15 Food Recalls You Need To Know About — And How To Get Your Money Back

Check your pantry and fridge for recalls on these 15 items — and learn how to get your money back.

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Updated June 6, 2024
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Hearing that a company has issued a recall on one of your favorite kitchen staples is never pleasant, especially if you’ve consumed it recently.

Any kind of food can be recalled for several reasons, but it’s important you know why and how you can be compensated — you get a little extra cash in your wallet, and you keep your family safe.

Keep reading for a list of foods currently under recall and how to get your money back.

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Happy Farms Whipped Cream Cheese Spread

LimeSky/Adobe italian dessert tiramisu

If you’re an Aldi shopper, check your fridge to make sure you don’t have any cream cheese products from the retailer, as several were recalled in May due to potentially containing salmonella.

Happy Farms’ whipped cream cheese spreads with the UPC 4099100101881 and a sell-by date of August 30, August 31, September 1, September 3, and September 4 are all affected. If your product matches the description, take it back to Aldi for a full refund.

Happy Farms Chive & Onion Cream Cheese Spread

Esi/Adobe sour cream dip sauce adobe

Another affected Aldi cream cheese product is the chive and onion cream cheese spread.

Specifically, look for the UPC 4099100101751 and a sell-by date of either September 13 or September 22.

Happy Farms Cream Cheese Spread

Pixel-Shot/Adobe woman making tasty sandwich

The basic cream cheese spread was also on the Happy Farms recall from Aldi.

Check for the UPC 4099100101737, and take the product back to Aldi if the sell-by date is either September 1, September 8, or September 15.

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Happy Farms Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread

LimeSky/Adobe toasted bagel with strawberry adobe

Last on the list put out by Aldi is Happy Farms’ strawberry cream cheese spread.

Toss or return your product if you see the UPC code 4099100101744 paired with a sell-by date of September 8 or September 15.

Irvington Seafood Crabmeat: Jumbo, Lump, Finger, and Claw meat

Ilia Nesolenyi/Adobe blue swimmer crab meat

Alabama and Mississippi residents and business owners who purchased Irvington Seafood from retail seafood outlets or restaurant wholesalers recently should check their fridges.

The one-pound tub of “Crabmeat: Jumbo, Lump, Finger, and Claw meat” with the license number AL 111-C was recalled voluntarily by the company on May 17. They advise consumers to return the product to the store they purchased it at for a full refund do to possible Listeria contamination.

Pedigree Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food

279photo/Adobe dry dog food in bowl adobe

The popular pet food brand Pedigree voluntarily recalled a limited number of bags of Grilled Steak & Vegetable Flavor Dry Dog Food on May 17.

The company stated the 44-pound bag of food could potentially conatain loose metal pieces. The recall is for 315 bags, only sold at Walmart locations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas with a best-by date of March 4, 2025, and a lot code of 410B2TXT02. It’s advised to contact the parent company, Mars, if you think your bag is affected to get a refund.

Great Value Chia Seeds

Rene Grycner/Adobe spoonfuls of chia seeds

Check your pantry for organic black chia seeds from the Walmart brand Great Value, as some batches were voluntarily recalled for potentially containing salmonella.

The chia seeds recalled were in the 32-ounce size, with an expiration date of October 30, 2026, a lot code of 24095 C018, and a UPC of 078742300665. Those affected should contact Natural Sourcing International for a replacement.

World Green Nutrition, Inc. Herbal Supplements

Roza/Adobe jar with dietary supplements

At the beginning of April, World Green Nutrition, Inc. issued a recall on Elv Control Herbal Supplements and Mexican Tejocote Root Supplement Pieces for containing yellow oleander — a poisonous plant with severe, if not fatal, side effects.

On May 21, they expanded their recall to include additional lot numbers. Consumers are advised to swap out their products for another from the company at the place of purchase. Check the FDA website for a list of lot numbers of the affected products.

Aldi Deli Macaroni Salad

motionshooter/Adobe macaroni potato salad

Reser’s Fine Foods issued a recall on a single batch of macaroni salad sold at Aldi locations throughout the northeast, southeast, and Gulf Coast because the label did not include a wheat allergen warning.

This was only for packages with a sell-by date of June 3, 2024. They will issue customers a full refund if they have an impacted product.

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Pop a Nosh Mix Munch Regular and Honey BBQ snacks

anaumenko/Adobe Snacks

AMB Food Inc. recalled Pop a Nosh Mix Munch Regular and Honey BBQ snacks on May 23 for not including a wheat allergen label as well, despite containing pretzels. The products were sold primarily at supermarkets in Brooklyn.

Look for the UPC 914669941 or 914669940 for regular and honey BBQ flavors, respectively, and return the product for a refund at the place of purchase.

S&S Cup Saimin

Freelanceman/Adobe instant noodles in cup

Noodle and ramen brand Sun Noodle announced a recall of their product S&S; Cup Saimin on May 16 due to not having a properly labeled egg allergen.

The product was distributed to parts of California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. Several expiration dates and lot codes are included, and the company advises those affected to return the item for a refund to the place of purchase.

United Supermarkets chocolate caramel corn and candy tray

Jenifoto/Adobe halloween candy platter

The grocery chain United Supermarkets issued a recall on two confection products on May 17 — chocolate caramel corn and their candy tray.

Products were sold at Albertsons Market, Amigos, Market Street, and United supermarkets throughout New Mexico and Texas. Lot codes 20942400000 and 20647600000 may potentially contain salmonella. Consumers with impacted products can return them to the store for a refund.

County Road Seafood crab cakes

Maelgoa/Adobe succulent crab cakes

North Carolina brand County Road Seafood recalled their two-pack crab cakes on May 21 for not declaring an egg allergen. The products were sold in North Carolina and South Carolina

Since there wasn’t a UPC or lot code, the brand advises those with egg allergies to throw away the product. There is no information on refunds.

Healthwest Minerals goat milk formula recipe kit

magdal3na/Adobe goat milk

On May 10, the FDA advised Healthwest Minerals to recall several lots of their goat milk formula recipe kit for not meeting nutrition requirements for infant formula, as well as insufficient storage instructions. The product, sold from 05/01/23 to 05/01/24, was only available through the Mt. Capra website and one retail store in Chehalis, Washington.

Those who use the product are advised to stop and return the formula or throw it out.

Chuao Chocolatier Potato Chip Mini Bar

topntp/Adobe potato chip with chocolate

Chuao Chocolatier announced a recall of its Potato Chip Mini Bar on May 3 for not declaring the presence of hazelnuts.

The product was sold nationwide, but only lot code 4022, with a UPC of 872629006615 and a best-by date of February 22, 2025, is affected by the recall. Affected customers are advised to dispose of the product, though there isn’t any information on refunds.

Bottom line

billtster/Adobe raos simmered soups

Whether it’s an unreported allergy, harmful substance, or the potential presence of a foodborne illness, keep an eye on food recalls reported by the FDA to stay safe and healthy.

If you do come across a contaminated or affected item, now or in the future, follow all recommended safety protocols and refund advice to get a little extra money on the side.

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