14 Best-Rated Amazon Gifts for Kids Under $25

You don’t have to bust your budget to get great toys for your kids.

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Updated May 28, 2024
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Amazon is packed with gifts under $25 for the kids in your life, including toys, clothing, and more.

Check out these cool children’s gifts from Amazon that will help you keep more cash in your wallet.

Card games

Courtesy of Amazon Uno card game

There are plenty of fun card games that are less than $25 for kids to pick up easily and enjoy. You can go with a classic like Uno or try something newer to have fun with everyone.

The nice thing about card games is that they’re easy to store and transport, so you can travel with them or find a small nook to stuff them in at home.

Fidget toys

Courtesy of Amazon Fidget finger spinner toy

Fidget spinners became popular several years ago and inspired all kinds of creative ways to fidget with toys while watching television or sitting quietly.

Try a classic fidget spinner or specialty spinners like one that lights up. You can also get fidget poppers in different shapes or try something completely unique among fidget toys.


Courtesy of Amazon Mario Monopoly Junior board game

Pick up the classic board game that’s sure to excite (and maybe frustrate) any kid. You can buy the classic version or go for a themed version if you have kids who like Star Wars or Roblox.

And if they aren’t old enough yet to fully understand the game, there’s also a Junior edition that can make it easier for them to pick up the rules.

Hot Wheels

Courtesy of Amazon Hot Wheels toy

Pick up some Hot Wheels for the car kids in your life. You can choose from small cars that will keep them happy for hours on end to something bigger like a race track where their cars can fight it out on the circuit.


Courtesy of Amazon Kids bedroom full of stuffed animals and toys

Squishmallows are all the rage with kids and for good reason. They’re cute, come in different characters, and are utterly squishy.

They can also be quite difficult to find. So check out Amazon for the latest in-stock Squishmallows and compare prices to get the best Squishmallow at the lowest price.


Courtesy of Amazon Kid playing with Legos

The great thing about LEGO is sets come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you’re likely to find something that will interest the kids in your life.

Choose from a classic set to let their imaginations take over or build a set from LEGO Friends, Creator, or a character-themed set from Star Wars or Marvel.

Scrabble Junior

Courtesy of Amazon Family playing board game

Get your kids learning and playing with Scrabble Junior.

This version of the classic game is tailored to younger kids who may just be starting with learning new words and can get them excited about reading and spelling.

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Baby doll

Courtesy of Amazon Toddler playing with baby doll

Dolls can come in a wide range of prices, but you can still find some good options for your favorite kids for under $25.

Pick one with eyes that open and close and find some extra accessories and clothes if you want to splurge a little.

Try a more affordable doll for younger kids who are likely to get quite a bit of play in before moving up to more expensive options later on.

Play food

Courtesy of Amazon Basket with toy vegetables and fruits

Is your favorite kid getting a brand-new play kitchen for the holidays? Then grab some play food to really accessorize their new toy.

You can choose from different options depending on your budget, and some even come with a shopping basket to make playtime and storage even easier.

STEM building blocks

Courtesy of Amazon Building block toy for kids learning

More schools are pushing to add STEM into education and that can include the toys you buy for kids you like.

STEM toys allow kids to explore science, technology, engineering, and math with fun projects like building blocks.

You can get different shapes and colors depending on your favorite kids and let them explore their imagination while they learn how to build things.

Magnetic tiles

Courtesy of Amazon Magnetic tiles toy to build and learn little girl thinking of ways to build

Another great building option is magnetic tiles, which can be put together easily with magnets to create all sorts of exciting things like balls, buildings, and more.

Some magnetic tile sets can get pretty pricey, but there are versions available for less than $25. These are good starter sets for kids who want to begin building with something more challenging than typical blocks.

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Gift card

Courtesy of Amazon Mario Nitendo Gift card

It may feel like cheating to buy gift cards and not actual toys, but it’s a good way to help kids make their own decisions on a budget.

Sit down with them and make a list of games they might want to buy with their Nintendo gift card or what they want to get with a Fortnight or Minecraft gift card before they commit to something.

A gift card can be a good way to get kids started early learning about money and budgeting.


Courtesy of Amazon box of play-doh building doh for kids

Let kids create while working on their fine motor skills with a set of Play-Doh.

Choose from a fun tub of options to packs of different colored modeling clay that kids can transform into any shapes they want.

If you’re trying to save money, go to your local dollar store to grab a plastic tablecloth or play mat to help kids play without making too much of a mess.

Craft kit

Courtesy of Amazon Box of jewelry beads craft for kids

Explore all kinds of new crafts with a kit that has everything you need for a new crafting adventure.

You can make jewelry like bracelets and necklaces with beads or design your own terrarium with plants and little figures inside.

There are plenty of choices, and the good thing about a craft kit is that it comes with all the pieces you need.

Bottom line

oasisamuel/Adobe Amazon deliver boxes and envelopes at a home entrance

Before you go shopping, it’s a good idea to create a budget and a list to stop yourself from overspending.

Remember that while Amazon has some great deals, there may be some items that you can pick up for less so do some comparison shopping.

And make sure you include wrapping paper or gift bags for your favorite kids — or find ways to get creative with gift wrapping!

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