14 In-Demand Tech Jobs That Could Earn You $100K or More

A $100K salary is just the starting point for these tech careers.
Updated Aug. 8, 2023
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A 2022 Center on Rural Innovation study showed that while 60% of rural residents are interested in tech jobs, only around 244,000 tech jobs are performed in rural America.

Whether you live in rural America, a suburb, or a city center, tech jobs are among the most lucrative careers on the job market. 

Learn more about 14 top-paying tech jobs, including average salaries and job descriptions, so you can make an informed decision about your next career move and build more wealth.

Mobile application developer

baranq/Adobe male website developer posing for picture

The average salary for app developers ranges from $119,000 a year to $167,250, per data from Robert Half Staffing Solutions. Mobile application developers design apps across operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.

Since around 85% of Americans use smartphones, there’s always a demand for app developers to create, test, and update apps of all kinds.

DevOps engineer

Andrey Popov/Adobe happy african american female web developer

DevOps engineers (an abbreviation of development operations) can make a starting salary of $108,250, though top-tier engineers make an average of up to $157,500.

As a DevOps engineer, you would oversee software development and deployment across a larger organization. The job requires top-notch organizational and management skills and in-depth knowledge of streamlining and updating crucial business software.

Site reliability engineer

peopleimages.com/Adobe male programmer coding late at night

Site reliability engineers have a typical starting salary of around $106,000, which can range up to an average salary of $159,500 with enough experience. 

Site reliability engineers maintain a software application’s reliability across an organization to ensure operations run smoothly amid developer updates and deployments.

Front-end developer

kasto/Adobe colleagues coding at work together

While a front-end developer’s average starting salary is under $100,000 (closer to $81,000 to start), experienced front-end developers can earn up to $132,750 a year. 

Front-end devs maintain user interfaces on a website, creating components and designing site layouts to ensure users have a smooth, seamless site experience.

Web developer

MIND AND I/Adobe asian web developer working with colleague

The average starting salary for a web developer is around $89,000, though senior web developers with years of experience can earn up to $153,250. 

While front-end developers focus solely on the portion of a website users interact with, web developers usually build a site from the ground up. 

As a result, they usually end up working on both the front and back ends of a site’s development.

Ecommerce analyst

Song_about_summer/Adobe businessman analysing progress on tablet

A typical ecommerce analyst starts out earning around $90,250, but once they gain experience, they can earn up to $126,500 on average. As the title suggests, ecommerce analysts spend their time analyzing a site’s e-commerce performance.

You’d likely analyze your company’s website’s sales trends in this role. You’d also create reports and collaborate with advertisers, marketers, and developers to improve user experience with the site and increase online sales.

AI architect

Gorodenkoff/Adobe confident female web developer at work

An AI architect is a relatively new career with an average starting salary of $128,750. At the high end, AI architects can make as much as $178,250 annually.

AI architects create strategies for implementing artificial intelligence systems across enterprises. The position requires architects to understand the needs of every tech specialist on the team, from DevOps engineers to data security specialists.

Business intelligence analyst

THANANIT/Adobe asian business woman working on laptop

As a business intelligence analyst in the tech field, you could start making $98,750 a year, but that salary could range up to $143,000 with enough experience.

Generally speaking, a business intelligence analyst curates data about a business’s performance, offers insights into the data, and helps its stakeholders make wise decisions that improve its financial standing. 

Analysts need to know the best methods of curating data, sorting through vast amounts of information, and condensing that information into actionable insights.

Database manager

Ticha/Adobe business woman checking virtual checklist

A typical database manager’s starting salary is around $120,250 and can increase to $167,250. 

As a database manager, you’d ensure your company’s databases stay safe and secure. You’d also maintain the database and ensure company stakeholders can securely access the data they need.

Data architect

Blue Planet Studio/Adobe lawyer thinking about judiciary at table

Data architects can start making $131,500, but they can earn as much as $182,250 a year with time and experience. Data architects strategize modes of data collection and conceptualize systems that can manage and extract that data.

In other words, data architects draft the blueprints for critical company structures, though their building blocks are coding languages rather than physical materials.

Big data engineer

peopleimages.com/Adobe man using laptop to develop codes

The average starting salary for a big data engineer is around $119,250, though the salary ranges up to $170,250. Big data engineers are responsible for building systems that accommodate a company’s data.

Typically, they work closely with data architects to bring their database structures and systems to life. They also update and maintain those systems and extract large data sets that help company analysts make informed decisions about business operations.

Data scientist

Artem/Adobe business woman standing beside coding monitors

An entry-level data scientist can expect to make an average of $116,250, though advanced data scientists can make as much as $168,500 per annum.

Data scientists analyze the data sets curated, maintained, and extracted by big data engineers and other IT professionals. Their findings can help a business stay fiscally viable, understand its customer base and personnel, and grow its bottom line.

IT auditor

Liubomir/Adobe man looking thoughtfully through office budget

The average IT auditor starts their career on a salary of $102,250, but they may eventually make up to $146,750. 

IT auditors oversee a company or organization’s technological systems, frequently reviewing them to ensure they’re safe, secure, and functional. 

IT auditors also create and implement the methodical review processes that ensure company systems are up to date.

Quality assurance (QA) engineer

NongAsimo/Adobe businessman checking quality controls using laptop

Entry-level QA engineers can expect to make an average of $79,000, but salaries can range upwards of $111,000 with time and experience.

As a quality assurance engineer, you would ensure your company’s software products are up to par before they’re sold to consumers, including testing products at each developmental stage and troubleshooting for bugs and other issues. 

Quality assurance engineers also create testing procedures and might set company product standards before they hit the market.

Bottom line

Surachetsh/Adobe asian woman with laptop at work

Getting into a six-figure tech job requires a good deal of training and on-the-job experience. 

Fortunately, all sorts of online coding schools and hands-on training programs can help you move beyond living paycheck to paycheck

With some training, it’s entirely possible to move into a career that pays you what you’re worth.

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