The Cost of a Margarita in Every State

FinanceBuzz looked up margarita prices in every state to find where bar-goers can expect to pay the most and least for this drink across the country.
Last updated Aug. 29, 2022 | By Rebecca Wright | Edited By Melinda Sineriz

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Whether served frozen or on the rocks, margaritas are a refreshing staple on cocktail menus everywhere. Margaritas account for nearly half of all cocktail sales in bars and restaurants for Cinco De Mayo.

But where does that popular tequila-and-lime drink cost the most and least across America? To determine that, the FinanceBuzz team looked up the average cost for a margarita at bars and restaurants in every state.

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Key findings

  • $8.48 is the average price for a margarita in the U.S.
  • Nevada has the most expensive margaritas at an average cost of $11.89. Seven other states have average prices of $10.00 or more.
  • Alabama has the most affordable margaritas, averaging just $5.83. West Virginia ($5.99) is the only other state with an average cost under $6.00.

The average cost of a margarita in every state

Margarita information by state

After collecting data from over 500 restaurants and bars across the country to find out how much they charge for a house margarita on the rocks, we determined the average cost for a margarita in the U.S. is $8.48.

States where a margarita is most expensive

Top 10 Most Expensive States for a Margarita
Rank State Average cost Percent above national average
1 Nevada $11.89 40%
2 Hawaii $11.63 37%
3 New Jersey $11.20 32%
4 Washington $10.75 27%
5 New York $10.68 26%
6 District of Columbia $10.46 23%
7 New Mexico $10.43 23%
8 Massachusetts $10.18 20%
9 Alaska $9.97 18%
10 Vermont $9.80 16%

In our analysis, we found that Nevada charges the most for a margarita. Nevada’s average price of $11.89 is 26 cents above the average price of $11.63 for a margarita in Hawaii, the second most expensive state. New Jersey is the only other state where margarita-lovers should expect to pay more than $11 for the cocktail.

Among the eight states that charge more than $10 for a margarita, there’s a good mix of East Coast and West Coast states where the cocktail will cost a pretty penny.

States where a margarita is the least expensive

Top 10 Least Expensive States for a Margarita
Rank State Average cost Percent below national average
1 Alabama $5.83 -31%
2 West Virginia $5.99 -29%
3 Arkansas $6.11 -28%
4 South Carolina $6.29 -26%
5 North Dakota $6.35 -25%
6 Wisconsin $6.60 -22%
7 Kansas $6.77 -20%
8 Texas $6.98 -18%
9 Missouri $7.07 -17%
10 Iowa $7.08 -17%

While the states where margaritas are most expensive are evenly split on either the West or East coasts, the ones where this lime and tequila cocktail are the least expensive are located in the central part of the country. Five of the least expensive states for a margarita are from the Midwest or Great Plains regions. And four of these five states are actually connected to one another: Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas.

The other five least expensive states for margaritas are located in the South. The average price of a margarita is less than $7 in Alabama, West Virginia, Arkansas, South Carolina, and Texas.

Sip and save with these tips

Even if you live in an area where margaritas cost more than the national average, it’s always possible to save money while enjoying your cocktail of choice. Here are some of our top tips for saving while you sip on your favorite drink the next time you’re out on the town:

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FinanceBuzz collected the price for a "house" lime margarita or equivalent from current online menus from 10 different restaurants or bars in each state and then averaged those prices to find the average cost for a margarita in every state. Pricing for each restaurant/bar’s smallest size margarita was used throughout. Price data was collected from April 12-April 19, 2022.

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