10 CosMc’s Will Open in 2024 (Is Your City Getting One?)

McDonald’s new CosMc’s concept is expanding. Will it come to you soon?

CosMc's driveway Bolingbrook illinois
Updated July 18, 2024
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Have you heard about CosMc’s? The out-of-this-world restaurant chain could be coming to a city near you soon.

CosMc’s is a new McDonald’s chain designed to reach a younger demographic by offering drinks and snacks at a speed similar to that of its fast-food parent restaurant.

Now, CosMc’s is expanding. Find out whether you will soon be able to stretch your fast food budget and try out a location near you.

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What is CosMc's?

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe CosMc's small format restaurant drive thru

CosMc’s is a spin-off of sorts of the typical McDonald’s locations that most Americans are familiar with.

The restaurants feature a retro-futuristic feel and smaller dining spaces that cater to more of an express feel for customers.

CosMc’s is for those who want to order items for pickup via drive-thru or walk-up options rather than wait for a whole meal or sit down to eat like at a typical fast-food restaurant.

Where did the first CosMc's open?

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe CosMc's small-format restaurant backside

Lucky customers were able to experience the first CosMc’s in Bolingbrook, Illinois, late last year. Customers waited in long lines at the drive-thru to test out the new concept. This location does not have a walk-up option.

The location may have been strategic, as it's in the suburbs of Chicago and not far from McDonald’s global headquarters in the Windy City.

Where are the new CosMc’s locations?

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe CosMc's small-format restaurant

McDonald’s plans to open a total of 10 new CosMc’s locations, with three spots already open.

Customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area already have multiple options to try the new CosMc’s concept.

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Joe Hendrickson/Adobe drive thru at CosMc's restaurant

The second location ever for CosMc’s — and the first to open in Texas — cropped up at 6033 Campbell Road. It features both drive-thru and walk-up options.

McDonald’s kept the location secret for months as it underwent construction and even made sure the store’s signage was hidden from prying eyes before it was ready to open.

Watauga, Texas

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe CosMc's small-format restaurant cashier windows

The CosMc’s in Watauga opened in early April to start serving customers.

The location includes both drive-thru and walk-up options for customers who can order ahead online or through the restaurant’s app so their food is ready when they arrive.

Arlington, Texas

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe vacant CosMc's drive thru

The Arlington location of CosMc’s took its cosmic concept seriously when it opened its doors on April 8 to coincide with the solar eclipse that traversed the U.S.

The location hosted a solar eclipse watch party for its debut that included free eclipse glasses and samples from the CosMc’s menu. It has only a walk-up option.

Where will the next CosMc’s locations open?

Mariia/Adobe woman holding Passion fruit lemonade

The company said it plans to open at least 10 CosMc’s in 2024. At least one more location will be in Texas.

McDonald’s hopes to add a spot in San Antonio along with the three locations that have already opened in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

What can you order at CosMc's?

Тихон Купревич/Adobe Woman receiving tea in Mcdrive

Don’t expect the Big Mac, Happy Meals, or combo deals at CosMc’s that you can find in a typical McDonald’s.

Instead, the restaurant relies more on various drinks and easy-to-eat foods to quickly satisfy customers who don’t want a heavy fast-food meal or typical fast-food options.

What kind of drinks can you get?

JCM/Adobe McDonald's hot drinks on table

The CosMc’s menu is heavy on drinks that are similar to what you would expect to find in other restaurants such as Sonic or Starbucks.

The menu includes blended coffee drinks, hot and cold flavored coffee, slushes, and other unique drinks.

You can try options such as a Blueberry Ginger Boost drink, Sour Cherry Energy Burst slush, S’mores Cold Brew, or Churro Frappé when you stop by your local CosMc’s.

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What food options are available at CosMc’s?

ltyuan/Adobe Egg McMuffin with McDonald Roast Coffee

CosMc’s has food options for all times of day, including a Creamy Avocado Tomatillo Sandwich with egg and your favorite Egg McMuffins for breakfast.

Other options during the day include pretzel bites, cookies, and even McPops that look like powdered donuts and are filled with flavors such as hazelnut spread and cookie butter.

What do customers like about CosMc’s?

topshots/Adobe little girl eating mcflurry

The reviews have been good for the most part from customers who have already had a chance to enjoy some CosMc’s offerings.

Reddit user cottenball called the Apple Cinnamon McBites an “absolute home run,” for example. Meanwhile, Reddit user AutumnCupcake said, “I think CosMc’s was fun.”

What don’t customers like about CosMc’s?

AndriiKoval/Adobe cars waiting at drive thru

One big issue that CosMc’s has faced so far is traffic. Some customers reported waiting in line for hours to get their first taste of the new concept.

For example, cars snaked through the parking lots of other local businesses in Bolingbrook due to demand for the new treats.

“I personally wouldn’t go back any time soon just because of how long it took, but it was a fun thing to try,” reported Reddit user all_hail_lucipurr.

Bottom line

Joe Hendrickson/Adobe CosMc's sign outside restaurant building

CosMc’s could be a great option if you want to save money by picking up smaller snacks and drinks instead of a typical McDonald’s meal.

You can also help boost your bank account by saving money with the restaurant chain’s mobile app that helps you earn points toward food and gets you a free treat for your birthday.

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