14 Side Hustles for Anyone Who Loves Music

Listen up and learn about ways to make money if you are a musician or music lover.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Music can be a wonderful thing to enjoy and a great hobby. But could there be a way to use your love of music to earn cash? We think so.

The right music side hustle might bring in enough extra income to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck or actually enjoy your career. Following are 14 ways to marry your passion for music with your need for money.

Music teacher

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If you play an instrument and want to pass on your knowledge to others, consider becoming a music teacher.

Perhaps you can teach lessons in person. Or, you can become a tutor and help students via video classes to get them to the next level musically.

There is a good chance you will set your own hours as a music teacher, which is helpful for those who need flexibility.

Blog or freelance writer

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Start your own blog and write about music. Or, become a freelance writer and get paid to write about musical topics.

As a music writer, you might do everything from interviewing bands to writing concert reviews. There are plenty of musical topics that you can focus on.

YouTube content producer

igor_kell/Adobe international friends make video for blog

Become a music content producer and earn cash by posting your videos on places like YouTube.

You can listen to songs and explain them to viewers, introduce music listeners to new artists, or even create a series of videos to teach others how to play an instrument.


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If your love for music includes creating and writing lyrics and music, you might use songwriting skills as part of a side hustle.

Songwriters write music for themselves or for other artists. You might even team up with a songwriting partner and put together notes and lyrics that you can sell to other artists.

Event band member

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A great music side hustle is joining a band and performing at weddings and other weekend events and parties. If you live in the right area you could even take on short cruises and provide music for guests.

You can perform covers of songs or write original tunes to keep guests on the dance floor.

Event disc jockey

Blue Jean Images/Adobe DJ doing record scratching in nightclub

You don’t have to be a musician or singer to be hired for events. Consider becoming a disc jockey to earn some extra cash instead.

A DJ might curate a list of songs perfect for a particular event. You may want to create playlists to market yourself.

Voiceover talent

kosach 166/Adobe Recording in a studio

Are you a singer? Then you may be able to take that great voice and use it for a side hustle doing voiceover work.

Since you already understand what a good voice sounds like on a microphone, consider using that talent for different projects, such as advertisements and promos for local radio or television stations. 

You may also want to consider becoming the voice of audiobooks.

Sell your own music online

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If you like making music, find ways to sell your tunes to make some extra money.

You can upload songs to music services for listeners to buy or put them on streaming services to get more listeners interested in your music.

Pro tip: Turning your love of music into a side hustle might help you earn enough extra money that you can retire early — or at least retire more comfortably.

Record music for other artists

Burlingham/Adobe female vocalist working with sound engineer in a recording studio

It may take a little upfront investment to create a good recording space, but it can also pay rewards if you offer the opportunity for others to record their music.

Talk to musicians in your area to find out what they need in a recording studio. Then, rent out the space to others.

You might even be able to charge a premium for certain features you offer that are not available at other studios in the area.


rawpixel.com/Adobe businesswoman interviewed for a podcast

Put your love of music into a podcast that other music fans will enjoy.

Choose any number of topics you love talking about, such as music history or new music. You could also interview local artists about their music or talk to other fans about what they enjoy listening to.

Book author

VadimGuzhva/Adobe pensive freelance text writer working at desk

Do you have an interest in a particular music topic and want to write more about it? Turn that passion into a side hustle and earn money as an author.

Think about topics you might want to write about and do some research to find out the best way to get ideas published. Consider hiring an agent who can sell the rights to your book to a publisher. Or, self-publish your book to make money.

Graphic designer

puhhha/Adobe designers working on a web project

Are you a music fan without musical talent? Consider using your gifts for creating visual art in the service of music.

For example, you can design graphics, promotional posters, and other materials for local musicians.

Social media influencer

sitthiphong/Adobe vlogger live streaming podcast

Artists may need help pushing their music out to more people or promoting upcoming performances.

So, consider using your social media expertise to become an influencer and let others know about great new bands.

Instrument repair specialist

nioloxs/Adobe luthier repairs violin in his workshop

If you know how to repair an instrument, take that knowledge and use it as a side hustle to help others.

Replace guitar strings or offer cleaning services for instruments, for example. It can be hard to find experts on instruments and you could monetize your knowledge.

Bottom line

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Side hustles are a great option if you’re trying to pick up a little extra cash with your love of or talent for music.

With the right side hustle, you can make a good chunk of money that you can add to savings or use to make day-to-day life more comfortable.

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