15 Cheap and Tasty Frozen Foods from Costco, Aldi, TJ's, and More

Check out the freezer aisle for these tasty treats.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Each time you shop at your favorite grocery store, there's a good chance you're missing out on some tasty foods hiding in the freezer aisle.

Following are examples of great frozen fare that you can find at some of the nation’s most popular grocery chains. Some of these items can help you cut your grocery bill while others simply taste great.

Mandarin Orange Chicken (Trader Joe’s)

Courtesy of Trader Joe's Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken

Mandarin Orange Chicken is one of the best-known items in Trader Joe’s freezer.

A 22-ounce bag from Trader Joe’s is $4.99 and packs plenty of flavors. You can eat it alone, put it on top of a bowl of rice, mix it with stir-fry vegetables, or try another recipe.

365 Market Chicken-Style Plant-Based Nuggets (Whole Foods)

Courtesy of Whole Foods 365 by Whole Foods Market chicken style plant-based nuggets

Whole Foods is a good place to find grocery store items with a healthy twist. Chicken-Style Plant-Based Nuggets are Whole Foods' take on a frozen staple that usually features meat. 

Prices may vary depending on where you live, but you should be able to grab a 10.5-ounce bag of vegan chicken nuggets for less than $5.

Good & Gather Margherita Pizza (Target)

Courtesy of Target Target Good Gather margherita pizza

Target has a line of delectable frozen foods under its Good & Gather store brand that are sure to make your mouth happy.

Check out the Signature Wood-Fired Margherita Frozen Pizza topped with grilled tomatoes and basil leaves in Target’s freezer section for $7.49. It’s great for an easy snack or dinner.

Kirkland Signature Chicken Wings (Costco)

Courtesy of Costco Costco Kirkland Signature chicken wings

Buying Kirkland Signature items is a smart Costco hack. Items with this brand usually cost less than name-brand versions but still offer top quality and taste.

Check out Kirkland Signature Chicken Wings, which are sold in a 10-pound bag for $31.99. That leaves you with plenty of wings, whether you want to make a few at a time or plan to serve them up at a barbecue with friends and family.

Mac and Cheese Bites (Trader Joe’s)

Courtesy of Trader Joe's Trader Joe's mac and cheese bites

Trader Joe’s has you covered if you need interesting appetizers for a party or simply want something new to snack on.

Check out your local store’s freezer for Mac and Cheese Bites for $3.99 for 10 bites. The bites are packed with plenty of cheese and pasta before being rolled in breadcrumbs to make them extra tasty.

Casa Mamita Beef or Chicken Taquitos (Aldi)

Courtesy of Aldi Aldi Casa Mamita beef or chicken taquitos

Aldi is a great place to save some cash on groceries and has great frozen selections if you’re trying to stay on a budget.

Check out Casa Mamita Beef or Chicken Taquitos from Aldi’s freezer section. You get 15 large taquitos stuffed with plenty of beef or chicken. Prices may vary depending on where you live, so check your local Aldi to see how much a box costs.

Ajinomoto Yakisoba with Vegetables (Costco)

Courtesy of Costco Costco Ajinomoto Yakisoba with Vegetables

Costco has you covered if you’re looking for a good mix of ingredients to pull together an easy dinner.

Ajinomoto Yakisoba with Vegetables features six packs of stir-fry noodles with vegetables in a tasty sauce for $16.99. Eat them as a side dish or add chicken, steak, shrimp, or other meat or seafood to make a delicious stir-fry dish.

Good & Gather Fettuccine Alfredo (Target)

Courtesy of Target Target Good Gather fettucine alfredo

Target’s Good & Gather has some great frozen pasta options, including its Fettuccine Alfredo.

The 22-ounce bag costs $4.99 and is packed with a rich, creamy sauce and plenty of pasta for an easy dinner meal. You can also step it up by adding your own spin with vegetables or chicken.

Good & Gather Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla Cones (Target)

Courtesy of Target Target Good & Gather Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla Cones

Target has some unique appetizers under its Good & Gather label that are perfect for a quick bite.

Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla Cones come packed with chicken, cheese, and green chile filling. You get nine cones for $5.79.

365 Market Zucchini Spirals (Whole Foods)

Courtesy of Whole Foods 365 by Whole Foods Market zucchini spirals

Give your basic vegetable options a twist with organic Zucchini Spirals from Whole Foods.

The Zucchini Spirals come in a 12-ounce package that allows you to steam them in the bag, making preparation a breeze. You can get them at Whole Foods for $4.19.

Pro tip: A great way to save at Amazon is to use your Prime membership to access discounts at Whole Foods.

Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend (Costco)

Courtesy of Costco Three berry blend costco

Smoothies can be a great way to start the morning or to get an easy pick-me-up in the afternoon. But preparing them can take a bit of work.

Kirkland Signature Three Berry Blend solves that problem. The four-pound bag features raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries, which you can use to make a quick smoothie. It will cost you $17.54 at your local Costco.

My/Mo Mochi (Aldi)

Courtesy of Instacart My Mochi Ice cream instacart

Aldi has some unique desserts if you want to try something different instead of standard ice cream.

Check your local Aldi freezer for My/Mo Mochi, which features flavors such as cookies and cream, strawberry, or sweet mango. This ice cream is wrapped in a sweet rice dough.

Riced Cauliflower Bowl (Trader Joe’s)

Courtesy of Trader Joe's Trader Joe’s Riced Cauliflower Bowl

If you’re getting tired of typical vegetables, try something different with Trader Joe’s spin on a typical head of cauliflower.

The Riced Cauliflower Bowl features marinated chickpeas, sweet potatoes, tofu, and more along with riced cauliflower to create a delicious vegan dish for $2.99.

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowl (Costco)

Courtesy of Costco Jimmy Dean breakfast bowl Coscto

Get the morning started with a Jimmy Dean Meat Lovers Breakfast Bowl.

The bowls feature potatoes and eggs, as well as sausage, bacon, and cheddar cheese. They come in a pack of eight for $15.99 after a $4.50 discount through April 23 at Costco.

Gone Bananas! (Trader Joe’s)

Courtesy of Trader Joe's Trader Joes gone bananas

If you’re looking for a unique dessert, check out Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas!

The eight-ounce box features plenty of slices of bananas dipped in a dark chocolate coating and frozen until it’s time to enjoy them at home.

Bottom line

littlewolf1989/Adobe female with shopping cart opening supermarket freezer

When you find a new favorite and discover it is on sale, stock up. One of the best things about frozen foods is that you can store them indefinitely in your freezer until you're ready to eat them.

These great frozen foods can put extra flavor on your plate and boost your savings when you’re finding it tough to make ends meet.

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