You Can Buy a Tesla for Less Than $25,000 From Hertz (While They Last)

It's not a prank, you can drive off in a Model 3 or Y for more than half off the sticker price.
Updated June 6, 2024
Fact checked
Tesla Model X P100D interior logo at the rear trunk

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Tesla has been the talk of electric vehicles for years, becoming the first truly mainstream EV. Many people still want to buy a Tesla but they just can't afford it, as they can run higher than a lot of gas-powered vehicles. If your dream car is a Tesla, your dream might be about to become a reality, if you act quickly. Car rental giant Hertz is selling about 20,000 models of the Model 3 and Y to anyone who can drive them off the lot. 

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How to get a cheap Tesla

Hertz’s Teslas are scattered around the country. Use the rental company’s car sale website near you to find one for sale. Because there are so many Tesla fans, it might be a good idea to call the dealership before you drive to the lot to make sure that the car wasn’t sold before you show up. It's expected that these vehicles might not last long so if you're interested you should make your move as quickly as you can. 

What’s the drawback to buying one of these Teslas?

When you slide into one of Hertz’s Teslas, you’re sliding into one of the most sought-after cars in the world. They’re sleek, modern, eco-friendly, and have low maintenance costs. They’ve also racked up lots of miles. The interior isn’t going to look brand spanking new, and because they’ve been used as rental cars, they may have a few quirks.

Buying any rental car comes with risks. The main reason that Hertz is selling the EVs is that they'd rather have an all-gas-powered fleet. These EVs depreciate quickly and have a higher damage repair cost, even though they’re easier to maintain when compared to a regular car. Keep in mind that while you can avoid wasting money by getting a bargain, they’ve been used by lots of drivers.

How much you would have to spend for a brand-new Tesla

If you’ve been eyeing Tesla, you probably know their prices. The base models of the 3, S, Y, and X range from $38,990 to $79,990. If you opt for a long-range, rather than a short-range model, the price can start to go up even more. 

The lower sticker price makes Hertz’s used Tesla seem attractive. It’s not often that you can find a used long-range Model 3 sedan under $30K or a Model Y that's cost is less than the price of Tesla’s sedan. This can be a great way to keep more money in your wallet. These prices make it very possible that they won't last long as Teslas don't come at this price very often. 

Costs of similar electric vehicles

How much are other used electric vehicles? Car Gurus has used Lucid Air and Rivian EVs priced between $69,799 to $154,000. That's probably out of the price range of most people. The best deal might be Kia’s EVs, whose used models are priced in the mid-30s and above. 

There are some affordable EVs in for the mid-20s such as the Chevy Bolt, but it might provide the same luxury you're looking for in a Tesla as not all EVs are the same. Even with a ding or two, Hertz’s used Teslas might be the most attractive and budget-worthy way to get into an electric vehicle.

Bottom line

Hertz’s used Tesla sale can be like Christmas all over again to you if you're an electric vehicle lover. Purchasing a status symbol that could run forever for around $20,000 doesn’t seem real, but it is. The only catch, aside from high mileage and a service record, is that potential owners may have to drive hundreds of miles to grab that car of their dreams. 

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