2 Savvy Ways to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property

Thinking of investing in real estate? Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to buy and sell properties. Here are two easy ways you can get started in real estate today.

Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property
Updated May 13, 2024
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You might be thinking it’s a good time to buy real estate, but you don’t know how to invest in real estate or what it might require. Do you have to buy, renovate, and sell homes? Do you have to become a landlord?

The truth is, to start investing in real estate, you don’t have to do any of those things.

In fact, you can get started right thanks to the services offered by a couple different companies we’re going to share with you. These companies, known as REITs, help you to easily invest in different real estate properties all around the country. They can help you start an investment portfolio even if you have very little money or diversify an existing portfolio if you’ve already begun investing.

First: What exactly is a REIT?

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, gives you an opportunity to earn income from real estate without you actually having to buy any real estate.

So if you want to start investing in real estate without the hassle of owning and managing properties, REITs provide a unique opportunity for real estate beginners. You can often get started with very small amounts of money, and some REITs don’t require you to have investing experience.

REITs are a simple and effective way to use real estate investing to further your financial goals. The extra income could help create a nest egg for the future or build an emergency fund. Plus, many REITs may offer higher returns than other types of investments.

Here are two REITs we recommend that can help you get started with real estate investing:

Invest in multimillion-dollar real estate for only $500

Diversyfund is an investment app that aims to provide real estate investment opportunities to as many Americans as possible. It’s a type of fintech (financial technology) founded by investment professionals who believe everyone should have the opportunity to learn how to invest money in real estate, no matter whether you have a lot of money.

Signing up for Diversyfund is free and you can immediately start investing in the Diversyfund Growth REIT. Growth REIT properties include multifamily developments and apartment complexes around the country. Diversyfund acquires these properties, adds valuable renovations, and sells them off once they’ve appreciated in value. Once an asset is sold, the money earned is distributed among Diversyfund’s investors — and that could include you.

You can start investing with Diversyfund with as little as $500, and you don’t need any real estate experience. You won’t pay any management fees, you get 24/7 access to fully vetted investment opportunities, and you can talk with a team of professionals by phone or email whenever you need.

Get started with Diversyfund now.

Boost your income with real estate crowdfunding

Crowdstreet provides you with exclusive access to fully vetted commercial real estate opportunities throughout the nation. From trendy apartments in Austin, Texas, to multiple properties in Los Angeles, California, and lakeview apartments in Chicago, Illinois — the options are diverse.

To invest with Crowdstreet, you don’t have to be a real estate expert. In fact, you don’t need any real estate experience at all. Crowdstreet does require you to be what it calls an accredited investor, which means you simply need a high net worth or above-average annual income to start choosing between Crowdstreet’s variety of investments.

It’s easy to find an investment you like with Crowdstreet’s online marketplace. First, sign up for a free account. Then you can browse the investment opportunities from wherever you are and see the types of properties available, where they’re located, and the minimum investment required.

You can join more than 112,000 investors who trust in the 120-plus years of combined real estate experience of the Crowdstreet team. Jumpstart your real estate investment portfolio today and start earning passive income toward your financial goals.

Get started with Crowdstreet now.

Get access to unparalleled institutional commercial real estate
CrowdStreet has launched 560 deals
$360M in investor distributions and new deals listed with high frequency
Limited to accredited investors

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