The Cost of a Glass of Rosé in Every State

FinanceBuzz researched rosé wine prices in every state to find where wine drinkers can expect to pay the most and least for this drink across the country.

Glasses of rosé wine
Updated May 13, 2024
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The second Saturday in June is National Rosé Day, which falls on June 11 this year. The easy-to-drink pink wine has grown in popularity for the better part of the last decade — a trend that shows no signs of stopping.

For those planning to partake in National Rosé Day, FinanceBuzz calculated the average price for rosé at bars and restaurants around the country. We determined how much people in every state can expect to pay for a glass.

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Key findings

  • The average price for a glass of rosé around the country is $10.06.
  • The state where a rosé costs the most is Nevada, at $12.70. Three other states — California, New York, and Hawaii — have prices of $12 or more.
  • A glass of rosé is most affordable in Mississippi and South Dakota, costing just $8.30 on average. Only one other state, North Dakota ($8.43), has an average cost under $8.50.

The average cost of a rosé in every state

Map showing the average cost for a glass of rosé wine in every state

FinanceBuzz collected data from over 500 restaurants and bars across the U.S. to find out how much they charge for a regular-size glass of rosé. We determined the average cost for a glass of rosé is $10.06.

States where rosé is the most expensive

Top 10* most expensive states for a rosé
Rank State Average cost Percent above national average
1 Nevada $12.70 26%
2 California $12.50 24%
3 (tie) New York $12.30 22%
3 (tie) Hawaii $12.30 22%
5 (tie) Massachusetts $11.60 15%
5 (tie) Minnesota $11.60 15%
7 Maine $11.40 13%
8 Washington $11.20 11%
9 Utah $11.10 10%
10 (tie) Kansas $10.90 8%
10 (tie) New Jersey $10.90 8%
*11 states listed here due to ties

In our analysis, we found that Nevada bar-goers are paying the most for a rosé. Nevada’s average price of $12.70 is more than $2.50 above the national average. California, New York, and Hawaii join Nevada with rosé price tags in excess of $12.

Two more states — Massachusetts and Minnesota — charge more than $11.50 for a single glass of the pink drink. Maine, Washington, and Utah all exceed $11 per glass on average.

All told, that makes nine states that charge a full dollar more than the national average for a rosé.

States where rosé is the least expensive

Top 10 least expensive states for a rosé
Rank State Average cost Percent below national average
1 (tie) Mississippi $8.30 -17%
1 (tie) South Dakota $8.30 -17%
3 North Dakota $8.43 -16%
4 West Virginia $8.60 -14%
5 Idaho $8.70 -13%
6 (tie) Nebraska $8.90 -12%
6 (tie) Oklahoma $8.90 -12%
8 Montana $8.93 -11%
9 North Carolina $9.05 -10%
10 Illinois $9.08 -10%

While the states where rosé is most expensive are fairly spread out, many of the places where a glass is most affordable can be found in the Great Plains region.

Five different states from Great Plains are among the ten where a glass of rosé is the least expensive. These states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Montana. A sixth state on the list, Idaho, isn’t technically part of the Great Plains yet is still quite close in the neighboring Rocky Mountain region.

One of those Great Plains states, South Dakota, has the lowest average cost for a glass of rosé at $8.30, an honor it shares with Mississippi. That price is more than $1.50 cheaper per glass than the national average.

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FinanceBuzz collected the price for a regular size glass of rosé wine (approximately 5 ounces) from current online menus from 10 different restaurants or bars in each state and then averaged those prices to find the average cost for a glass of rosé in every state. Price data was collected from May 12-May 25, 2022.

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