How VeriFLY Works (And Can It Save You Time at the Airport?)

If your travel itinerary includes airlines that participate in the VeriFLY program, you might be able to save some time at the airport.
Last updated Sep 23, 2021 | By Ben Walker | Edited By Jess Ullrich
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Traveling through an airport can be a hassle — especially with international travel. Between checking baggage, getting through security, and going through customs, the process can be very time-consuming. In addition, you might also have to provide the required information about COVID-19 testing and other similar documentation, depending on your itinerary.

VeriFLY hopes to reduce the hassle for travelers and airport employees by providing a way to go through some screening processes before you ever get to the airport.

See how VeriFLY works and if it makes sense for any of your upcoming trips.

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What is VeriFLY used for?

VeriFLY, created by identity assurance company Daon, is an app designed to make it easier for travelers to comply with certain travel requirements, including COVID-19-related requirements. VeriFLY has been called both a digital wellness application and mobile health passport because it lets you upload important documentation, such as a negative coronavirus test result or vaccination card, straight to the app on your mobile device.

VeriFLY helps streamline specific processes at the airport where agents have to look over test results, passenger locator forms, or other pieces of information. Since you can upload this information into VeriFLY before you get to the airport, you can simply show you completed the VeriFLY process to the applicable agent — which is likely to be quicker than the agent manually reviewing each piece of paper.

This is similar to other services, such as TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, that can help you move through the airport quicker. If you travel often and want to save time at the airport, it might be worth looking into credit cards that offer TSA PreCheck or Global Entry as an included benefit.

How does VeriFLY work?

VeriFLY is a free app available on both iOS and Android devices. If you want to use VeriFLY, you’ll need to download it and create an account. Then you can fill out a “pass” within the application for a specific trip. For example, if you’re flying to the U.K., you would create a pass for your U.K. trip. But you would need to create different passes for additional trips.

For each pass, you’ll enter your flight and passenger details and then upload the required documents. Separating the passes by destination allows VeriFLY to stay updated with the different travel requirements for each country. These requirements are constantly changing, but VeriFLY should stay current as changes are made.

Depending on your trip and the country’s requirements, you might have to input information or upload documents, such as:

  • Passenger details
  • Departure and destination airports
  • Passport information
  • Companion information (if traveling with others)
  • Photos of you and any travel companions (taken directly through the app with your device’s camera)
  • Negative COVID-19 test result
  • Travel authorization (if required), such as the U.K. passenger locator form

Within 24 hours of your flight, you’ll likely have to review entry requirements for your destination and go through a pre-departure checklist in VeriFLY, which simply confirms certain things, such as having a valid passport and printed copies of necessary documents. At this point, you should receive confirmation that your pass is complete, which is shown by a green check mark. You can then show your completed pass to a check-in agent at the airport.

If everything works out, the check-in agent shouldn’t have to spend additional time looking over your documents — which would be the case for travelers without VeriFLY. This can simplify the verification process and reduce the time you spend checking in for your flight. However, it should be noted that VeriFLY is currently only accepted by certain airlines and in certain countries.

Which airlines use VeriFLY?

Unfortunately, VeriFLY is only available if you’re flying with particular airlines, which limits its usefulness. But if you often fly with airlines that use VeriFLY, this may not be a concern.

Here are the airlines that use VeriFLY:

  • Aer Lingus: Supports all flights from the U.S. to Dublin, Ireland, and certain flights from Dublin to the U.S. Supported European countries include Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and the U.K. (certain airports).
  • American Airlines: Supports all international flights into the U.S. and many flights from the U.S. to international destinations, such as certain countries in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and South America.
  • British Airways: Supports all international flights into the U.K. and many flights from the U.K. to international destinations, such as certain countries in the Caribbean, North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Iberia: Supports all flights from Madrid, Spain, to the U.S. and Puerto Rico.
  • Japan Airlines: Supports all flights from the U.S. (and U.S. territories) to Japan and flights from Japan to certain airports in the U.S.
  • Qantas: VeriFLY supported a flight from Turkey to Australia in May 2021 but doesn’t seem to be supporting other flights to or from Australia at this time (Sept. 20, 2021) — likely due to travel restrictions in Australia.
  • Royal Air Maroc: Supports all flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport in the U.S. to Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport in Morocco and all flights from the U.K. to Morocco.

In addition, VeriFLY can also be used with the Malta Tourism Authority and Viking Cruises.


How does VeriFLY work at the airport?

The VeriFLY app lets you upload your important documents to the app before you travel, so you have them handy for an upcoming trip. Before getting to the airport, you’ll input your flight and passenger details, upload the required documents into the VeriFLY app, and complete a pre-departure checklist. You can then show your completed information to a check-in agent at the airport.

How much does VeriFLY cost?

VeriFLY doesn’t cost anything — the app is free to download on iOS or Android devices, and you don’t have to pay to create an account.

What are passes in VeriFLY?

Passes, once completed, are what you show to check-in agents at the airport to verify you have the required travel documents and other necessary information for your trip. A VeriFLY pass typically consists of your personal information, flight details, passport information, photo, and any required documentation, such as COVID-19 test results.

How to sign up for VeriFLY

  1. Download the VeriFLY app from the App Store or the Google Play Store
  2. Open the mobile app and agree to the terms and conditions
  3. Enter your full name and email address
  4. Take a photo of yourself
  5. Verify your email address to complete the onboarding process

Bottom line

VeriFLY has received mixed reviews because of its inconsistent and clunky user experience. However, when it works, it seems to work well for expediting getting information checked by airport employees. And since it’s free, you’re not paying anything to give it a try.

For additional ways to improve your travel experience, consider getting a credit card that comes with valuable travel benefits. These could include getting your application fee reimbursed for programs like TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, or CLEAR — or sitting back and relaxing in an airport lounge with your complimentary Priority Pass access.

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