You Could Make Money Reselling These 11 Items From Dollar Tree

Make a profit by browsing the aisles at your local Dollar Tree.
Updated Nov. 2, 2023
Dollar tree store

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Dollar Tree can help you save money on items for your home or office or anything else you may need to buy on a budget.

It can also help you make extra money by picking up products from Dollar Tree and selling them.

Check out these items you can pick up at Dollar Tree to try to sell for a profit and add some cash to your wallet.

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Party items

Rawf8/Adobe carnival party supply

Plenty of party hosts need items for a specific type of party but don’t have the time to shop around and collect everything they need.

Consider collecting different party items from Dollar Tree, especially ones you can put together as a party pack to earn extra money.

You can design convenient party packs around a particular color theme and pick up paper plates and plastic cutlery among other items that are all the same color. You can also pick a theme like a birthday or holiday to help someone be prepared with everything they need.

Discontinued items

livertoon/Adobe woman reading food labels

Dollar Tree could be a good place for retailers to send their discontinued items that may have a cult following but didn’t sell well in retail stores.

Keep an eye out for name brands or research items people are desperately searching for like cosmetics with specific colors that are no longer available in retail stores.

Fans of these products may be willing to pay a premium on the secondary market to get their hands on items you paid very little for at Dollar Tree.

Name-brand items

georgerudy/Adobe Family in the supermarket

Dollar Tree is a treasure trove for items with big names that have a small price attached to them.

It may be a good idea to stock up on these items if you find a lot of them at your local Dollar Tree. You could turn around and sell multiple items to your own customers instead of just having one in your stock.

Remember that if you’re buying it at Dollar Tree, you might be able to sell it for less than the typical retail price while still making a profit compared to how much you paid for it.

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Seasonal items

Bill Chizek/Adobe us flags

One great thing about seasonal items is that they usually go on sale after the season is over, which is a great time for you to stock up if you have the space.

Gather patriotic-themed items after Memorial Day and sell them as a Fourth of July barbecue pack. 

You can also collect different seasonal items such as flip flops and beach towels in the autumn and resell them in the spring as people prepare for warm weather.

Tourist items

Syda Productions/Adobe smiling friends traveling by tour bus

You may live in a touristy area that gets plenty of visitors from other places who might not be prepared.

Consider getting warm-weather gear that might be on sale in the spring and offer it up as a package for visitors who may not be used to the cold climate in winter. 

You could also grab extra sunscreen and sunglasses and set up a local sale for tourists coming in from snowy climates for a warm winter break.

Bundled products

Gresei/Adobe spices set

Someone might not be willing to go to a Dollar Tree just to get one pack of facial wipes or one spice they need for their kitchen.

So grab some items and bundle them. You can offer a four-pack of facial wipes in different scents to give a buyer variety with just one click on a website. 

You can also consider bundling spices to give someone different options for their kitchen instead of needing to collect one from here and there.

Light items

insta_photos/Adobe entrepreneur packing package

One thing you’ll want to factor in if you’re shipping these items to buyers is the cost of sending them.

You may be charged to ship an item based on its weight so consider items that are in demand but lightweight like shirts, sweatpants, or slippers.

Lighter items mean you can charge more for the item instead of sinking that cost into postage and shipping.


polinaloves/Adobe mother and daughter making cards

Dollar Tree carries craft items that may cost less than a typical craft store and can still be great starts for beautiful products you can sell.

Buy fabric you can sew into something to sell or pick up canvas kits and create art that can help you earn cash. You can also pick up craft kits from Dollar Tree and create unique crafts that others will want to buy.

Use the craft section at Dollar Tree as your inspiration for different types of projects you can sell for a profit while also fulfilling your love of crafting.

Gift package items

netrun78/Adone preparing care package

You can buy items from Dollar Tree and use a basket or other type of decorative container to pack them together as a gift set you can sell.

Pick up a decorative storage basket and some plastic basket bags at Dollar Tree to pack up a cute basket with spa items, cosmetics, or kitchen items as a housewarming gift.

Test different packages to find out which ones are the most successful for you to sell and make the most profit.

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Mark Jenkins/Adobe bouquet of flowers on a wooden table

You don’t have to sell an item to make a profit. Consider different items you can find at Dollar Tree and rent out to others so you can continue to make a profit off of them.

You may want to start a wedding decorations rental program and buy wedding decorations from Dollar Tree that you can rent out to couples for their weddings, get the items back, and then rent them out again.

Think about things like vases, candles and candle holders, artificial flowers, and other decorations that can continue to make you money over and over again.

Book sets

New Africa/Adobe woman choosing book

Dollar Tree has low prices for individual books, but you can earn extra cash by bundling books if you can find the right books.

You may want to focus on getting a series of books together to make it easy for a buyer to get every book in the series with one click. Or you can gather children's books or school workbooks and sell them as a pack. 

People are likely to pay a little more to get all those books from one place at a price that may be cheaper than a big-name book site.

Pro tip: It’s also a good idea to check on the media mail option from the United States Postal Service, which could save you money on shipping and keep more money in your pocket.

Bottom line

Sundry Photography/Adobe dollar tree store

Dollar Tree is a great place to buy things if you’re struggling financially and need to eliminate some money stress, but you can do more than just save money when shopping

You could move beyond living paycheck to paycheck by reselling your Dollar Tree buys. Start by researching online or in-person to find out what people want to buy, then create a budget to help you keep things profitable. 

Remember to factor in additional costs such as shipping, advertising, or potential storage for some items, and focus on the products that will move quickly and earn you the most profit.

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