11 Common Investing Mistakes the Super Rich Never Make

You don’t have to be rich to avoid these errors and earn money.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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The factors that help someone become super rich could be outside of your reach. But there are also factors you can incorporate into your own life when making financial decisions to boost your bank account.

Check out some of these investing mistakes the super rich never make and see if you can incorporate them into your own financial success.

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Investing in companies with major issues

Chanelle M/peopleimages.com/Adobe Looking at investments

You might think that a company with issues could be a great investment when the market gives up on it. After all, you’ll be there to cash in if the company weathers the storm.

But the super rich have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to where they want to invest their money, and they know it’s better to put it into sound investments than go for a risky option weighed down by major challenges.

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Not doing their own research

C Malambo/peopleimages.com/Adobe Someone researching stocks

Even super-savvy investors need someone else to give them advice from time to time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t do their own research and fully understand potential investment opportunities.

The super rich understand where their money is going and they don’t rely on rumors or blind advice to lead them. They ask questions and dig deeper into the numbers. The super rich know that nobody truly cares about their money as much as they do.

Only thinking about the upside of an investment

Hanjin/Adobe stock market Investor analyst

Investing can be a tricky prospect. Sometimes, you’re going to hit a home run, and sometimes, you may strike out. The rich make sure to consider the pros and cons of certain investments.

Don’t focus on just making it rich with an investment. Consider how viable the investment is over the long term. And if the investment doesn’t play out how you think it will, what does that look like for your finances?

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Keeping pace with others

insta_photos/Adobe Investor looking at smartphone

You may think you need to keep up with fellow investors by investing in a popular stock or investing a certain amount of cash to show you can hang with the big players.

But following the crowd or investing just to show off to others can backfire if you’re not doing it for yourself based on sound policies. Instead, keep your eyes on your own paper and focus on what’s best for your finances.

Not recognizing the need for change

Rymden/Adobe Looking at charts changing

You may think making certain types of investments year after year is a great plan because it’s worked for you so far.

But the ultra-rich know you need to adapt to changes in the market constantly. You need to continue reviewing your portfolio and toss out older investments that may not be working for newer investments in different companies or industries.

Never rebalancing their portfolio

Framestock/Adobe 3D real time stocks on glass wall

It doesn’t matter how much money you have. Your portfolio needs to age with you, including reducing your exposure to risky investments as you get older and have less of a chance to recover from any downturns.

You can take more risks when you’re younger and have plenty of years to rebuild after a downturn. But remember to rebalance your portfolio every few years as you get older.

Forgetting about savings

Lumos sp/Adobe Couple reviewing paperwork

Investments can be flashy and glamorous and you may think it’s the fancy stuff that makes the ultra-rich so successful.

But you must also remember to stick with one of the most fundamental things about investing: savings. Liquidity is what pays for day-to-day activities.

Check out your local bank or financial institution to see what options you have for high-yield savings accounts or other financial products.

Not diversifying their investments

VideoFlow/Adobe Looking up different stocks

The stock market could be a good option for you to invest your money, but it’s not the only option.

Consider making your portfolio more diverse. You may want to include things like real estate, government bonds, seed investments for companies, and other non-stock options.

Incurring consumer debt

Studio Romantic/Adobe Couple meeting with financial advisor

You may think the ultra-rich have money to spend, but even they don’t overspend beyond what they have in the bank.

Debt can eat away at your plans for investing and savings. So while you may want to invest your money in certain places or take some risks, you don’t want to do that at the expense of falling deep into consumer debt.

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Thinking they need a house

Blue Planet Studio/Adobe Couple signing paperwork for a house

Real estate can be a good investment to diversify your portfolio, but it can also be a money pit. And don’t add to your real estate portfolio unless you can afford the additional costs.

Make sure you have enough money to pay at least 20% for a down payment and factor in any potential expenses like maintenance and repairs that could add up and hurt your bottom line if you’re not prepared for them.

Trying to do everything on their own

Lauren Kaylor/peopleimages.com/Adobe Looking at data

You may think the ultra-rich become ultra-rich on their own with their knowledge and investments.

But they’ve cultivated a strong network of other people who may be entrepreneurs or investors that they can work with as they all build their wealth together.

So work on creating a network you can trust and invest with. Perhaps you’re interested in a particular industry or a specific type of business. It may be a good idea to connect with others in that area and see how you can work together to increase your wealth.

Bottom line

Tetiana/Adobe Young business man

You don’t have to be ultra-wealthy to use the tools of those who are rich to save money and invest wisely.

You can take what the ultra-rich do and scale it down to make it work for you. Perhaps you can use it to retire early or save money for a specific goal.

Remember that no matter how much wealth you have or how little you start with, financial fundamentals are still important as you build your portfolio.


Robinhood Benefits

  • Buy and sell stocks 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with Robinhood's "24 Hour Market"
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