12 Items Retirees Should Buy from Amazon

Online retailer Amazon has some great products that can make retirement both easier and more fun.
Last updated April 3, 2023 | By Jenny Cohen Edited By Chris Kissell
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You can find just about anything on Amazon, including items perfect for retirees. The online retail giant has products that can make your golden years a little easier, especially in terms of monitoring your health. Amazon also is a great place to shop for items that simply make retirement more fun. 

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Check out these products that may be the perfect Amazon additions to your home during retirement.

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Pill organizer

Pixel-Shot/Adobe senior man taking medicine at home

It can be a challenge to keep track of different medications or vitamins and when to take them, but Amazon has plenty of pill organizers that can make the task a breeze.

Some organizers are simple, where you just organize pills by the day. Others allow you to organize pills by both daily and evening medications. There are even high-end options such as cases with battery-powered timers that give you an alert when it’s time to take the next prescription.

Easy-grip utensil

cloud7days/Adobe hand holding baby training chopsticks

As you get older, it may be harder to hold basic utensils due to pain or arthritis in your hands. Or perhaps you won’t have the sturdy grip you used to.

When such limitations arise, try out utensils with easy-grip handles. The wider handles make it easier to hold on.

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fizkes/Adobe upset mature middle aged woman feels back pain

Do you have issues with your feet, shoulders, or back? Amazon has different massagers that are made to specifically target your most vulnerable muscles.

Some massagers help your hands and feet, while others can relieve shoulder and back discomfort. The right massager can ease pain and help you feel younger.


OPEN FILMS/Adobe older woman is reading ebook using Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle products are great for people who love to read. Holding a Kindle may not be the same as having a print version in your hands, but these devices offer plenty of great features that are especially helpful for retirees.

For example, you can bump up the font size on your screen to make it easier to read. A Kindle is also lighter than carrying around a stack of books, which is particularly helpful when you’re on vacation.

Many options are available. For example, the Kindle Paperwhite gives you more of a paperback look, while using the Kindle app on Amazon’s Fire tablet lets you read books while also maintaining access to the internet, Prime Video, Amazon Music, and more.

Prime membership

The Toidi/Adobe Amazon prime box delivered to residential mailbox

An Amazon Prime membership may be a good investment, depending on how often you order from Amazon. In addition to free shipping, there are plenty of Amazon Prime perks that you can take advantage of, including original shows and movies, music, online gaming, access to Prime books, and more.

In fact, you may be making a mistake if you buy products on a regular basis from the retailer without spending extra for Prime, which could save money on an annual basis. 

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Can and jar openers

gonzalocalle/Adobe woman hands using a can opener

It can get harder to open jars as you get older, but there are plenty of Amazon products that can assist with this task. If you need just a bit of help, a simple jar grip might do. Other options are available that give you even more assistance.

Opening cans also might become an issue as you age. Amazon has both manual and electric can opener options to choose from.

Jigsaw puzzles

Prostock-studio/Adobe elderly woman hands doing jigsaw puzzle closeup

Puzzles are not only a fun hobby, but they can also stimulate your brain and keep your cognitive skills sharp. Putting together a puzzle challenges your visual perception, memory, and cognitive speed. Plus, they’re fun!

You can choose from a variety of designs on Amazon, as well as a variety of puzzle sizes. If you have trouble seeing or fiddling with small pieces, get a puzzle with bigger pieces to make solving it a little easier.

Shower products

navintar/Adobe bathroom for the disabled or elderly people

Slips and falls in the bathroom can cause serious injuries. Instead, find adaptive products on Amazon to make your shower or bathtub safer. The site has a variety of shower seats depending on your particular needs, as well as handles that can easily be attached to glass or tile to help you get in and out.

You can also check out a variety of shower mats that fit the decor in your bathroom to give it a chic look.

Adult coloring books

Smole/Adobe Woman coloring an adult coloring book and drinking tea

Adult coloring books are a great way to unwind or get into a meditative state of mind. You can choose from books that offer everything from simple pictures to more intricate designs.

With free Prime shipping, you can order several different things to help you color, including markers, colored pencils, or maybe paint, depending on what you decide is most likely to help your creativity flow to the page.


New Africa/Adobe Man switching channels on TV set with remote control at home

If your eyesight starts to change, the remote control might become difficult to read. A remote with large, easy-to-read buttons is one good solution. These remotes are universal, so they can adapt to any type of electronic device, including televisions, DVD players, and more.

You can choose from remotes with a few buttons for easy use to remotes with more options.

Blood pressure monitor

Microgen/Adobe senior woman measuring blood pressure

Gone are the days when you had to go to the pharmacy to check your blood pressure. Instead, there are plenty of smaller blood pressure monitors that you can use at home.

Some monitors can be worn like a wristwatch while others can fit in your pocket and wirelessly connect to your smartphone. You can also look for options that have a monitor memory so you can record your previous screenings.

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Alarm clock

OlegDoroshin/Adobe electronic alarm clock stands on a bedside table

Do you wake up in the middle of the night having to squint to read the time on your clock? Avoid that problem by purchasing a large display clock. These clocks can help you see the time from far away, or even up close without the need for your glasses.

Bottom line

ymgerman/Adobe Browsing goods on Amazon online store

Retirees who know where to look will find some great product options at Amazon. Remember that Amazon has a wide selection of options from several retailers, so try to comparison shop to find the best deal or the product with the options you specifically need.

Check out Amazon Prime to see if it can help you save money each year on shipping. Looking for additional ways to save money? Check out these genius hacks.

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