Seasonal Jobs at Costco: 15 Critical Things To Know Before You Apply

From perks to pitfalls, these 15 details will prepare you for your Costco seasonal adventure.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Seasonal work can be an excellent way to make extra cash during the holidays, and you may be looking at different places to get a job.

One of those places on your list should be Costco, which adds seasonal workers each year around this time to help out with different jobs throughout its company.

How can you get one of these coveted jobs at Costco? Here are a few things you should know.

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Check Costco’s careers website

Prostock-studio/Adobe Man reading an e-book on his digital tablet.

Costco has a website specifically for jobs with the company, which may be a good place for you to start your job search.

Check the website and find out if Costco has a location near you with open positions for seasonal help. You may be surprised to find different options in a location that can fit your talents or may not require much previous experience.

Call your local Costco

Moon Safari/Adobe Joyful business owner conversing on a cell phone.

Some Costcos may list job openings but also allow you to call and talk to a hiring manager to learn more about seasonal availability.

These policies could vary from store to store, so find out what the specific protocol is for the location you’re interested in.

Benefits may be limited

fizkes/Adobe Joyful young lady reading a letter at home.

Costco’s long-time workers get different benefits, such as health care or paid vacation time.

Unfortunately, these benefits may not apply to you as a seasonal worker, so don’t assume you’ll be able to take advantage of Costco’s benefit package if you get hired.

Ask your hiring manager if there are any additional benefits you may get as a seasonal employee at a particular location.

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Hours can vary

amfer75/Adobe Person highlighting events on calendar for coming months.

You may be excited to work a large number of hours or perhaps just need some weekend work to earn a little extra cash.

Check with your local Costco when you apply to find out when it expects you to work and how many hours each week.

This could be particularly important if you plan to do seasonal work at Costco as a side hustle and need to balance your Costco hours with another job.

Dress appropriately

AntonioDiaz/Adobe Young man being interviewed for a job position.

A job at Costco will not require a suit and tie, but you still need to dress appropriately for the position you’ll be working in.

Consider clean clothes like a good pair of jeans that aren’t worn out and a polo shirt or nice shirt that you can work in while also representing Costco well.

You also may want to step up your casual and clean look if you go in to do a job interview with Costco so you can make a good impression.

You might have to interview

Monkey Business/Adobe Businesswoman interviewing  female candidate in office setting.

If Costco is interested in you as a possible seasonal employee, you might have to interview as part of the process.

The hiring manager could ask you typical questions about any previous work experience or relevant work you may have in retail, so be prepared.

Take questions with you

imtmphoto/Adobe Dubious interviewer observing candidate.

Landing an interview is an important step, and you’ll want to make a good impression when you meet the hiring manager.

In addition to questions they may ask you, it’s also a good idea to ask them questions about the position to show your interest in the role.

You may want to ask about the hours you could be working or what they expect from you in terms of how you dress or how you interact with customers.

Mention certifications or licenses

Drazen/Adobe Job applicant holding her resume during the interview.

Some jobs could require certifications or licenses, putting you ahead of other applicants for a particular position.

Mention a forklift certification if they need help with inventory, or highlight a certification to be a food manager and handle food.

Expect competition

dusanpetkovic1/Adobe Individuals seated in chairs with portfolios prior to job interview.

Costco is well known for its pay and benefits, so there could be competition to get a job at the retailer, even for a seasonal position.

Find ways to make you stand out in the hiring process, and don’t be discouraged if you miss out on getting a position. It may be a good idea to keep trying until one comes your way.

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You have to do an orientation

djrandco/Adobe Recruiter discovers a misrepresentation in candidate's resume.

Costco, like other retailers, usually has an orientation meeting for new hires, so make sure you plan for that and attend.

Orientation can include a tour of the warehouse, filling out paperwork, and watching videos to learn more about the company you’ll be working for and what will be expected of you.

You may have to do a drug test

Have a nice day/Adobe Stethoscope placed on a desk with a clipboard and laptop.

You’ll want to check with a hiring manager to see if a drug test is part of the process to get hired. Specific local or state regulations may factor into the need for a drug test.

You should also be aware of laws regarding drug testing and marijuana in your state. Some states may legally allow for the sale of the drug, but Costco may have restrictions on the use of the drug by potential employees.

Sample workers aren’t Costco employees

Hanoi Photography/Adobe Rich nutritional cereals alongwith takeaway food.

You may be excited about getting a job handing out holiday samples to customers who walk by. After all, samples are one of the best things about shopping at Costco.

However, the Costco sample workers are third-party workers who don’t get paid by Costco or receive Costco benefits.

Consider a position with those third-party vendors if you’re set on samples, or consider a different position at Costco.

You can move into a full-time position

Natee Meepian/Adobe A woman lookin laptop enthusiastically shouting yes.

Costco may not have full-time positions open regularly, but you could be considered for one if you’re working seasonally.

It’s important to make a good impression on Costco staff and managers as a seasonal employee. It could make you a good candidate for a permanent position.

Seasonal hours aren’t considered full-time hours

Tyler Olson/Adobe Saleswoman Standing Arms Crossed In Butcher's Shop.

It can be great to build relationships and job experience as a seasonal worker at Costco, but they may not translate to full-time Costco hours.

In other words, your experience as a seasonal worker may not count toward years of service or hours that can be used to earn benefits.

It could be easier to get hired at a new warehouse

dusanpetkovic1/Adobe A male student concentrates on his studies at a library desk.

Many Costco warehouses need seasonal workers, but some may need them more than others.

See if there’s a Costco in your area in a new location, which means it will need to bring in more workers to run the warehouse than an established location. Because of that, you may have a better chance of getting a seasonal job there than an older spot.

Bottom line

Kaspars Grinvalds/Adobe Woman filling online job application form.

Costco can be an excellent way to pick up a little extra cash as a side hustle or as your main job during the holiday season.

The holiday shopping season is practically here. Start applying as soon as possible.

You should also try some Costco shopping hacks while you’re working there that can help you save money as a customer, especially during the holidays.

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