50+ and Single: 15 Financial Tips to Successfully Navigate Life Solo

You can still be financially secure if you’re middle-aged and solo.

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Updated June 6, 2024
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Entering the realm of financial independence as a single individual over 50 requires strategic planning and a keen awareness of your unique circumstances.

You may be doing better than the average person now, but will your financial situation last through retirement?

From budgeting to estate planning, here are 15 financial tips tailored to empower those navigating the solo journey in their 50s and beyond.

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Budget with goals in mind

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Crafting a budget tailored to your life goals is foundational. Identify your priorities, whether it's bolstering savings, traveling, or planning for retirement.

Aligning your financial decisions with these aspirations ensures that every dollar serves a purpose, providing a road map for financial success in your solo journey over 50.

50/30/20 budget rule

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Embrace the simplicity of the 50/30/20 rule. Allocate 50% of your income to necessities such as housing, 30% to discretionary spending such as dining out and entertainment, and 20% to savings or debt repayment.

This balanced approach provides structure without sacrificing flexibility, offering financial stability while accommodating financial needs.

Consider other income streams

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Diversify your income in the solo journey beyond 50. Explore side gigs, investments, or freelancing opportunities to supplement your earnings.

Having multiple income streams not only boosts financial resilience but also offers a sense of empowerment and security and allows you to grow your wealth.

This proactive approach ensures you're well-prepared for the uncertainties of solo life, providing both financial flexibility and peace of mind.

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Aggressively pay down debt

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Tackle outstanding debts head-on to secure a more financially liberated future. Prioritize high-interest debts and develop a systematic repayment plan.

By reducing financial burdens, you not only save on interest payments but also pave the way for increased financial freedom, allowing you to make more choices aligned with your personal goals.

Find ways to travel more cheaply

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Explore budget-friendly travel options that still satisfy your adventurous spirit. Opt for off-peak times, consider group discounts, and leverage loyalty programs for cost-effective travel.

Being single gives you the flexibility to plan spontaneous getaways and take advantage of last-minute deals.

Smart travel choices not only satiate your wanderlust but also preserve your financial well-being, ensuring your solo journeys are both fulfilling and financially sustainable.

Dine out less frequently

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Cutting back on restaurant expenses can significantly impact your budget. Cook at home more often to save money and enjoy healthier meals.

This simple adjustment not only contributes to your financial well-being but also allows you to embrace the joy of preparing your favorite dishes. It's a practical step toward financial independence, and you might discover a newfound passion for cooking along the way.

Consider your vision for retirement

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Being single in your 50s means you have the freedom to shape your retirement exactly as you envision it. Take time to reflect on the lifestyle you desire and the activities that bring you joy.

This clarity will guide your financial decisions, ensuring you allocate resources to realize your unique retirement goals. Whether it's traveling, pursuing hobbies, or enjoying a serene home life, understanding your vision enhances financial planning precision.

Build your emergency savings

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Being single means solely relying on your financial resources. Establish a robust emergency fund to weather unexpected storms and unexpected expenses. Aim for at least three to six months' worth of living expenses.

This safety net provides peace of mind and financial resilience, allowing you to navigate life's uncertainties independently. Whether it's a medical emergency or unexpected home repairs or a job layoff, a well-padded emergency fund ensures you're prepared for any financial curveballs that come your way.

Start planning your estate

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While it might seem early to plan your estate, being proactive ensures your wishes are honored. As a single individual, consider drafting a will, designating beneficiaries, and establishing powers of attorney.

This not only safeguards your assets but also provides clarity for your loved ones in managing your affairs. It's a responsible step that brings peace of mind and guarantees that your legacy is managed according to your intentions.

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Invest wisely

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With a longer investment horizon, consider a diversified approach that balances risk and return. Take advantage of retirement accounts and explore investment options aligned with your goals. Consult with a financial advisor to fine-tune your portfolio.

Being single doesn't mean financial independence is out of reach. Smart investments can significantly enhance your financial security, providing a comfortable cushion in your golden years.

Health care planning

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Solo living underscores the importance of comprehensive health care planning.

Evaluate your health insurance coverage, factoring in potential long-term care needs. Understand Medicare options and consider supplementary insurance. An emergency health fund can provide added security.

Proactively managing your health and finances ensures you're well-prepared for any unexpected medical costs.

Homeownership considerations

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As a solo dweller, assess your homeownership needs. Consider downsizing to a more manageable property, reducing maintenance costs.

Alternatively, explore co-housing or renting for increased flexibility. Factor in property taxes, insurance, and potential renovations.

Whether staying put or exploring new housing options for retirement, your home choice should be in line with your financial goals, ensuring that homeownership remains a positive aspect of your financial journey.

Maximize retirement contributions

gstockstudio/Adobe Financial advisor discussing options

Prioritize your retirement savings by maximizing contributions to retirement accounts. Catch-up contributions are available for individuals aged 50 and above.

Leverage this opportunity to accelerate your retirement savings. Assess your risk tolerance and adjust your portfolio accordingly.

By taking advantage of catch-up contributions and strategic planning, you enhance your financial security, empowering a fulfilling solo life and a comfortable retirement.

Social Security optimization

HiroSund/Adobe financial planner working with client

As a solo individual, understand the nuances of Social Security benefits. Timing matters when claiming benefits, and delaying until age 70 or at least your full retirement age can result in higher monthly income. 

Evaluate your health, financial needs, and life expectancy to make an informed decision. It’s wise to seek professional advice to optimize your Social Security strategy.

This ensures you receive the maximum benefits tailored to your unique situation, contributing to financial stability and independence in your solo journey.

Stay informed and adapt

insta_photos/Adobe working on laptop writing notes

Financial landscapes evolve, and so must your strategies. Stay abreast of economic trends, investment opportunities, and legislative changes that impact your financial health. You may need to reassess your goals, adjusting your plans as needed.

One way you can prepare yourself is by embracing lifelong learning and leveraging resources like financial publications and seminars.

Being informed empowers you to make sound decisions, fostering resilience and adaptability on your solo financial journey.

Bottom line

annanahabed/Adobe woman wearing white jacket

Navigating financial independence in your 50s and beyond as a single individual requires strategic planning. 

Prioritize budgeting, diverse income streams, and smart investment choices to ensure you’re on the right track — heck, maybe you can retire early!

Are you in your 50s and single? Consider these 15 financial tips which offer a road map for achieving stability and security while empowering your finances at the same time.

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