7 Little-Known Perks of Buying Apple Products at Costco

What if buying your next Apple product at Costco could be the best decision you make?
Updated Nov. 27, 2023
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If you want the latest iPhone or are looking to update your MacBook Pro, trying them out or getting a feel for how they work are all reasons you may head off to the Apple Store. 

However, a better option may be to visit your local Costco instead. 

Not only are you likely to find the products you want, but you could get better warranties, discounts, and service than you would at an Apple store or other retailers.  

Longer warranties

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The Apple brand should give you some confidence that the product will work as described. Yet even companies known for their high quality can have defective products now and then. 

If you buy your Apple device from Costco, you’ll get a two-year warranty on your device without any additional cost. That’s twice as long as the warranty that Apple offers. 

 Since these devices may develop problems over time, you'll appreciate this longer warranty option on such a valuable investment.

Costco offers discounts on Apple products

Simon/Adobe silver macbook on table

It’s possible to find great deals at Costco on many things, and that’s why many people shop here. That includes electronics like Apple. 

Though it can sometimes be hard to find a great price on an iPhone or other piece of Apple gear anywhere, it’s likely you’ll find one or two discounts available on available products at Costco. 

One or two of the models of phones or laptops you’re interested in might be listed at a discounted price. That’s harder to find at an Apple store. 

If you're looking for the latest Apple gear and trying to keep more in your bank account, finding the best deals is a must.

Better selection than most retailers

Shahid Jamil/Adobe various apple products on black table

If you’re looking for an in-stock product at other retailers, you may be limited to older models of Apple products since most larger retailers only get a few Apple products to sell at one time. 

However, as a big buyer, Costco may have more inventory available. That's especially true of buying your Apple devices at non-electronics specialized retailers. Retailers like Best Buy may have them in stock, but you’ll have less luck at Walmart or Target. 

No retailer will have the range and choice of products that Apple itself does, but Costco probably comes the closest.

Generous return policy

dennizn/Adobe man holding costco wholesale membership card with receipt in store

If you decide to purchase a product and then it’s not a great fit for you, you have a full 90-day return window at Costco. By contrast, Apple gives you 14 calendar days to return an item. 

That can be important with electronics because sometimes it takes a while to find out if something doesn’t work the way it should. 

It also means that you can buy that gift early from Costco and not worry about being able to return it after the holidays.

Less crowded at Costco than Apple Stores

ifeelstock/Adobe shopping at apple store

If you’re still looking for a reason to go to Costco rather than the Apple Store, here’s a big one for anyone that hates crowds. At Costco, you can walk right up to the counter, ask for the product you want, and get someone to help you pretty quickly. 

By contrast, the Apple Store is usually more crowded because that’s where many people go to get repairs or updates as well as to shop. Costco likely has what you need and you probably won’t have to deal with a crowd.

AppleCare may be less expensive

BGStock72/Adobe apple logo on store

AppleCare allows Apple product buyers to get help making repairs to their products over time — from AirPods to an Apple Watch that’s malfunctioning — even if it’s beyond its warranty period. 

Since Costco purchases items like this in bulk, it may be able to provide its customers with better pricing for AppleCare. Though repair prices vary, it’s worth checking out, especially if you seem to need to have the screen repaired at least once.

Costco may be closer

Sundry Photography/Adobe costco store in san francisco

Apple Stores can be few and far between, especially in smaller cities. There are 273 Apple locations throughout the U.S. By contrast, there are 846 Costco locations around the country. 

Why does that matter? If you’re like many people, you don’t want to trek to the mall or even to the next town over. 

Why not save time and fuel costs to buy closer to home? You may even be able to get Costco to deliver it to your door.

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Bottom line

Farknot Architect/Adobe woman using laptop iphone 11 and ipad

We all know Costco is the destination to shop for groceries and gas, but it turns out that it’s great for technology purchases too, including Apple products. 

Even better, if you qualify, you may be able to use your Costco credit card to help you with your purchase and earn some membership points that go towards refunding your membership dues for the next year. 

To make the decision where to buy, factor in the aspects of the purchase that matter to you, such as selection, warranty, and return policy, and Costco could be a great place to buy your next Apple product.

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