Couples Are Flocking to Taco Bell for Their $777 Wedding (Including a Taco Bell Sauce Packet Bouquet)

Tie the knot at the Taco Bell Cantina in Vegas for a flavorful forever.
Updated Dec. 29, 2023
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In a city known for its quick weddings and vibrant energy, a couple recently took the plunge into marital bliss in a venue that's as unconventional as it is affordable — the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas. Christina Ortiz and Yazen, the newlyweds in question, opted for a unique twist to their nuptials by saying "I do" at the iconic fast-food chain. Their reason? It's a blend of affordability, positive vibes, and a sprinkle of good luck.

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But why Taco Bell, and why Vegas?

The Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas offers a marriage package priced at $777, and it's capturing attention not just for its budget-friendly nature but also for the quirky charm it brings to the table. The package includes a range of goodies, from swag and a reception area to a Taco Bell sauce packet bouquet — a playful touch that adds a dash of spice to the ceremony.

Beyond the affordability and the quirky charm, there's a belief in the luck associated with the number 7. For those daring enough, the $777 wedding package is the paycheck stretch a bit further, a budget-friendly option andbut also a nod to the positive vibes surrounding the angelic number.

As we approach the end of the year, another opportunity for a unique and lucky wedding presents itself — New Year's Eve. With the numeric symmetry 123123, couples seeking a fortuitous start to their marriage might find the allure of a Taco Bell wedding too hard to resist.

The Taco Bell wedding package not only provides an affordable way to keep more cash in your wallet, but also adds a touch of individuality to an occasion that's often marked by tradition. It's a reminder that weddings are about the couple and their journey, and choosing a venue that resonates with their personalities can make the celebration all the more special.

Love and tacos for just $777

For Christina Ortiz, a food blogger, and her husband, choosing Taco Bell over a traditional venue was driven by practicality and a shared love for all things food, from fine dining to fast food. The initial skepticism from friends and family about the unconventional choice gave way to acceptance as they realized it was the perfect fit for the couple.

The ceremony, set against the backdrop of the Taco Bell Cantina, was a blend of humor and charm. Taco Bell-themed vows, complete with Cantina-curated puns, creating a lighthearted atmosphere. To avoid disturbing diners downstairs, a lack of music during the ceremony prompted Ortiz's family to hum the "Wedding March" as she walked down the aisle.

While the venue provides only 30 minutes for the ceremony and reception, the couple enjoyed a party pack of tacos, cutting the Cinnabon Delights cake, and toasting with Baja Blast. The Taco Bell wedding package also includes a bouquet of hot sauces, a quirky detail that, unfortunately, is meant to be returned as "something borrowed."

Reflecting on the day, Ortiz emphasizes the intimacy and fun they experienced. The Taco Bell Cantina provided a unique backdrop for their wedding, giving them the memorable and distinctive celebration they desired.

Bottom line

For those ready to embark on the adventure of matrimony in a Taco Bell twist, the Cantina in Vegas stands ready to offer a unique and flavorful start to a lifetime of love and laughter. After all, in the city of lights and dreams, where else could a Taco Bell wedding feel so right?

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