Capital One Transfer Partners: All Your Questions, Answered

There are more than a dozen Capital One transfer partners — here’s how to decide if you should transfer your miles.
Last updated Oct 20, 2021 | By Miranda Marquit
Capital One transfer partners

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Some of the most popular credit cards out there are from Capital One. In addition to offering cashback cards, Capital One also offers some of the best travel credit cards that can earn you miles.

Redeeming your Capital One miles provides you with a number of options, from using miles to “erase” previous travel purchases or redeeming them for a statement credit. However, it’s also possible to transfer your miles to more than 15 different transfer programs, allowing you to use those miles to directly book travel with certain airlines and hotels.

Just as you can transfer American Express rewards and find Chase rewards transfer partners, it’s possible to transfer your Capital One rewards. Here’s what you need to know about Capital One credit cards and their transfer partners.

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4 credit cards that allow you to transfer Capital One miles

If you want to take advantage of Capital One transfer partners, you need to be earning miles with cards that specialize in travel rewards. The cards that offer you the chance to transfer your miles include:

  • Capital One Venture Rewards: This personal card allows you to earn 2X miles on every purchase, every day. You can redeem for travel rewards, including transferring miles to airline partners.
  • Capital One VentureOne Rewards: It’s also possible to transfer miles from the VentureOne card. You earn 1.25X miles on every purchase, every day with this card. Even better, there's a $0 annual fee.
  • Capital One Spark Miles for Business: If you have this business card, you can earn 5X miles on rental cars and hotels booked through Capital One Travel, and 2X miles on every purchase, every day. Again, you can transfer those miles to partner airline loyalty programs.
  • Capital One Spark Miles Select for Business: This is a business card that offers up to 5X miles and comes with a $0 annual fee.

No matter your needs, there’s a Capital One card that will allow you to earn miles and transfer your rewards directly to a partner program.

Capital One transfer partners

Capital One's transferable points program includes hotel partners in addition to airline partners. Expanding rewards programs is always good news, but transferring your miles is only really useful if your preferred airlines and hotels are eligible.

Capital One airline transfer partners

There are over a dozen airline transfer partners available to eligible Capital One cardholders. The minimum transfer for all partners is 1,000 miles, but the ratio at which you can transfer your miles varies depending on the airline.

Airline Airline Alliance Min. Transfer Transfer Ratio
AeroMexico SkyTeam 1,000 1:1
Air Canada Star Alliance 1,000 1:1
Air France SkyTeam 1,000 1:1
Avianca Star Alliance 1,000 1:1
British Airways Oneworld 1,000 1:1
Cathay Pacific Oneworld 1,000 1:1
Emirates N/A 1,000 1:1
Etihad Airways N/A 1,000 1:1
EVA Air Star Alliance 1,000 2:1.5
Finnair Oneworld 1,000 1:1
Qantas Oneworld 1,000 1:1
Singapore Airlines Star Alliance 1,000 1:1
TAP Air Portugal Star Alliance 1,000 1:1
Turkish Airlines Star Alliance 1,000 1:1

Capital One hotel transfer partners

As part of its recent enhancements to its transferable points program, Capital One added its first two hotel transfer partners to the program: Accor Live Limitless (ALL) and Wyndham Rewards. Both require a minimum transfer of 1,000 miles but the transfer ratio of each differs.

Hotel Min. Transfer Transfer Ratio
Accor 1,000 2:1
Wyndham 1,000 1:1

In general, you can expect to receive 1 mile for every 1 mile you transfer to a Capital One partner. The only exceptions are Accor and EVA Air, which offer a lower transfer rate. With these two partners, you get either a 2 to 1 transfer ratio or a 2 to 1.5 ratio.

Each partner has its own policies, though, so you might be subject to limitations based on availability, timing, and other factors. Once you transfer your Capital One miles to a partner, you have to follow the rules of those individual programs when you use your miles to book award travel.

In addition, there are occasionally bonus opportunities where airlines will offer extra miles for a limited time so it’s always a good idea to investigate any limited time offers that might be available before making a transfer so you don’t miss a good opportunity.

Also, be aware of how long it might take to transfer your miles from Capital One to the partner program. For example, you might be able to see an almost instant transfer from Capital One to Air Canada, allowing you to transfer your miles and then book a flight almost immediately. However, your points might take up to 36 hours to appear in your Singapore Airlines account.

Check the fine print carefully before you transfer your miles to an airline program to make sure you understand the rules and you know what you’re getting.

How to get the best value from Capital One transfer partners

It can be difficult to determine if you’re getting the best value when you use Capital One transfer partners. For airline transfers, this is because the value of an award ticket depends on the airline’s policies, as well as your destination, seat class, and origin points. For hotels, it’s because it also depends on the hotel’s policies, as well as your destination and travel dates. It’s common for the value of credit card rewards to fluctuate depending on how you redeem them.

When you redeem miles through Capital One, you have flexibility. For example, you can “erase” a travel purchase that you’ve already made, and you don’t have to worry about blackout dates and other restrictions that airline or hotel programs might put on redeeming award travel.

Plus, if you use your Capital One card to make your airline or hotel purchase, you get miles for making the purchase with your credit card, you earn points or miles with the airline for flying or staying with them, and you can later “erase” the charge by redeeming through Capital One. Depending on the type of travel you’re doing, it might make more sense to go this route.

On the other hand, if you want to use your reward miles for a premium seat class or a more expensive flight, you might be better off taking advantage of the airline’s rewards program. You can transfer your Capital One miles over directly, and then see if you can get a better deal redeeming for reward travel through the airline program.

Many airlines allow you to see fares in miles as well as dollars, so you can use that to calculate whether you’re getting a good value. Run the scenario before you transfer your Capital One miles to a partner.

How to transfer Capital One rewards to a partner

Capital One makes it easy to redeem your miles, including transferring them to partner airlines and hotels. The steps are fairly simple:

  1. Log into your Capital One account
  2. Click on your rewards balance
  3. Choose the type of rewards you’d like to redeem for (in this case, a transfer)
  4. Select the partner you want to transfer your miles to
  5. Enter your frequent flyer number or membership number
  6. Confirm the transfer

Capital One makes it easy and intuitive to redeem all of its rewards and guides you step-by-step as you transfer your miles. Understand, though, that once you transfer those miles to a partner, you can’t move them back to Capital One. It’s essential that you be sure that you want to redeem your miles this way before you move forward.

Additionally, when you transfer miles to a Capital One partner, you may need to pay fuel surcharges, taxes, and other fees that come with booking rewards travel. You might need to pay a little cash out-of-pocket, depending on the rules of the airlines or hotels and the country in which it operates.


Can I transfer my Capital One miles to someone else?

Yes, Capital One allows you to transfer your miles to other eligible Capital One rewards accounts.

Can I transfer Capital One miles to hotels?

Yes, Capital One has two hotel transfer programs you can transfer your miles to. Accor and Wyndham were both added to Capital One’s transferable points program on Feb., 3, 2020. Alternatively, it’s possible to use Capital One miles to “erase” a hotel purchase from your statement with eligible cards. You could also book a hotel directly through Capital One and use your miles to pay.

How long do Capital One miles take to transfer?

It depends on the Capital One transfer partners. With some airlines, the transfer takes place immediately, while it might take up to three business days with other partners. Check the fine print before you initiate the transfer.

What’s the benefit of using transfer partners over earning points and miles directly for the airline I want?

The main benefit of using Capital One transfer partners is that you can earn miles faster. By earning miles with a credit card, every purchase you make can rack up miles. To earn miles directly with the airline, only ticket costs and other select purchases count.

Flexibility is another perk of transfer partners. By earning credit card miles and then transferring them, you have more choice in how and where you use your rewards. If your miles are tied to one specific airline, however, your options are more limited.

Bottom line

Capital One offers a great deal of flexibility when it comes to redeeming miles for rewards. The ability to use your miles for a variety of purchases and even a statement credit can make them very attractive. Additionally, it’s possible to transfer your miles to airline and hotel partners. However, it’s important to carefully consider this option before you move forward in order to determine if that’s the best use of your rewards.

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