The Cost of a Pint of Guinness in Every State [2024]

FinanceBuzz looked up Guinness prices in every state to find where bargoers can expect to pay the most and least for a pint.

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Updated May 13, 2024
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Guinness is one of the most valuable beer brands on Earth. On St. Patrick’s Day alone, millions of pints are consumed globally, including in bars and Irish pubs across the United States.

But where will that creamy dark pint cost the most and least in the U.S. this year? To find that out, the FinanceBuzz team determined the average cost for a pint at bars and pubs in every state. We found which states fans of the Irish beer can expect to pay the most and least for their favorite brew.

In these Guinness findings

Key findings

  • The average price for a pint of Guinness around the country is $7.13. That’s slightly higher than it was in 2023 ($6.96).
  • At $8.69, a pint of Guinness costs the most in Nevada. Five other states have prices of $8.00 or more: Washington ($8.45), California ($8.40), the District of Columbia ($8.40), Massachusetts ($8.20), and Florida ($8.19).
  • A Guinness pint is most affordable in West Virginia, costing just $5.65 on average. West Virginia is the only state where a Guinness pint costs less than $6 on average.

The average cost for a pint of Guinness in every state

A map of the U.S. showing the average cost for a pint of Guinness in every state.

After collecting data from over 250 pubs and bars across the country on how much they charge for Guinness, we determined the average cost for a pint in the U.S. is $7.13.

States where a pint of Guinness is most expensive



Average cost for a pint







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New Jersey


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On the high side, we found that Nevada charges the most for a pint. Its average price of $8.69 beats out every other state in the country. Another western state, Washington, has the second-highest average price for a Guinness at $8.45.

Four other states have average costs over $8.00: California ($8.40), the District of Columbia ($8.40), Massachusetts ($8.20), and Florida ($8.19).

Among states where Guinness costs top $8 on average, we see an interesting split. Half of those states — Nevada, Washington, and California — are located in the western region of the country while the other half — DC, Massachusetts, and Florida — are all on the East Coast.

States where a pint of Guinness is least expensive

Rank State Average cost for a pint
1 West Virginia $5.65
2 Indiana $6.20
3 (tie) Alabama $6.30
3 (tie) Michigan $6.30
3 (tie) South Dakota $6.30
3 (tie) Vermont $6.30
7 Idaho $6.35
8 (tie) Iowa $6.50
8 (tie) Kentucky $6.50
8 (tie) Montana $6.50
8 (tie) Nebraska $6.50

West Virginia has the most affordable pint, costing just $5.65 on average. That amount is over $3 less than Guinness fans in Nevada have to pay for their favorite Irish beer. It costs less for Guinness fans in West Virginia to buy three pints ($16.95) than it costs to buy two pints in Nevada ($17.38).

The Midwest is well-represented on the list of most affordable states for a pint of Guinness. Five different Midwest states are among the top 10, including Indiana, which has the second-lowest average price for a pint ($6.20). Also on the list are Michigan ($6.30), South Dakota ($6.30), Iowa ($6.50), and Nebraska ($6.50).

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FinanceBuzz collected the price for a pint of draft Guinness from current online menus from five different pubs or bars in each state and then averaged those prices to find the average cost per pint in every state. Guinness is traditionally served as a 20-ounce “imperial pint,” but some bars in this analysis serve a 16-ounce “American pint” instead. Pricing for each bar’s default pint size was used throughout. When both sizes were available, pricing for the imperial pint was used. Price data was collected in February 2024.

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