15 States Where People are Quitting Their Jobs the Most

More jobs and better opportunities are motivating workers in some states to quit at a higher rate.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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One of the more notable changes in the post-pandemic business world has been the Great Resignation.

Some Americans quit their job for a different position somewhere else, or to pursue a new career. Others have changed jobs in order to get a work-from-home position. And many older Americans have decided they are done working altogether.

Where is the Great Resignation the greatest? Following are the 15 states that have seen the most people quit their jobs, according to WalletHub.

These are the places where people are quitting working, or leaving for better positions that can help them move beyond living paycheck to paycheck.

15. Colorado

Krzysztof Wiktor/Adobe woman backpacker in victory pose on top of the Mountain Colorado

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.3%

Colorado saw a 5.1% increase in business applications in July 2022 compared to a year earlier, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means more people are forming businesses in the state.

As new companies and businesses get their start in the state or move into Colorado it creates more opportunities for workers to quit their jobs and find something else.

14. Louisiana

William A. Morgan/Adobe man playing guitar on park bench

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.3%

Louisiana has one of the highest job-opening rates in the nation, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Around 160,000 jobs were open in the state in May, the most recent month for which numbers are available. That equates to a 7.7% job opening level, compared to a national average of 6.9%.

With that level of openings, it is probably enticing for workers to quit their current positions knowing that there are a number of open jobs they can move into.

13. Tennessee

Brian Swanson/Adobe hikers cross a wooden foot bridge over a stream

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.31%

Tennessee had a job openings rate of 7.3% in May. As in Louisiana, the state’s workers appear to be taking advantage of more job opportunities to search for a better place of employment.

12. North Carolina

travelview/Adobe beach with cottages at Nags Head in the outer banks

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.34%

North Carolina has seen job growth in fields such as technology, finance, and health care. The state also finished in the top 10 in terms of states attracting new residents during 2021, according to data from the Census Bureau.

It’s likely that some of those new North Carolinians quit jobs in their former state to pursue better opportunities in the Tar Heel State.

11. Florida

Ron/Adobe man sitting on a rocking chair enjoying the sunset over the gulf of Mexico

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.35%

While 2.8% of Americans quit jobs across all industries in June, the quit level in the hospitality and leisure industry was especially high at 5.4%, the BLS says.

Florida is a tourist hotspot, with plenty of restaurants and bars throughout the state to entertain guests. Perhaps workers in jobs at those establishments hopped from one job to the next in an attempt to find something better.

10. Arizona

CEBImagery/Adobe woman outdoors viewing map

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.37%

Arizona has seen strong population growth as residents of other states have moved to the Grand Canyon State to find more affordable housing costs and additional job opportunities.

The state also relies on tourism, and many people who work in that sector quit their jobs to find better work.

9. Indiana

Nick/Adobe Promenade Park in downtown Fort Wayne Indiana

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.42%

Unlike neighboring Illinois and Ohio, Indiana recorded an increase in business applications year over year in June. That opens up new jobs for workers to consider. The state also had 229,000 job openings in May.

8. South Carolina

Wollwerth Imagery/Adobe woman looks at a rainbow over the ocean in Hilton Head

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.48%

South Carolina is another state that has seen an uptick in population, which could mean more people are moving to the state to find better jobs. Job openings in May were a strong 179,000.

7. Idaho

knowlesgallery/Adobe people use paddle boards to get down the Boise River in autumn

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.48%

Idaho recorded a 6.7% increase in business applications in July compared to a year earlier. The state has also seen an influx in population as more people move to Idaho from higher cost-of-living states like California to find more affordable housing and a lower cost of living.

6. Mississippi

Steve/Adobe footbridge spanning the backwaters of the Mississippi River

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.53%

Mississippi had a job opening rate of 7.1% in May. The high rate could make it more attractive for employees to quit their jobs to find new opportunities with open positions.

5. Wyoming

Kit Leong/Adobe sunny beautiful landscape of Black Pool

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.66%

Business applications surged 29.9% year over year in Wyoming during July, putting the state in first place among all states. Workers in Wyoming have plenty of opportunities to find new jobs.

4. Montana

dvv1989/Adobe young girl riding on horse

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.69%

Montana had a job opening rate of 8.2% in May, placing it second on the list for highest job openings in the U.S. Only Massachusetts had a higher rate at 8.4%.

The state also has racked up big gains in population in recent years.

3. Kentucky

K.A/Adobe  large walking path inside of Mammoth Cave near Kentucky

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.74%

May’s job opening rate in Kentucky was 8%, among the highest in the U.S. The state’s hiring rate of 5% in May also was higher than the national rate of 4.3%.

2. Georgia

SeanPavonePhoto/Adobe Forsyth Park Savannah Georgia

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 3.86%

A large number of people moved to Georgia in 2021 as workers from other places were attracted to the state for job opportunities. It also is part of the South, which saw a 3.4% quit rate in June compared to the national quit rate of 2.8%.

1. Alaska

Thorkild/Adobe Alaska Glacier

Resignation rate over the past 12 months: 4.18%

Alaska was tied with Montana for second place in the U.S. for the highest job openings rate in May, at 8.2%.

The state also saw a 12.5% increase in business applications in July compared to a year earlier, giving workers more opportunities to quit and find other jobs.

Bottom line

Seventyfour/Adobe  smiling young businesswoman holding box of personal belongings leaving office

There are many reasons to quit your job and look for new ways to make money. They include everything from saving for an early retirement to simply covering monthly bills.

Consider how a new job or career might help you in both the short term and long term when it comes to your finances and overall happiness. Then, research other positions to see if a change is right for you.

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