13 Delicious Delights Under $5 From the Costco Food Court

The next time you’re at Costco, remember to stop by the food court to pick up some extra sandwiches, desserts, and more.
Updated Jan. 31, 2024
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Costco is a great place to shop if you’re trying to figure out how to save money. Buying in bulk can be a cheap alternative to regular food shopping when you’re on a budget. There are tons of other Costco perks you should be aware of like deals on meats and wine or even prescription drugs and glasses. You may have even stopped by Costco lately to fill up your gas tank if you’re not one of those members who makes a common Costco mistake like passing up the gas pumps.

The warehouse retailer’s food court is also a great place to stop when you want an affordable meal or have the desire for a special treat after your shopping spree. So before you walk out the door to load up your car with your latest Costco run, check out some of the amazing Costco food court items. These items are some of our favorites, but not all menu items are available at every location.

Hot dog and soda

BillionPhotos.com/Adobe hotdog and soda

This iconic Costco combo is a staple for shoppers. It begins with an all-beef hot dog, and it’s a decent size compared with what you may expect. The food court also offers plenty of toppings for hot dog lovers, including the typical ketchup and mustard along with relish and onions to load on top. And that 20-ounce soda that’s included as part of the combo allows you to get a refill as well. All that and it’s still only $1.50.

Chicken bake

Freddie de Vries/Adobe chicken strip meal

This is another delightful dish that’s a classic on Costco’s menu. The chicken bake is filled with simple ingredients like chicken, cheese, caesar dressing, and bacon, all wrapped and warmed up for Costco customers. And at only $2.99, it’s both yummy and exceptionally affordable food for a lunch break.

Pepperoni pizza

Dariia Belkina/Adobe slice of hot pizza with melting cheese and chorizo

If you want a big hardy slice of pizza, the Costco food court may be your best bet. You can choose from either cheese or plenty of pepperoni served warm for only $1.99. And if you want to take a whole pizza home, that’s also an option for $9.99. In fact, it may be cheaper at that price than having a pie delivered from your local pizza shop.

Fruit smoothie

almaje/Adobe healthy fruit smoothies

Costco touts their fruit smoothie as being extra healthy for smoothie fans. It contains no added sugar, no artificial flavors or colors, and has four servings of fruit in each blended drink. Yes, four! All that is packed into one Costco cup for only $2.99.

Acai bowl

somegirl/Adobe healthy acai smoothie bowl

This is another of Costco’s super-healthy options. The acai bowl starts off with acai frozen yogurt, then layers on fresh blueberries, strawberries, and granola. It’s one of the pricier food court items, checking in at $4.99, but it also packs a lot of healthy food in one little bowl.

Hot turkey and provolone sandwich

RoJo Images/Adobe turkey basil provolone cheese basil and tomato panini

This is also one of Costco’s pricier items at $3.99, but it packs a lot into one sandwich. Start with oven-roasted turkey, then add provolone, red onions, and tomatoes. All of that is stuffed into a toasted torta roll with a healthy helping of basil garlic mayo to finish off this delicious sandwich. If you’re lucky enough to find this one at your Costco, we know you’ll enjoy it!

Caesar salad

weyo/Adobe delicious caesar salad  with grilled chicken breast

If you’re more into salads than sandwiches, Costco’s Caesar salad may be a good choice the next time you’re at one of the warehouse retailer’s stores. For $3.99, the salad includes a healthy portion of chicken along with cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese, caesar dressing, and some amazing crunchy croutons.

Cold brew mocha freeze

sutteerug/Adobe mocha frappe in plastic cup

Coffee lovers will get a kick out of this coffee-flavored freeze that may rival some of the big-name coffee shops when it comes to a tasty frozen treat, especially in the summer months when you’re loading up your Costco haul in the hot parking lot. And at $2.99, it’s a pretty great deal for caffeine fans.

Vanilla yogurt and acai swirl

xamtiw/Adobe yogurt with berry jam in spoon

Don’t want a whole bowl of acai frozen yogurt? Then try this tasty twist of vanilla and acai frozen yogurt together in one cup. A generous serving will run you an affordable $2.99.

Very Berry Sundae

lilechka75/Adobe raspberry ice cream

Add some fun to a vanilla frozen yogurt with Costco’s Very Berry Sundae for only $2.49. And if you would prefer something even sweeter, try adding chocolate to the retailer’s vanilla base for the same price. We’re hoping to see this one in more stores as the weather warms up!

BBQ beef brisket sandwich

iuliia_n/Adobe beef brisket sliders

Costco has really perfected this mouth-watering BBQ beef brisket sandwich for $4.99. The food court cooks start with beef brisket that’s been slathered in barbecue sauce, then add a layer of coleslaw, and stuff all of that in a tasty toasted bun. It’s a hearty sandwich that’s perfect for a Costco stop around lunch or dinner.


EdNurg/Adobe various flavors of gelato ice-cream at the showcase in dessert shop

If frozen yogurt isn’t your thing, try Costco’s gelato. The retailer gives shoppers the choice of chocolate, pistachio, and stracciatella flavors and serves three scoops of your choosing in a waffle cone. The cone costs $1.50 or you can take home a hand-packed quart for $4.99.


David/Adobe several bags of freshly made churros

Is there anything better than a churro from Costco? This food court item is a staple for some shoppers because of its delicious dough and the extra cinnamon and sugar that’s coated on the outside to make it a twisted treat for any shopper. Costco’s churro used to cost only $1, but don’t be worried when you see the higher $1.49 price tag. The store has also made their churros bigger to compensate for the price hike, which means more delectable churro in your hands.

Bottom line

Dangubic/Adobe friends at the mall

Costco is a great place to not only pack your pantry but also pack in some lunch, dinner, or sweet treats in their food court. You can unlock additional perks if you use the Costco Anywhere Visa Card. Whether you just need a quick bite or you’re picking up a pizza and quart of gelato for a night in with the family, Costco’s got you covered.

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