The Cost of a Dozen Roses in Each State

FinanceBuzz researched the cost of a dozen roses in every state so people across the country know how much they can expect to spend on a Valentine’s Day bouquet.
Updated April 11, 2024
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Red roses

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While there are many types of flowers people can give their beloved for Valentine’s Day, red roses are the ones most closely associated with the holiday. The gifting of a dozen red roses says “be mine.”

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many plan to buy their beloved a bouquet. In anticipation of the big day, the FinanceBuzz team collected data from florists and flower shops in every state to help people across the country anticipate how much they’ll likely spend if they send a dozen red roses to that special someone.

Key findings

  • The average price for a dozen long-stem red roses in the U.S. is $88.61.
  • The state where a dozen roses cost the most is Hawaii at $128.65. That’s 45% more expensive than the national average.
  • A dozen roses are most affordable in Alaska, costing $71.63 on average.

How much will a dozen roses cost this year? Average costs by state

A map of the United States showing the average cost of a dozen long-stem roses in each state.

States where a dozen roses are the most expensive

Across the country, the average cost of a dozen roses is $88.61. The average cost in 21 states lands within five dollars of that total. Still, there are some states where costs are much higher or much lower, with factors such as climate, taxes, shipping costs, and more impacting how much roses cost from one state to another.

Hawaii is the state where roses are the most expensive, with a bouquet costing more than $128 on average — 45% more expensive than the national average. That total is also $20 more expensive than any other state.

State Cost of a dozen roses
Hawaii $128.65
Wyoming $108.63
Maryland $106.65
Montana $105.00
Washington $101.66
South Dakota $100.30
Delaware $99.97
Michigan $98.33
Idaho $96.97
North Dakota $95.63

Four different Great Plains states are among the 10 where roses are most expensive. Wyoming is the most expensive of the Great Plains group at $108.63, which is also the second-highest cost in the entire country.

Montana is the fourth most expensive state in the country at $105 per dozen, while both South Dakota ($100.30) and North Dakota ($95.63) land in the top 10.

Maryland is the third-most-expensive state for roses, with an average cost of $106.65 per dozen. Washington on the opposite coast rounds out the top five with a cost of $101.66.

States where a dozen roses are the least expensive

Alaska is the state where roses are the least expensive. A bouquet of a dozen roses costs just $71.63 on average. That is more than 19% less than the national average and $57 less than what it costs to buy the same number of roses in Hawaii.

State Cost of a dozen roses
Alaska $71.63
Massachusetts $72.97
California $73.33
Oregon $74.98
Rhode Island $74.99
Virginia $76.86
Colorado $78.33
Illinois $78.33
Wisconsin $78.99
Louisiana $79.65

Massachusetts has the second-most affordable roses, with a cost of $72.97. California, Oregon, and Rhode Island are the other states where a dozen roses for your main squeeze will cost less than $75 on average.

Tips for finding savings you’ll love

No matter what a dozen roses cost where you live, it’s possible to find ways to pay for flowers or other gifts for loved ones.

  • Budget for holidays and gifts. Creating a budget to manage your money helps you save up to buy gifts for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.
  • Make some extra cash. Finding a side hustle can help you pay for gift giving. Here are 25 ways to make extra money for special occasions (or anything else).
  • Earn rewards with a shopping portal. For holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, shopping portals will often offer extra rewards on purchases like flowers. Try Rakuten to earn rewards and cash back for ordering online.


To compile the data shown above, FinanceBuzz researchers recorded the price for a standard order of one dozen long-stem red roses from at least three individual florists or flower shops in each state. We averaged these figures to create a value for each state.

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