7 Cars the Most Attractive People Drive

2,000 men and women were surveyed to determine what type of vehicle makes you the most attractive. Is your car on the list?

Updated May 13, 2024
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Planning to purchase a new or used car in the near future? Did you know that the type of vehicle you drive may determine how attractive other people find you? 

I know that may sound a bit strange, but according to a new survey of 2,000 men and women by Insure.com, women think that attractive men tend to drive black Ford pickup trucks. The men who were surveyed thought that attractive women drive red BMW sports cars.

As a surprise to probably no one, men also expressed that women who drove minivans - especially green ones - were the least attractive. Women answered that the least attractive men tend to drive mail trucks.

I was interested in reading more about this study (which asked what type, brand, and color of vehicles were driven by the most attractive people) and was surprised by some of their choices. Let's take a deeper look into what they said, and find out what car you should by next to attract that special someone!

For Men: Pickup trucks

According to the study, 32% of women think the most attractive men drive pickup trucks. And with Ford ranking as the most attractive maker for males, the all-new F-150 would be a good pick for men on the market.

Ford probably had some insight into this since their tag line for the new Ford F-150 is 'tougher, smarter and more capable.' According to Amy Danise, editorial director of Insure.com, it would coincidentally make a great Match.com profile.

For Men: SUVs 

Another popular choice? SUVs. 

16% of women said that the most attractive men drive SUVs, as well. The women who were surveyed ranked Chevrolet and Porsche SUVs to be among the best when it comes to good looks.

For Men: Sports cars

Sports cars came in second after pickup trucks, with 27% of women ranking them as the cars that attractive men most often drive. If you're torn on color, go with black, silver or red—they were named the colors most frequently driven by good-looking men.

For Women: Sports cars

39% of men said they picture attractive women behind the wheel of a sports car. I want to say I'm surprised by that, but I'm really not. 

Based on the survey results, the most recommended car for single women is a red BMW Z4. Why? Well, being a two-seater means she probably doesn't have kids and the fact that it's expensive means she may not be that heavily into commitment because she's got a lot going on in her own life.

For me, I'm sure not everyone feels this way, but it's still an interesting survey. Have you ever thought about these things before?

For Women: Sedans

Sedans ranked second on the attractiveness scale for women, with 22% of male respondents saying they thought sedans were a popular choice for attractive women. As far as which one, Mercedes-Benz took home the prize as the most popular maker for attractive women. Considering it's a C-Class, I'm not surprised. 

For Women: SUVs

Just as women thought that attractive men drove SUVs, the feelings are mutual on the flipside. According to the survey, 20% of men said SUVs were driven by beautiful women. As for what type, men said the Porsche Cayenne was their top choice.

Wondering if these findings are actually true?

According to Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of Chicago-based Cars.com, these findings are very accurate.

He says that a "black pickup truck is a reflection of a masculine owner" and sells like hotcakes. 

California-based Edmunds.com, automotive editor, Mike Magrath, and senior analyst, Jessica Caldwell, also view the survey results as plausible. "It makes sense,” says Caldwell. “It brings forth the image of the rugged tough guy.” But Caldwell was also quick to add her own personal preferences. “Some women like men who a bit more cosmopolitan, and they tend to drive vehicles like a Range Rover or Tesla Model S."  


When both men and women were asked about the most important aspects of a car belonging to attractive people, this is what they said:

1. It has to be clean. (Women: 45%. Men: 43%.)

2. It has to be reliable. (Women: 37%. Men: 29%.)

Less important were:

3. It has to be interesting. (Women: 7%. Men: 12%.)

4. It has to be new or new-ish. (Women: 6%. Men: 9%.)

5. It has to be expensive. (Women: 4%. Men: 6%.) 

I must say, even after reading this, my personal favorite still is and always will be a Sedan Cabriolet. No matter if it makes me seem more attractive to men or not, I love the feeling of wind blowing through my hair on a summer evening drive. 

Do you agree with the results of this survey? Tell me in the comments!

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