If Any of These 15 Things Describe You, You’ve Officially Joined the Wealthy

Unveil the subtle markers that signal you've joined the ranks of the truly wealthy.

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Updated June 6, 2024
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At what point is a person considered wealthy? While there aren’t definitive measurements, certain indicators may suggest you’ve officially joined the world’s wealthiest individuals.

You might no longer depend on a steady paycheck to cover living expenses and instead rely on multiple revenue and passive income streams. 

Investing in long-term assets to grow your wealth, hiring a team of professionals, and networking with other affluent people can also signify wealth.

Here are 15 signs you’ve achieved a high level of financial success and may have joined the wealthy.

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You have multiple income sources

rh2010/Adobe couple sitting on the comfortable sofa

Wealth often comes from having multiple streams of revenue. When you're wealthy, you may earn income from a side business, renting property, or receiving dividends from investments.

Income diversification may reduce the risk of financial instability if one source disappears and diminishes. With surplus cash flow, you can allocate more money to other investments that generate additional income.

You live a luxurious lifestyle

Camerene Pendl/peopleimages.com/Adobe woman checking price tag at boutique

Living a life of luxury often signifies significant wealth. Affluent people can afford high-end properties, such as private estates, penthouses, and mansions.

They can afford designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories from brands like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel. The wealthy often join exclusive clubs, play sports like golf or polo, or have extravagant hobbies like yachting, horse riding, or race-car driving.

You have hired help around the house

VadimGuzhva/Adobe young smiling woman in gloves cleaning house

Hiring help around the house, such as gardeners, chefs, housekeepers, or personal assistants, can also indicate you've joined the wealthy.

Wealthy people often have large or numerous properties to upkeep, so hiring help can free up time for other activities like relaxation, family activities, or other responsibilities.

Paying people for these services can be expensive, so outsourcing household tasks may show a level of affluence.

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You own long-term assets

C. Daniels/peopleimages.com/Adobe family in the yard of their new house

Investing in long-term assets is an essential aspect of wealth management. It's another way to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself financially.

Many assets, such as real estate, bonds, and stocks, can generate passive income that you can reinvest for further growth. Other long-term assets, like a 401(k) or IRA, can have tax advantages.

You have a wealth mindset

BGStock72/Adobe businessman working at table in luxurious room

A wealthy mindset means your attitude and behavior align with financial success, abundance, and wealth creation.

The middle class tends to view money as a means to cover expenses and focus on seeking a steady paycheck and job security. However, people with high net worth see it as a tool to grow their wealth and find ways to leverage money to work for them.

You value time over money

Prostock-studio/Adobe family of three sailing on yacht

Once you reach a certain level of wealth, you start to value your time more than you value money. Time is a finite resource, so the wealthy strive to optimize it as much as possible.

Many prioritize life experiences over material possessions and spend their time traveling, pursuing hobbies, and spending time with loved ones.

You've secured generational wealth

Kostiantyn/Adobe senior couple enjoying sunset

One of the most rewarding perks of being wealthy is the ability to pass that wealth on to your children and grandchildren. It ensures that future generations can continue building wealth and pass it on to their family.

Many use trusts and family foundations to distribute their money to the younger generations. Effective estate planning can facilitate a smooth transfer of assets and minimize tax burdens.

You support charities

zimmytws/Adobe charitable giving notes over bank notes

Once you have financial security and can buy the things you want, you may want to pay it forward and give back to society.

Many wealthy individuals support causes they care about that align with their values and beliefs. Giving money to charity can also provide tax deductions so the rich can reduce their tax liabilities.

You network with other affluent people

Jacob Lund/Adobe man greets female friends with wine

Wealthy people often network to secure investment opportunities, business deals, and access to exclusive clubs.

However, networking with other affluent individuals isn't solely about financial gain. People with high net worth often share similar lifestyles and interests, which can lead to deeper connections and relationships.

It can create a sense of belonging while benefiting from the financial opportunities that come with it.

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You're in the highest tax bracket

Vasyl/Adobe businessman in private jet

Single taxpayers with an income higher than $609,350 in 2024 are a part of the highest tax bracket with a tax rate of 37%.

Being in the highest tax bracket is a strong indicator you've officially joined the wealthy. It means you have a high earning capacity far exceeding average income levels.

Your passive income covers your living expenses

Falk/Adobe businessman in a luxurious first-class cabin

If your passive income streams cover your living expenses, it signals a high level of financial success. Passive income may come from stocks, royalties, or rental properties.

When you have passive income, you no longer rely solely on traditional work to make a living. You're making money all the time, even when you're sitting on the couch or sleeping!

You can send your kids to any college

VadimGuzhva/Adobe parents hug graduate son

Ivy League schools typically have high tuition fees, so it's often difficult for middle-class families to send their children there.

If you can afford to send your children to any college, it may be a sign that you've joined the wealthy.

Attending these prestigious colleges is often a status symbol for affluent families. It can prove their financial success and social standing.

You don't work for money

Gorodenkoff/Adobe man working from home on a laptop

With multiple streams of revenue and passive income, many wealthy people don't need to hold a traditional job.

However, many continue to work at their regular job for reasons that aren't financial. A career may bring a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It can offer a way to network and build connections with people while contributing to society.

You can take more vacations

Spotmatik/Adobe family eating dinner at outdoor beach

When you have a high net worth, you can take more time off from work. You can use the time to relax and rejuvenate or visit vacation destinations.

With more financial resources, you can splurge on fine dining, entertainment, and premium hotels and amenities. The possibilities for luxuries and experiences during vacation are nearly endless.

You have a team of professionals

Tyler Olson/Adobe people working in private jet

When you have a high net worth, assembling a team of financial advisors, tax consultants, lawyers, and estate planners is crucial. They can help assess risks, find investment opportunities, and develop a strategy to build your wealth.

Trusting your wealth management to a team of professionals can free up your time and alleviate some of the stress of making complex financial decisions.

Bottom line

Jacob Lund/Adobe couple enjoying each others company

Several indicators can signify that you're doing better financially and have joined the wealthy elite. 

Things like valuing time over money, taking the vacations you want, and sending your kids to an Ivy League college are just some examples that could mean you have a remarkably high net worth.

If you’ve recently received a large sum of money from an inheritance or the lottery, consider consulting a fiduciary financial advisor. A fiduciary must legally put your best interests first, not commissions or sales targets.

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