TD Bank Credit Cards: Latest Offers & Reviews [May 2024]

TD Bank offers both business and consumer credit cards. Here’s how to choose the right one for your wallet.
Updated April 22, 2024
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TD Bank has a few different credit cards, and they can let you earn valuable rewards. But you have to live in the right place to be eligible to apply. These credit cards are available to residents of many eastern states in the U.S. but West Coasters are out of luck. 

Here’s what you need to know about the many TD Bank credit cards that are available to help you find the best credit card for your needs.

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Latest TD Bank personal card offers

Quick & Hassle-Free Cash Back

TD Cash Credit Card

TD Cash Credit Card

Current Offer

Earn $200 Cash Back when you spend $500 within 90 days after account opening

Annual Fee


Rewards Rate

3% Cash Back on your choice of spend category; 2% Cash Back in your second choice of spend category; and 1% on all other purchases

Benefits and Drawbacks
Card Details

For People Who Travel and Eat Out Frequently

TD First Class℠ Visa Signature® Credit Card

TD First Class℠ Visa Signature® Credit Card

Current Offer

Earn 25,000 bonus miles for spending $3,000 within the first 6 billing cycles

Annual Fee

$89 (waived first year)

Rewards Rate

Earn 3X First Class Miles on travel and dining purchases, and 1X on all other purchases

Benefits and Drawbacks
Card Details

TD FlexPay Credit Card

TD FlexPay Credit Card

Current Offer

Get a 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for the first 18 billing cycles after account opening

Annual Fee


Benefits and Drawbacks
Card Details

Latest TD Bank business card offers

A Simple-to-Use Business Card

TD Business Solutions Credit Card

TD Business Solutions Credit Card

Current Offer

Earn 5% cash back on eligible purchases for your first 6 months, or on your first $10,000 spent (whichever comes first). Plus, earn $250 cash back as a statement credit when you spend $1,500 in the first 90 days

Annual Fee


Rewards Rate

2% Cash Back on all eligible purchases

Benefits and Drawbacks
Card Details

What is TD Bank?

TD Bank’s history started more than 150 years ago. It first opened in 1852 in Portland, Maine, as Portland Savings Bank. After continued growth over the years, and several acquisitions and mergers, the financial institution became TD Bank in 2008, as it’s known today. TD Bank is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada, and a part of the TD Bank Group.

TD Bank currently operates as one of the top 10 biggest U.S. banks, serving more than nine million customers across the following areas:

  • Northeast
  • Mid-Atlantic
  • Metro D.C.
  • The Carolinas
  • Florida

TD Bank offers personal, retail, and business banking services to its customers. It also provides wealth management services, through TD Wealth, and automobile lending services. TD Bank currently operates about 1,250 bank locations for great accessibility and convenience.

What are the different types of TD Bank credit cards?

TD Bank offers personal and business credit cards. Within these segments, it offers many credit card options to choose from, so TD Bank customers can find the credit card products that suit their needs best.

TD Bank personal credit cards

Consumer TD Bank credit cards come in various forms — whether you’re looking for a cash back card, travel card, secured card, or a card without an annual fee. Here’s what to know.

TD Bank cash back cards

Cash back cards let cardholders earn cash rewards on purchases made with their TD Bank cash back card. When you make an eligible purchase on the card, you’ll earn a percentage of cash back, based on the purchase amount.

Rewards may be redeemed as a statement credit or a direct deposit into a checking or savings account. They can also be redeemed for non-cash items, like travel, gift cards, or merchandise. When looking for the best cash back credit cards, you’ll want to be aware of rewards earning caps and redemption minimums.

TD Bank offers these cash back credit cards:

TD Bank travel cards

The best travel credit cards offer rewards miles or points for eligible purchases. Some travel cards offer tiered rewards bonus categories that help customers earn a higher rewards rate on specific types of purchases, like flights, hotels, car rentals, and dining out. Many also let you earn a sign-up bonus if you spend a certain amount within a few months of account opening.

The rewards earned with this kind of credit card can typically be redeemed for travel-specific purchases, like future flights and hotels, or as merchandise, gift cards, and more. Another big advantage of travel rewards credit cards is that they may offer lucrative travel benefits that cardholders might not get with a conventional credit card.

TD Bank offers these travel credit cards:

TD Bank secured credit cards

Secured credit cards are a helpful tool to build or rebuild credit while also having the convenience of a card-based payment method. To open a secured card, cardholders provide the issuer with a deposit. This deposit is used as collateral for the account, and the deposit amount establishes the account's card limit.

Some secured cards, like the one offered by TD Bank, also offer the benefit of earning cashback rewards. With responsible use, TD Bank’s secured card also offers the opportunity to graduate to an unsecured card. Cardholders who use their secured card regularly, make on-time payments for seven billing consecutive cycles, and ensure their account is in good standing may be eligible for an unsecured card. In these situations, the collateral deposit is returned after graduating to the new card.

TD Bank offers these secured credit cards:

  • TD Cash Secured Credit Card

No-annual-fee TD Bank cards

A no-annual-fee card is a wise option to avoid spending money for the privilege of carrying a card. The best no-annual-fee credit cards, however, also offer useful perks in the form of a rewards program — whether as cashback rewards or as travel rewards.

Instead of budgeting funds toward an annual fee, cardholders can direct their cash flow toward other financial priorities instead.

TD Bank offers these no-annual-fee cards:

Note that the TD Clear Visa Platinum Credit Cards come with $0 annual fees. Instead pay a $10 Monthly Membership Fee ($120 annualized) with a $1,000 credit limit or a $20 Monthly Membership Fee ($240 annualized) with a $2,000 credit limit.

TD Bank business credit cards

TD Bank business customers also have access to valuable small business credit card options. A business credit card is specifically tailored to the needs of small businesses.

There are many benefits to applying for the best business credit cards. Some of the biggest benefits include keeping company and personal expenses separate, earning rewards on business transactions, easier access to cash flow, and building the business’s credit history.

TD Bank offers these business cards:

How do TD Bank rewards work?

TD Bank offers different types of credit cards that earn cash back (in the form of points) or miles on eligible purchases. You can typically redeem rewards in your TD online banking account for:

  • Cash back
  • Gift cards
  • Merchandise
  • Travel

Any points or miles you earn are generally worth at least one cent each if redeemed for cash back, gift cards, or travel. This means 10,000 points or miles would be worth at least $100 toward those redemptions. Other redemption options, such as merchandise, could be worth more or less than one cent each.

Note that your points and miles don’t expire as long as your card account is open and in good standing. And there’s no limit to the number of points or miles you can earn.

But keep in mind that not all purchases are eligible to earn rewards, including these types of transactions:

  • Balance transfers and balance transfer fees
  • Cash advances
  • Money orders
  • Lottery tickets
  • Gambling chips
  • Wire transfers
  • Reloading of prepaid cards
  • Purchases of cash equivalents
  • Other fees
  • Interest charges
  • Account refunds
  • Rebates

How does TD Bank compare to other credit card companies?

TD Bank vs. Bank of America

Bank of America, like TD Bank, is one of the largest banks in the U.S. However, on the Federal Reserve’s list of large commercial banks in the U.S., Bank of America ranks second while TD Bank is eighth on the list. In addition to serving U.S. customers, Bank of America provides banking, investment, and business solutions, internationally in more than 35 countries.

TD Bank credit cards operate on the Visa network. Bank of America credit cards, on the other hand, may be either Visa or Mastercard products. Bank of America also partners with other companies on co-branded cards.

TD Bank vs. Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the third-largest commercial bank in the country. According to Wells Fargo, it serves more than 70 million customers across 7,300 locations. In comparison, TD Bank has about 1,250 branches that are stated to serve nine million customers.

Like TD Bank, Wells Fargo develops consumer and business banking products, which include credit cards. Wells Fargo offers self-branded credit cards, through both the Visa and American Express payment networks. Some Wells Fargo credit cards offer similar features that TD Bank credit cards tout, like intro APR promotions for new credit card account holders.

TD Bank vs. Chase

Chase is the number-one largest commercial bank in the U.S. According to Chase, it has nearly 5,000 branches that serve 62 million households and more than four million small businesses.

Chase credit cards are available in a range of options, from cash back cards to travel rewards cards. Although it offers credit card options with no annual fee, like TD Bank, Chase is highly regarded for its Sapphire Reserve and Sapphire Preferred credit cards, which offer valuable rewards and flexible redemption options.

Which TD Bank credit card should you choose?

The best TD Bank credit card for you depends on your financial goals, your needs, and even your lifestyle. When shopping for a card, ask yourself how you plan on using the card. You might decide to use the card for everyday purchases, only for specific purchase categories that earn the highest rewards, or for an upcoming large purchase.

Next, decide what card features matter most to you and directly impact your reason for getting a new TD Bank credit card. For example, you might prioritize a card with a 0% introductory APR if you plan on transferring an existing balance, or you might prioritize valuable travel rewards if you’ll use the card primarily for flights and hotel bookings.

If you’re looking for an everyday credit card, examine your monthly spending habits to see what kind of purchases you generally make. Some rewards cards might offer bonus rewards on restaurant purchases, for instance.

Once you’ve narrowed down your search, read through the terms and conditions — including APRs and interest rates, annual fees, monthly fees (monthly payments), late payments or late fees, welcome bonuses, and other card benefits — to make a final decision.

Is it hard to get a credit card with TD Bank?

Yes, it can be, depending on your credit score and which card you’re applying for. For example, you typically need a good or excellent credit score to qualify for the TD Cash Credit Card. That’s at least a 670 on the FICO scoring model.

And for the TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card, you often need at least an excellent credit score. That’s at least an 800 credit score on the FICO scoring model.

But TD Bank also provides a selection of store credit cards and a secured credit card. These types of cards typically have less strict credit score requirements. This is shown with the TD Cash Secured Credit Card, which you might qualify for with a poor credit score or little to no credit history.

What is the minimum credit score needed for a TD Bank card?

The lowest possible credit score requirement for a TD Bank credit card is likely for the TD Cash Secured Credit Card, which typically requires a poor credit score or possibly no credit history at all to qualify.

Secured credit cards often come with a security deposit requirement. This means you put down a certain amount of money and that deposit becomes your card’s credit limit.

You can put down a security deposit between $300 to $5,000 with the TD Cash Secured Credit Card. Using your credit card and keeping your account in good standing can help you graduate to an unsecured credit card or a card that has its own credit limit without a security deposit.

The funds from your initial security deposit are made available to you if you graduate to an unsecured credit card.

FAQs about TD Bank credit cards

Does TD Bank offer good credit cards?

Many TD Bank credit cards are advantageous, because they charge no annual fee or a low annual fee. These cards are convenient to use and let you earn rewards on purchases you’d otherwise already make.

Is it hard to get a credit card from TD Bank?

Getting approved for a TD Bank credit card depends on your personal application. Generally, factors like your credit score, overall creditworthiness, and income can determine whether your credit card application is approved.

How do you apply for a credit card from TD Bank?

You can submit an application for a TD Bank credit card in person, or you can apply online on the TD Bank website at any time. You can also visit a TD Bank branch location, or call 1-888-561-0608 to speak to a representative.

What is the best TD Bank credit card?

The best TD Bank credit card is the one that meets your intended purposes. Here’s a brief overview of which TD Bank credit cards are best for certain situations:

  • Best for cash back: TD Cash Credit Card
  • Best balance transfer offer: TD FlexPay Credit Card
  • Best for earning travel rewards: TD First Class℠ Visa Signature® Credit Card
  • Best for building credit: TD Cash Secured Credit Card
  • Best for small businesses: TD Business Solutions Credit Card
  • Best for no foreign transaction fees: TD First Class℠ Visa Signature® Credit Card
  • Best for cell phone protection: Any TD Bank Visa credit card with Visa Signature benefits, such as the TD First Class℠ Visa Signature® Credit Card

Which stores use TD for credit?

The main stores that use TD Bank for their credit cards are Target and Nordstrom. This includes the Target Mastercard and Nordstrom credit card.

The Target Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard credit cards are accepted and isn’t the same as the Target credit card, which can only be used at Target stores or

Bottom line on the best TD Bank credit card for your wallet

Touting itself as “America’s Most Convenient Bank”, TD Bank is a reliable financial institution with a long history behind it. The card issuer offers credit card solutions for individual consumers and growing businesses that are looking for accessible service, convenience, and rewards benefits.

If you’re thinking of applying for a new card, look into one of the many credit card offers provided by TD Bank, N.A. Consider why you’d like to open a new card — it could be to earn cash back or to earn travel rewards. Then compare different credit card reviews and look at your existing spending habits to find a card that’s right for you.

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