15 Little-Known Tricks Some Homeowners Use to Sell Their Houses Faster

Try these simple, tried-and-true, and unique steps to sell your home fast.
Updated April 1, 2023
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The real estate market is all over the place lately. But if you need to move to a bigger home or a new state for a job, or you’re looking to downsize, you may not be able to wait for the market to improve. 

You want to sell your home now, but to do that, you need the right strategy. Fortunately, you don’t have to drop your price to a crazy-low level to make it happen and avoid throwing away your money.

These 15 tips will help you to sell your home fast, even in the current market.

Get expertise behind you

Drazen /Adobe real estate agent with a happy couple

You’re likely not a real estate agent, and that means you may not have the experience to really push the sale of this home. Hiring a real estate agent is a wise move, and the buyer often shares a portion of the cost. 

An agent not only knows how to market your home but will also have network connections and industry insight to share. They know how to price your home for the best return and timeline.

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Clean out the clutter

coralimages/Adobe closet in luxurious house

A survey from Zillow found that 64% of buyers believe storage is a huge factor when buying a home. If all of your storage is packed with boxes and “stuff,” that’s making your home seem small. 

Potential buyers are going to open the closets and look in the attic and basement. So, if you want to sell your home, you need to get everything out of the home that you can to help it feel roomy and with ample storage.

Keep it clean

Andrey Popov/Adobe young woman cleaning the shelf in house

When you want to move fast, you need to make your home look as good as possible. A dirty house is going to put off many buyers who don’t want to contend with cleaning, painting, and updating before they move in. 

The entire home should be clean but pay particular attention to carpets (get them professionally cleaned), walls, doors, and windows. Sweep out everything, clean off the scuff marks on the baseboards, and even dust the fan blades.

Price your home based on recent sales

Zamrznuti tonovi/Adobe diverse couple using laptop and looking into the blueprints

It’s a mistake to price your home based on what you paid for it or on what your neighbor paid last year. Instead, work with your agent to determine the most likely sales point for your home based on recent comps. 

Market data will indicate how much homes of the same size and style in your community sold for in the last six months, so use this as a guiding tool.

If you price your home too far ahead of the market, you’re not going to attract buyers who know the value of the neighborhood.

Set a strategic price

Daenin/Adobe male real estate agent using calculator to show mortgage cost

A strategic price is one that’s aligned to bring in the most buyers. When choosing to sell your home, position it to get the most people looking at it. 

When someone is looking for a home to buy that’s under $300,000, your home priced at $305,000 isn’t even in their search results. However, going for $299,900 will put you on their list.

Offer an incentive

wutzkoh/Adobe investors signing contract paper about buying a new home

Are you moving across the country and need to sell your home within 60 days? Offer some type of sales incentive for those who can help you. For example, agree to pay the buyer’s closing costs if they bring an all-cash offer. 

While all-cash offers can be harder to find in some markets, offering a great deal like this can help more people consider the option, especially those looking for a good deal.

Include the appliances

coralimages/Adobe amazing luxury kitchen interior

One way to sell a home faster could be to simply offer to include the appliances. 

Now, there are some things that could hold buyers back, like that old piano or moldy hot tub in the backyard. Get rid of those. 

However, if you have modern, functioning appliances in your home, make it a point to note that you’re including them in the sale of the home. That will convince some first-time home buyers to take your property more seriously.

De-personalize your home

fizkes/Adobe woman cleaning modern apartment

This can be hard to do, but it’s part of the moving process anyway. Take down the photos of your family, remove the kid’s artwork, and put away the religious or political items. These things showcase that this is your home. 

Your goal, though, is to help people see that they can make this their own home. By removing personal items, you’re clearing the way for them to see themselves in your space.

Take magical pictures

FollowTheFlow/Adobe a living area with grey sofa, stylish furniture and art on the wall

You may know the importance of good-quality listing photos that help showcase the details of your home. Take it a step further with beautiful shots. 

If the sun streams through the skylights in the morning, get a photo of that. If that bathtub is the perfect place for candles and relaxation, make sure that it comes through in a staged photo. 

Is the backyard beautiful when the solar lights come on at night? Perhaps there are architectural details that help your home stand out.

Create curb appeal

Iriana Shiyan/Adobe nice fenced backyard with new planting beds

Many people make the decision on whether to buy a home or not based on their first impression. That means your curb appeal has to be on target. 

Clear walkways, trim back bushes and trees, and be sure there are no mildew spots on the siding. You also want to make sure the flowerbeds are clean, so they look easy to care for and the grass is properly mowed and green. 

Add a few flowers, and don’t forget to dress up the area around the door to make it feel welcoming.

Offer a 3D virtual tour

Cody/Adobe A cameraman walking through house

People love virtual reality, but they also enjoy simple videos that showcase what a home looks and feels like. 

It’s a good idea to work with a local videographer to create a 3D walking tour of your home as a way to help people really feel what it has to offer. 

Your realtor should be able to arrange for this (another reason to use one). That way, only seriously interested buyers will schedule a showing.

Get rid of odors

Iuliia Pilipeichenko/Adobe girl lights a candle at her desk at home

You may have heard that baking some cookies before a showing or open house is a good idea. What’s even more important, though, is getting rid of any bad odors. 

Cleaning the carpeting and upholstery will help with this, but plan to keep windows open, run fans, and consider having the ductwork cleaned if there are strong scents in your home. 

You can also add some fresh lemons to the home but don’t use chemical fragrances, or people may wonder what you’re hiding.

Inject some urgency into your listing description

KseniaJoyg/Adobe alarm clock stands on a wooden table

Your listing description should be thorough and outline everything the home has to offer. Then, incorporate a bit of urgency into it. 

A statement such as “Accepting offers through DATE,” will make people think they have to make a decision right away. You want them to pull the trigger if they are a serious buyer.

Attract better buyers

fizkes/Adobe girl exploring big modern house after moving in

Though you may be trying to sell before a downturn hits and you want to get out fast, setting some qualifications for would-be buyers heading into a transaction could be critical. 

For example, you may not be accepting offers from buyers who don’t have preapproval from a lender. That means the lender is ready to move the process forward, likely limiting delays.

Sell to someone you know

Davide Angelini/Adobe millennial couple receiving keys from realtor

Whether it’s a local investor or a friend, selling your home to someone in the community that you know is in the market may help to speed up the process and save you some time. 

You may be able to sell the home as a for-sale-by-owner property then and keep more of the value in your pocket.

Bottom line

Studio Romantic/Adobe small wooden house on the background of a young family

These tips can help you to take it to the next level, but ultimately, you don’t want to sell your home for too little and regret that decision later.

Maybe you're buying elsewhere or maybe downsizing for retirement. Whatever your reason is, the faster the sale, the sooner you can move into your new home and eliminate some financial stress

If you’re unsure where to get started, turn to a real estate agent in the area that’s known for an aggressive, get-it-done attitude.

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