H&R Block Tax Software Review [2024]: A Free Version Many Filers Can Use

H&R Block is one of the most affordable tax-prep software programs, and its free version will work for many tax filers.
Updated April 3, 2023
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Filing and paying taxes is never fun. From figuring out your income tax bracket to ensuring you don't miss any IRS deadlines, there's a lot involved in the process. But filing your taxes is just part of the process of learning how to manage your money. The good news is, there are tons of software programs designed to make completing your tax forms easier.

H&R Block tax software is a popular option, and it's a very affordable one compared to many competitors. Still, there are some downsides to think about, too. This H&R Block review will help you weigh the pros and cons so you can decide which online tax software program is best.

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H&R Block overview

H&R Block dates back to 1955, when it was formed with the goal of providing high-quality online tax services. In the decades since, H&R Block has helped taxpayers file more than 800 million returns.

The company not only offers online software tools but also helps people do taxes at brick-and-mortar branches across all 50 states. This means that in-office tax filing support is available along with phone support, although many tax filers prefer to stick with the web and mobile options the company offers.

How much does H&R Block cost: Products and pricing

H&R Block offers four different products for filers facing different situations.

One of those products is free tax filing software for taxpayers with simple returns. You can use the free version if all of your income comes from a W-2. While it won't allow you to claim some deductions or credits, the free version does enable you to claim a child tax credit and dependent care expenses. You can also use it if you claim the student loan interest deduction, while some competitors — including TurboTax — require you to use a paid program to score this tax savings.

There are also three different filing options that come with a fee, with costlier add-ons providing access to more tax forms.

The Deluxe Online version, for example, opens up the door to itemizing and claiming deductions for mortgage interest, donations to charities, or contributions to a health savings account. Those with investment income or who do freelance work will need to upgrade to the next level and use H&R Block's Premium Online filing service, while self-employed workers and small business owners have a software program all their own at a higher cost.

H&R Block's paid programs charge a fee for each state return you file, which is a common feature of tax prep software. But this fee is a bit less than what TurboTax charges, so you can cut your costs a bit by opting for H&R Block's software instead.

You can also get help from a tax expert as you go through the filing process through H&R Block's online assist feature or can get personalized advice via phone for an additional fee.

Product Cost Best for...
Free Online $0 for federal and state tax returns Tax filers with simple returns
Deluxe Online $35 for federal

$37 per state

Tax filers who need to claim deductions for mortgage interest, charitable donations, capital gains, or HSA contributions
Premium Online $55 for federal

$37 per state

Freelancers, independent contractors, and filers with investment income (including cryptocurrency) or rental property
Self-Employed Online $85 for federal

$37 per state

For self-employed filers and small business owners

How does H&R Block tax software work?

H&R Block makes e-filing taxes simple thanks to its user-friendly interface. While not quite as intuitive as the TurboTax software, you'll still get step-by-step guidance through each part of the process, so filling out your forms and identifying deductions and credits won't require any tax knowledge on your part.

And features such as the ability to drag and drop last year's returns or import W2s by taking a picture make completing your return much faster. You can even import returns from other programs such as TurboTax or Quicken.

For those needing extra help, you can talk with a tax expert via phone for personalized advice, although there is an additional fee. And because you can share your screen as you ask questions, you can ensure you'll get the answers you need quickly.

Because taxes can be confusing even with the help H&R Block provides, tax filers also get a free accuracy review to identify potential issues and assess the risk of an audit. And if the worst happens and an audit does occur, H&R Block will stand behind you with free in-person audit support.

Finally, the company is so confident it can help you file your taxes that it even offers a money-back guarantee. If you're dissatisfied with any aspect of the software or you don't get the maximum refund you're entitled to, your return will be filed for free and you'll be refunded the price you paid for the software.

H&R Block pros and cons


Some of the biggest benefits of filing your taxes with H&R Block include the following:

  • The free filing option offers more forms than some competitors. For example, you can claim the student loan interest deduction while using H&R Block Free File, while TurboTax requires you to pay for your return if you want to claim this deduction.
  • There's ample technical support provided. You can chat with an expert via live chat, work with a virtual assistant during the filing process, and research tax questions through a searchable database of more than 13,000 articles.
  • H&R Block stands behind its product. You'll get in-person help if an audit happens; you can get back the money you paid for the software if you aren't satisfied with the filing process; and there's both an accuracy guarantee and a maximum tax refund guarantee. If mistakes are made, H&R Block reimburses you for IRS penalties while you'll be able to file a free return if you don't get the maximum refund.


  • The user interface isn't quite as intuitive as some competitors, such as TurboTax. While both programs ask you questions in plain language, TurboTax offers more explanations for tax questions on each page, and it makes the process feel simpler because of it. And while both TurboTax and H&R Block have progress bars showing you where you are in the process, TurboTax's software makes it a little easier to jump around.
  • Not all tax pros are trained CPAs or enrolled agents; some have received training with H&R Block — which encompasses 60 hours of education — but may not have these professional credentials.

Since H&R Block has several competitors within the tax preparation software field, such as TurboTax and TaxAct, a side-by-side comparison of TaxAct vs. TurboTax vs. H&R Block can be very helpful. You can weigh the benefits against the drawbacks of each and see which best fits your needs. 

How to contact H&R Block

You can contact H&R Block for help at 1-800-HRBLOCK. You also have the option to connect via live chat while using the software. Screen-sharing is available as well, making it easy to get your questions answered.

If you decide you don't want to handle your filing online, you can also visit a local H&R Block office at one of more than 11,000 locations across the United States — but you will have to pay a fee for in-person tax filing.


How many tax returns can I file with HR Block software?

You can file up to five federal returns for free. It’s possible to file more than five federal tax returns, but you will incur additional fees.

Can I do my taxes online with H&R Block?

H&R Block tax filing software makes it easy to complete your taxes online if you don't want to go to a local office. You can opt to use H&R Block’s software and complete your forms yourself or can get expert tax help from home with Tax Pro Go.

With Tax Pro Go, you simply upload your tax documents and you're matched with a professional experienced with situations like yours. You can schedule a phone call to talk with your tax pro if you have any questions, and the pro will complete your taxes for you. The cost for Tax Pro Go starts at $69 and increases from there based on the complexity of your return as well as other factors.

Is TurboTax better than H&R Block?

H&R Block and TurboTax both have their own pros and cons. While TurboTax's software is slightly easier to use, H&R Block has slightly lower prices and provides more forms for free filing. You can't go wrong with either program, so you'll have to decide if you want to pay a bit more to get a more intuitive tax filing program.

Is H&R Block really free?

H&R Block online allows you to file simple returns for free, but you will pay more if you have a more complex tax situation or if you want support from a tax professional. If you don't want to claim the standard deduction but would prefer to itemize, you have income from investments, or you have business income or self-employment income, you'll probably need to pay to use H&R Block software.

What is the best tax preparation software?

While H&R Block is a great tax filing option, there are several good alternatives out there including FreeTaxUSA, TaxSlayer, TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt, TaxAct, and Credit Karma. To find the best one for you, shop around and compare prices and features.

Is H&R Block tax software right for you?

If you want to file for free and claim the student loan interest deduction, H&R Block's software will let you do that when most competitor programs won't. In other situations, you'll need to compare what features are most important to you and consider how much you're willing to pay to find the best tax software. H&R Block is a good choice, though, and you can't go wrong when using it to file this tax season.

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