9 Fun Things You’ll See in the Costco-Themed Monopoly Game

Challenge your friends to the ultimate shopping showdown in Costco Monopoly.
Updated Dec. 5, 2023
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There are plenty of ways to show off your status as a Costco superfan who loves to save money shopping, such as a Kirkland Signature hoodie or sweatpants.

But now you have a new way to show off your love for Costco with the Costco Monopoly game. Monopoly fans can also get excited about getting a different edition of the board game that combines their love of Monopoly with their favorite warehouse retailer.

What can you expect from the new Costco board game? Here are a few things to keep an eye out for when you get your own Costco Monopoly game.

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You can buy Costco Monopoly at Costco

Courtesy of Costco costco wholesale monopoly game box

Costco Monopoly is the perfect item to check for the next time you go to your local Costco, especially if you’re starting holiday shopping now for your favorite Costco fan.

But don’t worry if you can’t find it on a Costco shelf. You can also order the board game from Costco’s website for $44.99, although it may be cheaper in-store.

Costco token pieces

Courtesy of Costco costco monopoly tokens on white paper

Forget the car, top hat, or wheelbarrow. Costco has its own unique Monopoly pieces for you to choose from.

Grab a pizza slice, shopping cart, pallet jack, Costco employee badge, or a mini version of Costco’s iconic big bear to make your way around the board. The tokens also feature Costco’s signature hot dog and a drink you can pick up at the food court for only $1.50.

Oversized board

Courtesy of Costco oversized costco monopoly game board

The standard Monopoly board is a square 20 inches by 20 inches. But just like its stores, Costco decided to go bigger with its Monopoly board.

Make sure you have extra room on your gaming table for the Costco version, which comes in at 22 inches by 22 inches to give you and your fellow Costco fans extra room to play.

Costco locations from around the world

Courtesy of Costco world locations on costco monopoly tokens

Instead of picking up property like Pennsylvania Avenue to Park Place, each property box is an illustration of a city with a Costco location.

Check out the spots for places like Stockholm, Seoul, San Diego, and Seattle near Costco’s company headquarters in Washington state.

Costco pieces for building

Courtesy of Costco colorful costco monopoly pieces for building

You may be used to the typical Monopoly board that allows you to build houses and hotels on your properties to earn more money. But Costco isn’t a houses and hotels kind of company.

Instead, you can put little red picnic tables on your properties to start collecting rent from your opponents, or you can upgrade to blue warehouses and collect even more cash.

Chance cards that look like Costco cards

Courtesy of Costco costco membership cards on white background

Chance cards can give you a good or bad break when you’re playing a regular Monopoly game.

But in Costco Monopoly, those basic cards are replaced by cards that look like Costco’s Gold Star membership and Executive membership cards. They also sit on the game board in cute mini pallets shaped like the cards.

Well-researched artwork

Courtesy of Costco instructions on costco monopoly game box

Chuck Dillon, who did the art for the Costco Monopoly board, said he researched different Costco locations to make sure he got them right for the art on the board.

Dillon took more than a year to complete the project for the Costco board, with plenty of research and drawing before the final product was ready for Costco fans.

Over 200 characters in the center of the board

Courtesy of Costco 200 characters at costco monopoly board

One of the things Dillon worked hard on was the illustration in the center of the board that shows off all kinds of people shopping at Costco.

There are more than 200 characters in that center square you can check out while you’re playing. Find your favorite shopper or spot the family eating at the iconic red picnic tables in the food court.

Red and blue dice

alexmillos/Adobe red blue dices on white background

Costco decided to swap the basic black and white dice for something much more colorful to make it look even more like a Costco board game.

The boring dice have been replaced by blue and red dice that perfectly match Costco’s logo. It’s a little detail that super fans are sure to enjoy.

Fans love it

tong2530/Adobe family playing costco monopoly game

Some fans already have their hands on the new board game and said great things about it.

"This is an oversized board with the most amazing details that include every Costco staple, big and small,” declared one fan on Instagram.

And fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, declared, “I definitely want it,” and “Oh, Costco, just take my money!”

Bottom line

Andy/Adobe costco wholesale membership card in hand

There are plenty of great Costco hacks that can save you money, including a few you might pick up while playing Costco Monopoly.

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