liberty Mutual by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter, or by sending a text to 80361. To call for a quote, dial 1-800-295-2820. For 24/7 roadside assistance, call 1-800-426-9898.

Bottom line

Car insurance discounts for teachers are available from certain insurance providers, including GEICO and Liberty Mutual. The availability of these discounts often depends on where you live. Keep in mind that some teacher discounts generally apply to all educators, while others (called affinity discounts) are for members of specific educational organizations.

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