Which Pet Insurance Companies Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

Pets can still receive coverage if you pick the right insurer.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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If your pet has a pre-existing condition, finding insurance coverage can be a challenge. The hard truth is that the vast majority of insurers will not cover a pet’s pre-existing condition. 

However, once the pet has been symptom-free for a while, many conditions will no longer be classified as pre-existing.

In addition, pets with pre-existing conditions can still get coverage for other ailments. So, if you are hoping to find pet insurance that can eliminate some money stress, take a look at the coverage from these pet insurance companies.

AKC Pet Insurance

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AKC Pet Insurance is the one insurer on this list that genuinely offers coverage for pre-existing conditions. This can be a game changer and help you keep more money in your bank account over time. 

There are limitations, however. For example, there is a 12-month waiting period before the condition will be insured. Coverage includes conditions such as urinary tract infections, allergies, chronic ear infections, and gastrointestinal conditions.

Be sure to verify if your pet’s specific condition is covered before obtaining coverage.

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Africa Studio/Adobe female veterinarian examining cat on table at clinic

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance provides coverage for pets who have pre-existing conditions. However, coverage is limited to accidents and illnesses outside of those conditions.

This means the plan doesn’t cover ailments directly related to the health condition your pet already has.

However, ASPCA says many conditions are no longer considered to be pre-existing if they are “curable, cured, and free of symptoms and treatments for 180 days.”

Pets Best Pet Health Insurance

Валентина Свиридо/Adobe vet holding kitten and puppy together for examination at clinic

Pets Best will not cover pre-existing conditions. However, you can still enroll your pet for coverage for future illnesses and ailments similar to how your own health insurance likely works. 

Embrace Pet Insurance

JPC-PROD/Adobe african american vet standing in luxurious pet hospital holding cute dogs

Embrace Pet Insurance provides nose-to-tail coverage for pets who have an unexpected injury and illness. It may even cover prescription medications and dental work.

However, it doesn’t cover the care costs associated with pre-existing conditions.

It might eventually cover pre-existing conditions that are considered curable, such as vomiting or ear infections. The pet will need to go 12 months symptom-free before coverage can kick in.


Vasyl/Adobe male vet smiling while holding cat in hand at clinic

A great Costco hack is to purchase pet insurance from the retailer.

Costco Gold Star and Business members may qualify for a 15% discount on pet insurance through Figo. While you can receive up to 100% back in medical costs for some care, the plan doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions.

Prudent Pet Insurance

Monkey Business/Adobe injured dog on table with female vet in the background.

Prudent Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, many conditions no longer fall into that category when the pet is free from symptoms or treatment for the condition for a full 365 days.

Spot Pet Insurance

santypan/Adobe female veterinarian sitting on floor holding yellow cat and dog in clinic

Spot Pet Insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. However, as with many insurers on this list, it will cover many ailments that previously were considered to be pre-existing once the pet has been symptom-free for a period.

With Spot Pet Insurance, the period is 180 days.


Gorodenkoff/Adobe female veterinarian making cat walk on examination table with owner standing besides her

Fetch Pet Insurance will cover pre-existing conditions that can be fully resolved without any signs or symptoms of the condition for 12 months.

The company uses the pet’s medical records and documentation to establish whether a pre-existing condition exists.

Pro tip: If you can't find the right insurance you could earn some extra cash and put it away in an emergency fund to pay for any unexpected pet illnesses. 

Figo Pet Insurance

Prostock-studio/Adobe male veterinarian talking to female pet owner at clinic

Figo will not cover pre-existing conditions. However, it says pets with a pre-existing condition — or even multiple conditions — can be covered for ailments not related to the pre-existing condition.


Kzenon/Adobe cat and dog on table getting groomed by female pet hair dresser along with owner

Lemonade Pet Insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. You can still get a policy for a pet with a pre-existing condition. However, coverage will be limited to new ailments and injuries.

Bottom line

Monkey Business/Adobe people sitting on chairs waiting for their turn with their dogs at veterinary clinic

The sooner you get pet insurance in place, the more likely you are to have coverage that will protect your furry friend and potentially keep more money in your wallet.

Remember that many pet insurance policies also have a waiting period. If your pet is diagnosed with a condition during that time, coverage may not apply. It is another reason to purchase coverage sooner rather than later.

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