11 Kirkland Clothing Items That Are Legit Knock-Offs of Pricey Brands

Uncover these Kirkland Signature fashion treasures that redefine budget-friendly chic.
Updated Dec. 5, 2023
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Kirkland Signature is a great way to take advantage of name-brand-like products for a fraction of the cost at Costco.

You might find Kirkland Signature laundry detergent, frozen foods, alcohol, and other products as good as the more expensive name brands.

That’s also true for some of Kirkland Signature’s clothing. Check out these apparel products that help you keep more money in your wallet compared to more expensive name brands.

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Kirkland Signature Ladies' Lightweight Jogger

FIROZA STUDIO/Adobe woman sweatpants sport

Leisurewear has become a big business for the fashion industry, with some casual clothing costing big bucks. Buying these at the warehouse retailer is one of many Costco hacks to pay attention to. 

Fortunately, you can grab a pair of Kirkland Signature Ladies' Lightweight Joggers for $14.99 at Costco. Compare this to Vuori’s performance joggers at $94 a pair.

You may not notice the difference between the two when it comes to comfy casual, but you might see the difference when your credit card bill shows up.

Kirkland Signature Men’s Jeans

opolja/Adobe young man in jeans skirt

Jeans are always in fashion, and you can grab a pair of Kirkland Signature Men’s Jeans for $13.99 in various sizes. Alternatively, you could grab a pair of Levi’s classic 501 men’s jeans, which will set you back $79.50.

Kirkland Signature Ladies' High-Rise Skinny Jean

Pixel-Shot/Adobe stylish jeans and heeled shoes

High-rise jeans are becoming popular again, which is good if you can find a pair at an affordable price.

Get a pair of blue Kirkland Signature Ladies' High-Rise Skinny Jeans for $12.97 at your local Costco or on Costco’s website. Compare that to Good American High Rise Skinny Jeans with a high price of $129 at Nordstrom.

Kirkland Signature Unisex Logo Slide Sandal

Tronngguyen/Adobe toddler non slip foam slippers

Costco has its version of slide sandals emblazoned with its Kirkland Signature logo for $12.97 to show off your love for the brand.

The slides come in sizes for kids, women, and men if you want slides for the whole family. Nike also offers slide sandals with its logo in various colors as part of its Nike Victori One line for $35.

Kirkland Signature Men's Shearling Scuff Slippers

Apismellifera/Adobe leather slippers on home background

You’ll want a pair of warm slippers as the nights get colder, so grab a pair of Kirkland Signature Men's Shearling Scuff Slippers for $19.99 in men’s sizes 8 to 13.

Want to go with a name brand instead? You can pick up a pair of Ugg Classic Slip-On slippers, but it will cost you $100 for a pair.

Kirkland Signature Men’s Performance Pants

Alexandr Bognat/Adobe blank black man pants mockup

Returning to the office after working from home may mean updating your closet.

Check out a pair of Kirkland Signature Men’s Performance Pants for $21.99 from Costco to add to the staples in your wardrobe.

That price is lower than some name brands for a similar style. Perry Ellis, for example, also has a pair of performance dress pants, but at around $125.

Kirkland Signature Men's Reversible Leather Belt

Seralex/Adobe black belt for men

Every pair of suit pants looks better with a belt, so grab one from Costco for $24.99. You can check your local Costco for the Kirkland Signature Men's Reversible Leather Belt or order it on Costco’s website.

If you want to go for a name brand, Hugo Boss also has an Italian leather belt, but it will cost you $80 for one that’s not reversible.

Kirkland Signature Men’s Hooded Fleece Jacket

Zvkate/Adobe man dressing black sport clothes

Autumn is the perfect time to pick up a light fleece jacket, and you can get one from Costco for $27.99. The Kirkland Signature Men’s Hooded Fleece Jacket comes in blue or black, depending on your preference.

A brand name option is the L.L. Bean Men's Mountain Classic Fleece Hoodie, which comes in six colors. But expect to pay $79 for the fancy label.

Kirkland Signature Men's White Comfort Sportshirt

igolaizola/Adobe smiling and looking at camera

A nice dress shirt is always good to have in your closet, and Costco has you covered with its Kirkland Signature Men's White Comfort Sportshirt for $24.99.

You could also get a similar shirt from Banana Republic, but it will likely cost you around $90 for a similar shirt.

Kirkland Signature Ladies' Brushed Bike Short

Дмитро Гай/Adobe american cyclist in sunglasses

You may want bike shorts for biking or simply to wear when dropping the kids off at school or walking.

Grab a pair of Kirkland Signature Ladies' Brushed Bike Shorts with a cargo pocket for $14.99 at Costco. You can choose from three different colors and a variety of sizes.

You can also check out Athleta, which also has biker shorts with a cargo pocket. The Athleta Salutation Stash Cargo 9-Inch Shorts cost $79 in either black or olive.

Kirkland Signature Youth Logo Joggers

Leyla/Adobe black and white sweat pants

Even kids can get in on Costco fashion. Grab a pair of Kirkland Signature Youth Logo Joggers for kids for $16.99 in a variety of sizes to fit your growing youth.

But be ready to shell out more cash if you’re kids are into name brands. The Adidas 3-Stripes Pants, for example, will cost you $42 a pair emblazoned with the brand’s logo.

Remember that growing kids will likely have to get multiple pairs as they grow out of the old ones, so you could need replacement pairs on a somewhat regular basis.

Bottom line

Tada Images/Adobe big box retail store

Costco is a great place to save on any number of items, including clothing, and you can get quality pieces for less than the name-brand versions.

Research before you buy to see who offers the best price. You should also compare costs for several items to see if a Costco membership is worth it compared to the benefits.

You should also remember to take a credit card that helps you earn cash back to help you save more when you shop.

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