13 Weird Finds on Amazon That Will Leave You Baffled (And Amused)

Amazon has everything, and that includes everything you never knew you needed. Here are a few of its weirdest offerings.
Updated April 11, 2024
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There’s no doubt that Amazon has made online ordering substantially easier. These days, if we run out of shampoo or need to order a quick gift for a birthday we forgot, we can shop from our smartphones in mere minutes. This isn’t always helpful for those trying to learn how to save money, but no one can deny its unbelievable convenience.

Sometimes our searches may take us in some interesting directions, making us wonder if there’s anything Amazon won’t sell (hint: it’s not much). While these 13 items are definitely weird, they also show that there really is something for everyone.

A sequined pillow cover featuring Nicholas Cage

Courtesy of Amazon Nick Cage pillow

Do you love sequins? Do you adore actor Nicholas Cage? Clearly, this is a popular combination because this pillowcase has over 3,400 ratings, and most of them are positive. One reviewer even calls it “awesomely creeptastic.”

When opening the package, the recipient may just think they’ve received a bold, sequined decorative pillow. But when they move their hand over the sequins, Nicholas Cage’s face is slowly revealed. Amazing.

It’s important to know that the cover, which costs $12.99, does not come with an actual pillow. This seems to be a point of contention in the comments.

The coveted Archie McPhee Handi Squirrel

Courtesy of Amazon hand squirrel

Nothing says you know how to manage your money better than investing in a set of five squirrel finger puppets. Best used for terrorizing pets and confusing toddlers, this set of five finger-puppet pieces includes four paws and a head, transforming your hand into an adorable (?) squirrel.

Whether you choose to turn this into the ultimate Christmas tree topper or simply use it to annoy your sister, as one reviewer suggests, you won’t be disappointed. And with a price tag of $8.85, it’s a total bargain. The little ones in your life will go nuts for this.

The Potato Pal

Courtesy of Amazon Potato Pal

Sometimes buying that special someone a real Idaho potato just isn’t enough. Fortunately, the Potato Pal allows you to upload your own image onto an unsuspecting root vegetable. This handy item was once featured on Shark Tank, and we can only imagine how that went.

Perhaps you have a friend who seems to have everything, or maybe the state of Idaho holds a special place in your heart. Whatever compels you to order a Potato Pal, which costs $23.99 and has over 400 ratings, you can do so knowing your recipient is about to receive something truly unique. The accompanying gift box says “You’ll never guess what’s inside,” and we’re guessing that in most cases, that’s accurate.

A giant taco sleeping bag blanket

Courtesy of Amazon Taco sleeping bag

You may have heard of the burrito blanket, a giant round fuzzy blanket that resembles a flour tortilla. Gilbin took that concept one step further and designed a sleeping bag blanket in the shape of a taco. Brilliant.

To be fair, this ultra-soft fleece blanket would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves both tacos and naps (which is many of us). The $34.95 price tag seems a bit steep, but one cannot put a price on comfort or style.

A pair of instant underpants

Courtesy of Amazon instant underwear

We won’t even get into all the reasons you might need a pair of emergency underpants. But with this product, you simply add water and wait for your back up briefs to magically appear. At about $5 each, this item costs less than most actual underpants. It also makes the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Savory bacon soap in a tin

Courtesy of Amazon bacon soap

If you love bacon (or love bacon), this scented soap will leave you smelling like your favorite breakfast meat, which might be confusing for your poor pets.

We’re not sure what makes this product better: the fact that it really does smell just like bacon or the fancy tin it comes in. For a mere $12.98, it can be yours.

Finger covers for extra-cheesy and greasy foods

Courtesy of Amazon finger covers

This product is actually pretty brilliant. If you’ve ever stained your fingers orange from too many cheese puffs or gotten your hands greasy from a big basket of fries, you’ll understand why these finger food utensils are necessary.

“I mean, it kind of works,” is probably the most honest review you’ll find on Amazon. And admittedly, the $19.99 price seems quite high for a set of three finger covers (which, to be fair, can go on any finger). But it beats washing your hands every few minutes or accidentally rubbing Cheeto dust on your clothes.

Cat butt tissue holder

Courtesy of Amazon cat tissue holder

This brand, appropriately named What on Earth, has blessed us with the option of purchasing a cat butt tissue holder. This black and white tuxedo kitty holds one standard square-shaped tissue holder and can fit just about anywhere a real cat can.

If you have a cold or the flu, you know there’s nothing better than a sweet feline smirking at you while you pull tissues out of its rear … at least, that’s what this item seems to want you to believe. At $39.95, this is a hard sell, but it proves there’s something for everyone.

A pet butler prank gift box

Courtesy of Amazon pet butler

When the recipient of this quirky item tears off the gift wrap, they’ll think they’re getting a brand new way for their pet to hate them. In reality, this is merely a gag box meant to prank the animal lover in your life. Still, for $6.49, it’s a lot to invest in a joke.

Handgun and bullet ice cube trays

Courtesy of Amazon bullet ice cube trays

In the United States, we have the right to bear ice-cold drinks. This two-pack of handgun and bullet ice cube trays will definitely ensure you never have a boring party again. Perfect for plopping into whiskey drinks, this $12.99 set will definitely be a real conversation starter.

Real human finger bones

Courtesy of Amazon finger bone

Surely there is a logical explanation for why someone would want to buy a real human finger bone for $25 on Amazon. And while we aren’t quite sure what that is, we’re glad e-commerce isn’t letting us down. The biggest complaint about this item seems to be that it isn’t haunted enough, so you might want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a paranormal experience.

Bottom line

Вадим Пастух/Adobe Woman looking at phone

This is a small sample of the strange and quirky things you can find on Amazon. Whether you’re searching for the ultimate gag gift or you just have a penchant for all things weird, take pride in knowing that you can order some of the strangest things you’ve ever heard of from the comfort of your home. But before you invest in that taco blanket, you may want to read this article on mistakes Amazon shoppers make.

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