JPMorgan and 6 More Companies That Are Hiring in 2024, Defying the Layoffs Trend

JPMorgan and others are hiring away, while others are making serious cuts to their workforces.
Updated April 11, 2024
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Amid all the recent news about layoffs and downsizing, JPMorgan Chase & Co. has charted a different course. The largest bank in the United States is set to expand its workforce in 2024, defying the prevailing trend that has seen other financial giants shedding jobs. 

This unexpected move by JPMorgan indicates a positive outlook for the banking industry, showcasing opportunities in dealmaking, U.S. wealth management, and international retail banking. However, not all the news is promising, as Google and other major companies announce layoffs and complicate the labor situation.

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JPMorgan's plans to hire in 2024

President Daniel Pinto, in an interview with Bloomberg Television, expressed confidence in the bank's growth prospects, citing a profitable year and robust returns. Despite recent years marked by caution, JPMorgan sees ample opportunities for expansion, particularly in dealmaking and its payments division. 

This positive sentiment has led to a decision to increase the bank's staff, providing a stark contrast to many of its competitors who have adopted cost-cutting measures. With over 300,000 current employees, JPMorgan is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of job markets in 2024.

Other big companies hiring

While JPMorgan takes the lead in hiring, several other major companies are actively expanding their workforce. A recent Indeed analysis found the 15 companies that are hiring faster than everyone else. To be considered, an employer must have had at least 25 measured hires and be among the top 1,000 in total job postings. Notable among them are:

Signet Jewelers: Taking the #1 spot was Signet Jewelers, hiring at a rate 2.29 faster than others. You might not know the name, but you definitely know their portfolio. Signet boasts names like Kay Jewelers, Zales, Jard, Piercing Pagoda, and

Tesla: The electric vehicle pioneer is on a fast-track hiring spree, demonstrating a relative hire rate 1.68 times faster than other companies.

Mariano's: This grocery chain boasts a rapid hiring rate, standing at 2.06 times faster than its counterparts.

Cook Out Restaurants: With a relative hire rate of 1.91, Cook Out Restaurants is actively recruiting to meet its staffing needs.

Bath & Body Works: The renowned retailer exhibits a hiring rate 1.76 times faster, positioning itself as a significant player in the current job market.

Holiday Inn Express: The hotel giant is showing a hiring rate 1.79 times faster, and 15% of Indeed job seekers even claimed the process from interview to job offer was often only a week.

Not all good news as Google announces more layoffs

In contrast to the positive trends observed in certain sectors, Google has delivered a sobering announcement. The tech giant, led by CEO Sundar Pichai, has communicated further layoffs to its employees. Pichai attributes these job cuts to the need for simplification and increased execution velocity in specific areas. 

Google has already laid off 1,000 employees across various divisions since January 10th, and Pichai warns of more role eliminations to come. The recent cuts have mostly been within teams focusing on Nest smart thermostats, Fitbit watches, Pixel phones and Google Assistant.

Other companies that have had layoffs in 2024

While some companies are actively hiring, others continue to grapple with challenges, leading to layoffs. The year 2024 has witnessed several major layoffs across various industries. Some noteworthy instances include:

Citi Group: The banking giant plans to cut 20,000 jobs as part of a restructuring effort led by CEO Jane Fraser.

Unity Software: The gaming technology company is set to lay off about 1,800 employees, constituting 25% of its overall workforce.

Twitch: Amazon’s live streaming platform is downsizing by cutting 500 employees, amounting to 35% of its workforce.

Telefonica: The Spanish telecoms group plans to lay off up to 3,421 employees in Spain to reduce costs.

Spotify: The music streaming giant is cutting 17% of its entire workforce, around 1,500 employees. It cites high costs as one of the reasons, with 600 people set to be let go in January and another 200 in June.

General Motors: GM has filed a WARN notice signaling it plans to let go of 1,300 workers from two of its Michigan plants - Orion Assembly and Lansing Grand River Assembly.

Hasbro: Employees of the leading toy industry player were informed via email by CEO Chris Cocks that the company will be enforcing a global workforce reduction of 1,100 employees as the company undergoes an overhaul.

Xerox: The mainstay corporation behind office equipment will lay off 15% of its workforce, affecting some 3,000 people.

What to expect for the rest of the year

The contrasting trends of hiring and layoffs indicate a nuanced job market for the rest of 2024. JPMorgan's optimistic hiring plans suggest continued growth in specific sectors of the financial industry. On the other hand, Google's layoffs serve as a reminder of the uncertainties in the tech landscape. 

As companies strive to find the right balance between growth and efficiency, job seekers and employees should stay vigilant to industry-specific trends and focus on companies that are actively hiring.

Bottom line

In the ever-evolving job market of 2024, JPMorgan Chase & Co. stands out as a symbol of growth and opportunity. Its decision to increase staff defies the layoff trends observed in many other major companies. However, challenges persist, as exemplified by Google's ongoing layoffs. 

As we navigate through the uncertainties of the year, understanding the dynamics of hiring and layoffs becomes crucial for job seekers and industry observers alike. The remainder of 2024 promises to be dynamic, with companies adapting to the changing economic landscape, embracing growth opportunities, and addressing challenges head-on.

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