Never Buy These 15 Items Anywhere But at Five Below

Unleash your savings superpower with these exclusive steals from Five Below.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Five Below isn't your average dollar store. Sure, the name gives it away: most everything here rings up for less than $5, but the selection is anything but basic.

But with shelves overflowing with colorful temptations, where do you start?

We've unearthed 15 must-haves at Five Below that will transform your shopping sprees from guilt-ridden to guilt-free and help you keep more cash in your wallet.

Editor’s note: Prices are subject to change and may also vary by location.

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Courtesy of Five Below A blanket

Throw blankets are the hallmark accessory of a cozy room, but they’re also often on the more expensive side.

For example, a 50-inch-by-60-inch Sherpa throw tends to cost around $20. However, you can find one for $5.55 at Five Below.

The store also sells slightly nicer throws for a bit more money, like a realistic faux fur throw for only $12.

Throw pillows

Courtesy of Five Below A pillow

You can find throw pillows for incredibly low prices at Five Below, from simple decorative throws to novelty statement pillows.

The store offers a Sherpa pillow for only $3 each — cover and filling both included. Several colors are available. Or, for a more playful touch, you could get a cherry-shaped pillow or macaron-shaped pillow for only $5.55.


Courtesy of Five Below five below weaved baskets

Baskets are an excellent way to add storage to your home while incorporating decorative flair, but they usually don’t come cheap. A basic cotton rope basket at most retailers costs around $32.

Fortunately, Five Below sells similar items for just $5.55. The store also sells hampers for $5.55 as well.

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Storage bins

Courtesy of Five Below five below storage bins

Similarly, Five Below sells many storage bins. You can get two packs of collapsible fabric storage cubes for cubby shelves for only $5.55. You can also find chic wire baskets for the same price for bathroom or kitchen storage.

Or, for more practical purposes, you can get bins in the style of milk crates for only $3.25 in a variety of fun colors.

Tech gear

Courtesy of Five Below five below iphone charger

Five Below also sells a variety of practical items at low, affordable prices, such as tech gear and accessories.

For example, you can find:

  • Braided charging cables for $5.55
  • Wall chargers for $5.95
  • Power banks for $5.95
  • Protective AirPod cases for $4

Other tech accessories include power strips, keyboards, and more.

Phone accessories

Courtesy of Five Below five below tempered glass screen protector

Five Below also has a whole section dedicated to practical and playful phone accessories. Aside from chargers and charging blocks, practical items include screen protectors for only $5.55.

On the more playful side, you can find a number of phone cases for just $5.55. Five Below also sells:

  • Phone charms for $4
  • Decorative phone stands for $5
  • Phone grips for $4

Candy and snacks

Courtesy of Five Below five below haribo gold gummy bears

Five Below is a wonderful place to stock up on your favorite snacks and candies and find new favorites for cheap.

Five Below is known for its mega candy tubes. These giant cardboard tubes are filled with your favorite candies, from Tootsie Rolls to Smarties to Haribo gummies, all for just $5.

Pet supplies

Courtesy of Five Below five below rolling food storage container

Five Below is a wonderful place for basic pet supplies and adorable toys. You can find:

  • Rolling food storage bins for $12
  • Scratching posts for $5.55
  • Pet stairs for $10

Five Below also sells pet clothes, pet beds, treats, toys, and more.

Stuffed animals

Courtesy of Five Below five below stuffed animals

Five Below is known for its wide array of stuffed animals, specifically Squishmallows. Some of these highly coveted toys can resell for anywhere from $60 to $100, but you can find them at Five Below for just $5.95.

There are plenty of other stuffed animals available for only $5, from Stitch to Hello Kitty.

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Courtesy of Five Below five below micro puzzle toys

You'll find a lot of other toys and games available for cheap at Five Below. Choose traditional game-night favorites, like mancala or chess, for $5. Or, grab a $5 puzzle set.

You will also find $5 outdoor toys and sports gear, such as basketballs, tennis balls, footballs, and more.

Jewelry and accessories

Courtesy of Five Below five below black and beautiful tote

If you’re looking for affordable but chic jewelry and accessories, check out Five Below. For example, you can find zodiac necklaces for $5 or a 10-pack of rings for the same price.

As for accessories, the store sells bags, wallets, hats, sunglasses, hair accessories, and more, all at low prices.

Fake plants

Courtesy of Five Below five below fake indoor potted plant

Artificial plants can be expensive — but not at Five Below. For example, you can get a realistic fake plant in a playful disco pot for only $5.55.

They also sell decorative picks, garlands, and kits for growing herbs if you want some real greenery in your life.

Office supplies

Courtesy of Five Below five below wireless pink mouse

If you want to supply and decorate your office without breaking the bank, Five Below is the place to shop. You can find basic supplies such as pens, markers, and tape for less than $5.

Five Below sells computer mice, mouse pads, salt lamps, and more for decorating your office, all under $5.55.

Beauty accessories

Courtesy of Five Below five below face body ice roller

Five Below is also known for its wide array of beauty supplies. While many folks are choosy about their makeup, Five Below's beauty accessories are perfect for anyone.

You can find an ice roller, a light-up vanity mirror, and a makeup brush washing machine, all for just $5 each, as well as many more handy items.

Household essentials

Courtesy of Five Below five below colorful sticky lint rollers

While Five Below sells plenty of fun items and gadgets, you can also save on everyday essentials by shopping at the store.

For example, pick up cleaning supplies such as soap, counter spray, sponges, and more for under $5.

If you’re willing to splurge a bit, the store also sells some higher-priced but still affordable items, such as a robot vacuum for only $25.

Bottom line

Refrina/Adobe manassas virginia five below store

You can find a lot of great items at Five Below, from the whimsical and playful to practical essentials.

If you’re looking to decorate your home or stock your snack pantry at a price that can help you get ahead financially, consider shopping at Five Below.

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